Natural Ways to Grow Dense Beard & Moustache Faster

Last Updated on December 21st, 2020

Growing beard and moustache is considered as a symbol of masculinity for men since ancient times. Even there are stories where Emperors/Kings use to elect their ministers and knights by seeing their beard and moustache. Owing to this many people use to search the ways to grow dense beard and moustache.  And in fact there have been many ways mentioned in Ayurveda (oldest mythological book consisting of best medical practices, even before science came into existence) that helps to grow dense beard.

Even till date, growing dense beard is in trend. But unfortunately, many of us do not develop a fully grown beard with time and start to feel pity on themselves. They start looking out for ways that could help them grow dense beard of their dreams. There could be certain reasons because of which one is not able to get the beard grown on face, the reasons could be hereditary, or may be age related, or may be your testosterone hormones are not fully active yet.


grow dense beard
grow dense beard

Seeing this opportunity many brands have come into existence in recent times which have started producing products that claim to help grow dense beard faster. I am not sure if they would be able to help you or not, but there are certain natural ways which will surely help you grow the kind of beard you always wanted to.

Lets find the Ways to grow dense beard and moustache.


1. Eat Healthy:

The healthy the input would be, the healthier would be the output. You need to change your eating habits totally from today itself. Make sure you eat a proper balanced diet. Relying on junk food could be the reason you are not able to flaunt your beard and moustache. Actually there are certain vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, and vitamin E which are essential for proper growth of beard and moustache. Not consuming these vitamins may be the reason you are not able to grow your facial hair. Eating a balanced diet makes sure you are getting proper vitamins and there is proper blood circulation so that all the required nutrients are supplied to the skin for proper growth of facial hair.

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2. Take Care of Skin:

Sometimes even if you are consuming a balanced diet but are not taking care of face, in such cases as well beard and moustache may show a slow or no growth. Make sure you cleanse the skin of your face twice daily with a mild face wash. It won’t let any sort of dust and oil get deposited on the skin and stop the growth of hair. Not just would it let you grow a healthy beard, it would also help you look smart.


3. Clear Skin:

Just making sure skin is clean is not enough my friend. You have to exfoliate your skin once or may be twice a week as well. Exfoliating the skin could prove to be a boon for your facial hair growth. Exfoliating skin helps get rid of the dead skin which gets deposited over the growth cells and may block the pores and hinder the growth of hair.


dense beard for men
dense beard for men

4. Exercise Daily:

Once you have had balanced diet and got a clear skin, it’s time for you to wear shoes and do some exercise. You may opt for jogging or may be a few sets of push ups or some other workouts at home that you want to do. It will improve circulation of blood in the body, which will help to promote facial hair growth.


5. Combat Stress:

Another big reason that could be killing your hair growth is stress. Stress is actually a killer when it comes to hair growth. You might have heard that stress could lead to hair fall, so similarly it also obstructs the growth of facial hair. Try meditation to reduce the stress in life.

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6. Take a Good Night’s Sleep:

Get a good night sleep of minimum 8 hours a day, it will ensure that your body is at complete rest. If your body is at complete rest, it will be able to utilize the nutrients more and so would it be able to produce more hair follicles and would also be able to promote growth hormones essential for growth of hair, be it your head or face.


7. Stop Smoking:

Smoking is a big NO if you are looking for a good hair growth. Smoking would actually kill the immune system and would reduce its functionality. And so it would indirectly impact every organ of the body, including the skin, and the ability of skin to produce and maintain healthy hair follicles.


Supplements for facial hair growth
Supplements for facial hair growth


8. Supplementary Vitamins & Minerals:

As mentioned above in point no 1, several vitamins and minerals are essential for the growth of beard, but eating a normal diet may not be able to fulfill the requirement. In such cases you may opt to have some supplements with the appropriate minerals and vitamins. One may include 2 mg of biotin as a supplement in your diet every day. Biotin is a safe supplement which ensures the best growth of facial hair.


9. Moisturize your skin:

Moisturizing is another important factor which could really help facial hair growth. There is a particular ingredient named Eucalyptus, which is known to promote facial hair growth. So use a moisturizer with eucalyptus named ingredient and massage it on the face for fast growth of hair. Moisturizing skin will not only help grow dense beard and moustache, it will also take care of skin under the beard area by moisturizing it. Thus would help in times when you will go for shave. You may also opt for coconut oil as a natural moisturizer if you are not able to find the cream containing Eucalyptus.


10. Avoid Trimming over & over again:

There is a certain sort of myth among’st people that more you will shave or trim, the better would be the growth of beard. Let me tell you this is totally opposite of what reality is. One must not opt for shaving or trimming before six weeks. This is because it has been found that facial hair take minimum six weeks to reach their optimum growth. So next time get your beard groomed only after six weeks when it is full grown.

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11. Gooseberry(Amla) Oil:

You might have already heard that gooseberry is good for hair growth but till now hair growth would have been restricted to hair over head only, but you would be amazed to know that gooseberry oil can also show same effects on facial hair as well. Gooseberry oil is totally natural and an elixir for hair growth. For best results massage your skin with gooseberry oil and leave it for 20-30 minutes. After that, rinse your face with cold water.



What are you waiting for? Go, and implement these tips to get a firm and patch free full beard and flaunt your beard in style. And don’t forget to share your experiences and views.


Practice Healthy…!! Stay Healthy…!!


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