How to Grow Longer Hair Faster, Best Ways for Long Hair

Last Updated on December 18th, 2020

Many girls dream of long, luscious & dense hair. And many of us have them by heredity. But not everyone is gifted with genetically beautiful hair. It, hence, remains a dream for the rest. Those who wish to have longer hair, can get them by following some easy tips that helps in maintaining strong hair and grow longer hair faster.

So, if you are one of those who are not so lucky in hair department, here are a few tips that can guarantee you to have great hair of your own.

  1. Patience & Discipline: A common trait seen among people having not so great hair is lack of patience & discipline. It’s ironic, fast hair growth needs patience. Any tip to grow longer hair faster needs to be followed regularly and timely. Initially, it may not show big results, but trust me, you will not regret following the regimen when you will see the results after 1-2 months. Also, you don’t need to keep a daily check on the length of your hair. You just have to keep up the good work and your hair will definitely show the results by themselves.


grow long and beautiful hair faster
grow long and beautiful hair faster
  1. Better attitude towards hair: Treat your hair as an asset. Be careful with the products you use on your hair. Everyone has a different hair type. Don’t use a product just by looking at someone’s hair who has been using that product. Know your hair type and work for them accordingly. Styling tools and products should be used less often. One should rather avoid using these in order to keep the hair healthy.


*Note: If you are promising enough to follow above mentioned points, then only you must start working towards the goal of achieving long & beautiful hair. Any further tip will work if and only if you follow it along with the above mentioned tips.


What To Apply and What not to Apply to Grow Longer hair? 

  1. Greasing your scalp: Whatever kind of scalp you have, it needs greasing. Though the frequency and the quantity of grease depends upon the type of your scalp and hair. Castor oil & Ghee made from cow’s milk, however, are known for its fast hair growth properties. You may apply any of these on your scalp and keep it overnight. Oil/ghee needs to be heated first before applying. You will find both these products to be very sticky. You may add Vitamin E capsule in the oil while heating it. Puncture the capsule and pour its content in to the oil. Gently massage the oil in your scalp for 1-2 minutes. Don’t go for a rigorous massage.
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hot water towel steam for long and smooth hair
hot water towel steam for long and smooth hair
  1. Hot water towel steam: We have read the benefits of steam many times. But still we ignore its importance. Steam is the best way to send the nutrients present in your oil/ghee to your roots. After an overnight application of oil/ghee, wrap a hot water towel on your head in the morning and keep it there for 5-10 minutes


  1. Hair Pack: Use a nice herbal hair pack to speed up your hair growth. After hot towel steam, apply the hair pack and keep it for 30-45 minutes, depending on the season. Keep this duration short for a chilled season and long when it’s hot out there. Though a hair pack can be made at home as well, but there are many ingredients which are not available at home. Hence, I prefer a readymade herbal hair pack rather than making it at home. Also, these hair packs have the ingredients in correct proportion.


  1. Cleaning your scalp: After applying the hair pack and keeping it on for certain time period, wash your hair thoroughly. Never wash your hair rigorously. Never wash your hair with hot water. Always use lukewarm/normal water to wash your hair. Again, I will suggest a herbal shampoo to wash off. Always remember, shampoos are meant only to cleanse your scalp and hair. Shampoos have got nothing to do with long and beautiful hair. The more cleaner and healthier the scalp, longer and beautiful will be the hair. Before starting with the shampoo, wash the hair pack thoroughly with water so that you will need lesser shampoo. Shampoo your hair twice. First wash will remove the oil and hair pack remains. In second wash, you will need lesser amount of shampoo as second wash is meant for extra cleaning only. Herbal shampoos should always be use in diluted form. Mix the shampoo with water and then use it.
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Follow point # 3 to 6 in the sequence mentioned above twice a week for at least 2 months to see the results.


Additional Points to be Considered For Longer Hair:


  1. Don’t change the products frequently: Start using a product depending upon your hair type and continue with the same for at least a year. A frequent change in the hair product will confuse you and your hair as well.


  1. Eat healthy, sleep tight: A proper combination of all the nutrients is important for your overall body. We tend to skip our meal and compromise on our sleeping hours when running short of time. And this definitely have really bad effect on our hair. So, make sure not to skip your meal or remain sleep deprived. Also, the time at which a particular food item needs to be taken is very important. Eat soaked dry fruits in the breakfast along with a glass of milk. Eat fruits in the evening. Have a balanced diet for lunch and something light for dinner. Sesame seeds, flex seeds, fish and walnut are really for hair.


best tips for long shiny and smooth hair
best tips for long shiny and smooth hair
  1. Exercise and Meditation & Be Happy: Yes, happiness has got a great deal to do with your hair growth. It’s generally told to us to avoid stress. But, it’s equally true that avoiding stress is not in our hands, at least in today’s lifestyle. However, to remain happy is definitely in our hands. Hair growth is directly proportional to the growth in your happiness. Learn yoga and practice it daily. There are many yoga poses beneficial for your hair. Meditation keeps your mind calm & stable and hence promotes your body to function properly.


  1. Daily Hair Care: Apart from the above mentioned tips, there are a few things you should always keep in mind.


grow longer hair faster - beautiful hair , tips
grow longer hair faster – beautiful hair , tips
  • Comb your hair daily, but not too often. Don’t be harsh on your hair while combing.
  • Use a cotton towel to wrap and dry your hair after washing.
  • Style your hair as per the climate. Summers are best to tie your hair, whereas you can keep your hair open in winters. While in rainy season, hair should be kept open to dry them and should be tied after getting them dried.
  • Stop using things from your kitchen on your hair without knowing whether it’s good for your hair or not. It’s the biggest mistake that many of us make. Natural remedies work wonders if applied with proper knowledge. These can, however create really serious problems if done wrongly.
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So now you know the best tips to grow longer hair faster and stronger. Enjoy the healthy reading.

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