Gyan Mudra : How To Do It And Health Benefits

Last Updated on September 10th, 2020

Living in this busy world, so caught up in our jobs and routines we hardly spare anytime for ourselves. Being too buried in life, the thing we have been neglecting the most is our health.

The body is no longer a cause of concern for most people these days unless they fall sick. It is only when some problem reaches its peak that we get concerned about taking care of it.

Our body is made up of five basic elements that are: Air, Water, Earth, Fire, and Ether. An imbalance of any one of these elements sources diseases. The inequity of these elements disrupts our body’s resistance against diseases.


Mudra for health

An insufficiency of any of these elements in the body can be completed by “Mudras”. Each mudra for health is designed in a way that when you touch fingers with each other in a peculiar manner it stimulates the brain and the inequity of any of these elements is overcome.

gyan mudra health benefits
gyan mudra health benefits

The five fingers depict one element each:

  • Thumb: Fire / Agni
  • Index Finger: Air/ Vayu
  • Middle Finger: Ether / (Aakash)
  • Ring Finger: Earth / Prithvi
  • Little Finger: Water/ Jal


Gyan Mudra for Health

As we all know, “Gyan” stands for knowledge and hence Gyan mudra is also known as “The mudra of Knowledge” or “Knowledge Mudra”. Gyan mudra is an occult position of the thumb and the index finger which illustrates the expression of eternal knowledge. The additional names of the Gyan mudra include Vayu-Vardhak mudra and Dhyan mudra.


What Does Gyan Mudra Mean?

“Gyan mudra”, the name has a Sanskrit origin where “Gyan” means knowledge, and “mudra” stands for a gesture. It is one of the ancient and most essential yoga mudras which not only improves one’s mental health but also improves physical health. 

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This yoga mudra is a calming and spiritual awakening of one’s inner self. Gyan mudra is the prime of all the mudras. This hand gesture or mudra is performed almost all the time with other yoga poses or asanas.

gyan mudra pose
gyan mudra pose

How Does Gyan mudra Work?

According to science and ancient mythology, the fire element is said to reside in the thumb, and the air is said to reside in the index finger. The thumb represents planet Mars and the index finger represents the planet Jupiter which is a symbol of wisdom and devotion according to astrology.


The combination of these two elements increases the air element further increasing the effect of Jupiter. This yoga mudra symbolizes this union of the universe with self. When the index finger joins the thumb a closed circuit is formed directing all the energy to get into our body and not out in the surroundings. This balance of air leads to good mental health.


Apart from this, the pressure points of the brain are said to be in the thumb and index finger. When pressure is generated on the touching of the thumb and index finger, then the mind, pituitary gland, and the brain – all the three are awakened. This shall increase one’s concentration and spiritual power.


Gyan mudra also helps one control emotions. Stress, anger, fear, anxiety, or depression can all be managed by performing Gyan mudra regularly.

how to do gyan mudra
how to do gyan mudra

How to Perform Gyan Mudra?

Gyan mudra is a self-awakening yoga mudra which can be performed at any time of the day. It is ideal to perform it for at least 30-45 minutes to yield its best results. You can perform it at stretch or in three parts of 15 minutes each. 

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It is always suggested to club up this mudra with other asanas or Meditation techniques. Here is a step by step guide of how to perform Gyan mudra for the enlightenment of the body:


  • Sit down on your yoga mat in a meditation position. You may sit in Lotus pose (Padmasana), Easy pose (Sukhasana), or any other pose according to your comfort. Even if you are unable to sit in any of this position, you may sit on a chair or couch and perform Gyan mudra. 
  • Keep your back straight and your chest and head seized up high.
  • Rest your hands on your thighs or your knees. Your palms should face upwards.
  • Fold your index finger and tap the tip of it to the tip of your thumb. Execute it with both your hands.
  • Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Continue taking more breaths. As you do so make yourself aware of each breath.
  • You may also chant “Om” with each exhalation to further improve the efficiency of this yoga mudra.
  • The other fingers should be stretched straight.
  • Perform it for 30 minutes to let your body relax completely.


It is an extremely effective yet easy mudra for health benefits. You can easily make it a part of your daily activities and feel the change in the way your body functions.



Benefits of Gyan Mudra

The yoga mudra of knowledge or Gyan mudra is known to benefit the body physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


  • Gyan mudra helps increase concentration.
  • It supports good mental health and increases confidence.
  • The immunity of the body increases.
  • Gyan mudra is known to reduce stress, anger, and anxiety instantly.
  • The negative thoughts of the mind are removed relieving mental disorders.
  • Gyan mudra is used as a remedy for depression and anxiety.
  • Gyan mudra being a mudra for health is known to cure “Pita dosha” and “Kapha dosh”.
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Precautions to be Taken

  • Gyan mudra increases the air element in the body. A person facing gastric issues or food indigestion might face some ill effects.
  • This yoga mudra should be performed on an empty stomach or after2-3 hours of eating or drinking something.
  • Do not force yourself to do this mudra for health if your body isn’t responding well.
  • Wear comfortable clothes to let the blood flow freely while performing the asana.


Gyan Mudra: Food for the Soul

Countless benefits, easy to perform, and overall development of the body are the prime reason as to why you should make Gyan mudra a part of your daily routine. Sparing out 30-45 minutes each day to feed your mind and soul is not much to ask for! Give yourself a break from your hectic schedule and just relax for a few minutes. 

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