What Happens To Your Body When Eating Peanut Butter

Love eating peanut butter ? Peanut butter is a paste that we all love to eat, be it licking straight from the jar at midnight, making sandwiches using it or making peanut-flavored granola, smoothies, brownies and croissants. A lot of us have jars stacked up at our homes right now in the fear that it will be the first thing to go off the shelves in the lockdown, well, that’s how tasty and famously consumed a product it is.

This article serves as a guide on how peanut butter that we consume so lovingly is actually doing our body wonders and how we can make different dishes using peanut butter. As anything consumed in excess could be harmful, therefore this article will also inform you on how much quantity should you be taking according to your age and health style. You would be glad to know that the peanut butter you so relish actually has a lot of benefits. Although it may not be as healthy as your green veggies, it has its own share of nutrients and vitamins source.


Health Benefits of Having Peanut Butter in Diet Plan

Eating Peanut Butter Helps in Weight Loss

To start with, peanut butter actually helps in weight loss, when you eat a spoon of peanut butter or have any peanut butter item, it keeps your stomach full for a longer period of time because of it having combination of fiber and protein and hence you tend to eat less overall. Peanut butter is enjoyed by both adults and children alike, while it can help reduce weight; it can also help in increasing weight and is especially consumed by gym freaks and growing children.

healthy peanut butter shake
healthy peanut butter shake

Keeps Heart Healthy

Another benefit is has is that it is heart healthy, it contains more of unsaturated fat than saturated fat which makes it fat friendly, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular or coronary diseases.


Lowers Risk of Cancer

Lowers the risk of cancer, peanut butter has a lot of vitamin E, which as some doctors suggest is a very good agent in fighting stomach, lung, liver and other kind of cancers.


Lots of Healthy Nutrients and Energy

It also contains calcium and iron, which when consumed makes your bones strong as these are important for transporting oxygen in the blood.

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It is a house of nutrients and vitamins and contains iron, calcium, protein, fiber, Potassium, a little calories and sugar and is a quick fix for all the energy and calories requirement of the body. Eating peanut butter is also proven to reduce the risk of developing diabetes by over 20 percent.


How Much is “Too Much”

The amount of peanut butter you can possibly eat in a day should be in line with your health, your fitness goals and your daily calorie intake. Two servings of peanut butter can give you around 380 calories and as the fat content is high in peanut butter, you might want to keep a check on your total calorie intake. But if you enjoy it and your diet can take in the additional calories, it’s an excellent food to add!

peanut butter health benefits
peanut butter health benefits

Small amount of peanut butter when consumed occasionally is unlikely to cause any harm, but it shouldn’t become part of your everyday food. While extra servings of peanut butter may not be nutritionally too much, they might be emotionally too much, or just way too boring as variety is the spice of life.

Having said that, Peanut butter can be consumed depending on your body type, if you are an athlete your calorie needs may be more than an average human being, but a rule of thumb says about one to two tablespoons a day is good enough for a healthy individual, taken in any form. Going ahead with more than three to four spoons can prove to be fattening as well as unhealthy as it contains fat, sugar and calories, not to be consumed beyond a certain limit.


When to Eat Peanut Butter

Eating peanut butter in the morning is always a better option than eating it late in the evening or at night before going to sleep, since it contains carbs and fat which can be harmful to your fitness regime. It contains sugars which will be transformed to fats, which isn’t something we would like to have. Hence, by all means having a spoon or two is best during the day hours.

Even a protein shake mixed with peanut butter as an energy drink post evening workout is not a good idea; there will be too much for your body to process, and the extra sugars will simply be transformed into fats.


Ups and Downs of Eating Peanut Butter

  • Though peanut butter can help you lose weight as mentioned above, it can also be responsible for your body gaining extra lbs, hence it is advisable to take it in limited quantity and not binge eat the whole jar while watching Netflix.
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  • Another side effect that comes with eating peanut butter is that it could lead to bloating if it is devoid of the essential omega 3s. Therefore buy peanut butter only after looking at its ingredients carefully.


  • While there are many companies that make peanut butter, but one must always be careful in their selection as some of them might have added sugar, unhealthy oils, sodium, artificial flavorings and even monounsaturated fat.


  • No doubt the pros weigh heavier than the cons of eating it, hence one must be aware, especially for people who suffer from hormonal acne or peanut allergies, this might not a very good option then as it may be lead to some serious consequences such as runny nose, swelling, and more acne.


Uses of Peanut Butter

One can make a lot of things using peanut butter, from a simple sandwich to a heavy dessert; here are some delicious ways in which you consume your peanut butter in healthy and fulfilling ways-

  • eating peanut butter cupcake
    eating peanut butter cupcake

    Peanut butter cookies-these cookies are made using sugar, salt, butter, flour, baking powder, basically everything that goes in a normal cookie with a special ingredient called peanut butter, which will give it a soft yet crunchy and crumby texture.

  • Peanut butter granola bars-looking for healthy snacking? These are perfect, fulfilling and satisfying savory bars. All you need is peanut butter, oats, almonds, salt, honey, coconut oil, vanilla and some chocolate chips if you want to add. These are chewy, soft, and healthy alternative to the otherwise chips and chocolates etc that we eat.


  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches- just add some jelly and peanut butter on a sandwich and that’s it. It is a wholesome meal in itself, and one can pack it in tiffin for the kids or for a quick breakfast while travelling in metro or commuting to the office.


  • Peanut butter smoothies-smoothies made from peanut butter and banana are ultra thick and creamy. Blend together banana, full cream milk and peanut butter nicely, till it gains that smooth and creamy texture of a smoothie.


Many More Peanut Butter Recipes

  • Peanut butter pancakes/waffles-give some twist to the normal pancakes, add some peanut butter to the batter of your normal pancakes and enjoy the fluffy, tasty and healthy pancakes. You can also add some maple syrup on top. This can be taken as breakfast or a simple evening snack, which will leave you feeling over satisfied and full.


  • Peanut butter oatmeal-why eat that boring oatmeal everyday when you can experiment with what you already have in store, add some peanut butter to your morning bowl of oat meals, with some freshly cut fruits, some honey if you like and start your day in style.


  • Peanut butter frappe-when the post lunch time blues hit, whip up an ice blend coffee drink and add some peanut butter to it before blending. This refreshing drink is sure to provide you a boost of instant energy for the day ahead!


Tasty Delight

There are also other alternatives of using butter in ice cream, as a frosting to give that rich upgrade to the otherwise normal muffins or cakes, or as a creamy salad dressing. I happen to know people who add peanut butter in their maggi as well; the end point is you can use and add it in any dish you want and try how it works out.

There are a lot of health benefits of peanut butter, so the next time you are hungry and grab a peanut butter jar, do not feel guilty in indulging in some finger licking or spoon feeding because Remember, “There is  nothing a jar of peanut butter cant fix!”

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