Health Benefits of Cardamom (Elaichi) in Daily Use

Cardamom or Elaichi is very familiar to everyone as a spice ingredient used in cooking. It has a strong smell, little sweet flavor, so some go to discriminate it with mint.

Though India is believed to be the birthplace of cardamom, now it is found throughout the world. It has such a unique smell that can go with deserts and veg. and non-veg curries. 

Although it is famous as a spice, cardamom has health benefits as well. The seeds, essential oil, and extracts of it are vital components in preparing some medicines. It is used in Ayurveda medicine for a long time ago.

elaichi natural herb
elaichi natural herb

Various Health Benefits of Cardamom or Elaichi:

  1. Contains Blood Pressure Control Elements:

Cardamom contains elements like antioxidants and diuretics that are effective to keep the blood pressure in control. Researches have shown that cardamom act significantly to maintain the level of BP. 

The research team offers three grams of cardamom dust per day to twenty mature individuals with high BP in one research. This process continues for twelve weeks. After twelve weeks, their BP comes down to an average level. The presence of an antioxidant element in elaichi makes it possible. The participants of the research have measured with an increment of 90% antioxidant level. Antioxidants have a significant role to play in controlling the level of blood pressure in the human body.

According to the researchers, diuretic elements may also be present in elaichi that helps in controlling blood pressure. The diuretic elements help in the urination process. It helps to remove the extra water around the human heart. However, it is entirely based on the assumption of the researchers.  


2. Might Have Particles to Fight Cancer-cells:

Cardamom may have some particles that can fight against cancer. As per the claim of some research, cardamom contains anti-cancer compounds.

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Research is still going on to ensure the fact. In a study conducted on mice, the researchers left two groups of mice with some elements that may cause skin cancer. After that, they offered one group of 500 grams of ground elaichi every day.

The results were quite impressive after twelve weeks. A comparative study has shown that only 29% of the mice have affected by cancer. The outcomes illustrate that ground elaichi can protect against cancer by up to 90%. 

When research has performed on the cells that cause cancer to humanity, the results were the same as the mice. Even some research claims that a specific element in elaichi can prevent cells that cause mouth cancers. But this test is performed only in labs.

The tests’ outcomes are impressive, except that they are performed either on animals or in labs. Experiments on people should be conducted to establish it in reality.


cardamom health benefits
cardamom health benefits


3. May Prevent Inflammatory Chronic Diseases: 

Elaichi contains anti-inflammatory properties that may protect from chronic inflammatory diseases like asthma, allergies, autoimmune diseases, hepatitis, bowel-related disorder, etc. When our body is exposed to foreign particles, it may cause inflammation. It can be helpful even required also but up to a specific limit. If it occurs for an extended period, then it might cause some chronic disorders. 

Antioxidants’ adequate presence in cardamom prevents human tissues from injury and doesn’t inflammation to occur. 

Again, research conduct on rats explored that four kinds of inflammation can be stopped with the spice extract of 50 to 100 mg according to the body weight. Another study on the same animals discovered that cardamom powder intake could reduce the chances of fatty liver due to crabs and red meat.

But researches on this ground are not as adequate in number as it should. But it is proven that eating the spice can increase the level of antioxidants by 90%. 


4. May Assist to Fight with Digestion Disorders and Ulcers:

In ancient times, when Ayurveda was the only source of healthcare, this spice is involved in fighting digestive disorders. A mixture of spices is used to prepare medicines for offering relief to vomiting and nausea. Elaichi is one of the main components of this combination. But the thing which is researched immensely is, can it be a remedy to treat ulcers?  

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For the experiment, researchers prepared a mixture with cardamom juice, turmeric, a special kind of leaf, and hot water and made some rats drink it. Then a high dose of aspirins injected is injected into their body that can cause ulcers. At the same time, some rats have only injected aspirin without offering any last precaution. The rats who drunk the formula developed fewer ulcers in comparison to the others. 

Another study on rats showed that elaichi juice alone could heal gastric and ulcers until 50%. 

A lab experiment shows that cardamom can prevent the growth of ulcer-related bacteria.


health benefits of cardamom or elaichi
health benefits of cardamom or elaichi

5. Effective to Prevent Bad Breath and Cavities: 

It is also an ancient method to use this spice for treating bad breath and stop cavities. In some parts of India, cardamom is used as a mouth freshener after completing meals. Some chewing gum manufacturers also rely on cardamom for its refreshing smell. 

Cardamom has the capability to fight against oral germs and bacteria. Therefore, after intaking cardamom, one will always have fresh breath.

The research explored that bad breath, and this spice can fight against five bacteria that may cause dental cavities. Even in some studies, it is noticed that cardamom can decrease bacteria from saliva samples up to 54%.  

But all these are only claimed, as experiments on human research are yet to be done.


6. May Contain Antibacterial Components That Can Fight Against Infection: 

Cardamom can also be used for treating bacteria and infections than oral. Some studies are proving that extracts and essential oils made of cardamom contain antibacterial compounds. 

Some tube research explored that sometimes it can be more successful than the vital medicines to prevent bacteria that cause food poisoning. Even cardamom is useful to control the germs that cause stomach ulcers.

More researches are going on to ensure the effect of it on humanity.


7. Can Enhance Breathing Capacity:

Some elements present in Elaichi can develop the flow of air to the lungs that can enhance breathing capacity. When included with aromatherapy, its’ minty smell can improve the breathing capacity while exercising. 

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In one research, a group of students is asked to inhale essential oils of cardamom for a minute. After that, they are asked to walk on a treadmill. They find more capacity to take oxygen than before.

Cardamom can help to treat asthma because it can relax the airway called the trachea. So, oxygen flow increases that result in improved breathing.


8. Can Help to Control Diabetes:

Elaichi powder can help to control even reduce diabetes. But all the researches have performed on mice. But whether the powder can have the same action on the human body are still under a question mark.

A study conducted with 200 blood sugar victims also can’t show any specific cardamom effect to reduce blood sugar level. But some blood-sugar controlling elements are undoubtedly there. So, more experiments on humans are required to explore the impact properly.



Cardamom is used from ancient times for healthcare when spices are the only means of treatment. It can control BP, cold allergies, enhance breathing facility, and helps to lose weight. The other claims for the health benefits are mostly based on either animal experiments or lab tests. So, to ensure the benefits to humanity, more research and experiments are needed. 

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