8 Magics of Wine: Health Benefits of Drinking Wine Occasionally

Last Updated on December 18th, 2020

Cheers to the lovers of wine..!! Yes, today I am writing about the benefits that come with the moderate levels of drinking wine.

Wine is often misjudged as complete alcohol drink which is the biggest myth. Science has proven that moderate drinking of wine could do wonders to health. Wine has been used in medicine not from the modern days but since ancient days, that mean something that our ancestors knew, we are not ready to inherit that.

Is Wine good for health ? Actually “Moderate” or occasional wine consumption in limited quantity is said to be good for the heart. But how much is counted as “moderate” wine consumption? We actually need to understand, how much wine you can drink in one sitting before the health benefits turn into dangers. It actually depends on many factors, including the person’s fitness and human body size, age, sex, and general state of health. It also depends on whether it is being consumed with food or on an empty stomach. Yes that is true, it depends on your consumption habits.

amazing health benefits of drinking wine
amazing health benefits of drinking wine

Now may be many of you will be unaware of the fact that women absorb alcohol more rapidly than men. This is because of their lower body water content and different levels of stomach enzymes. Therefore, this clears one things that moderate wine consumption will be a lower amount for women compared to men. According to US Department of Agriculture – moderate intake is defined as, up to one drink per day for women and two drinks per day for men”. But this is very debatable statement and we should not just blindly follow it. We should limit the intake of wine and other such liquor anytime and always.

Possible benefits of drinking wine occasionally can be outlined as mentioned below:

  1. Good for Heart:

A number of modern studies have come up with the reports that states, consumption of wine may reduce the risk of heart problems. This statement became more famous when it was reflected in the reports on french people heart problems statistics. The statistics suggested that the French people have one of the lowest heart attack rates in the world. The phenomenon was attributed to the regular consumption of red wine by the French and became known as the “French paradox.” It is medically proven that the antioxidants in the skin and seeds of red grapes, called flavonoids, reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by increasing levels of HDL (good) cholesterol, lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol and reducing blood clotting.


  1. Anti-Diabetic:

Most of the reasons which states that wine is good for health comes from medical research only. Another research has shown that a moderate to low level of drinking wine along with meals does not have a substantial impact on blood sugar levels. Infact it may lower the risk of developing diabetes, according to a study presented in 2005 to the American Diabetes Association. A substance known as Resveratrol, which is found in the skin of red grapes, may help those with diabetes regulate their blood sugar. Thus helping them achieve lower blood glucose levels.

grapes contains antioxidants
grapes contains antioxidants
  1. Prevents Common Cold:

So you know, that the antioxidants present in red wine may also prevent common cold. You will be shocked to know the results of an experiment done on the drinking wine habits of 4,272 faculty and staff of five Spanish universities.. The results were :- Consumption of wine — especially red wine — was associated with a low risk of contracting the common cold.


  1. Protects from Sunburns:

Wine and grape derivatives can help reduce the damaging effects of UV (ultraviolet) light. When UV rays make contact with human skin, they activate reactive oxygen species (ROS), which oxidize fats, DNA and other large molecules, which in turn stimulate other enzymes that harm skin cells. Flavonoids, found in wine and grapes, inhibit the formation of the ROS in skin cells that are exposed to sunlight.

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  1. Weight Loss:

No one talks about wine when it comes to weight loss and it is usually viewed as “forbidden fruit” on a weight-loss program. However, studies does not agree with this, what they say is exactly opposite of this. When you are drinking wine with food, it actually slows the stomach’s emptying time. In other words it reduces the process of digestion or we can say slows it down. It can stimulate the appetite so it is better to drink it with food.  Moreover, wine is low in calories; a serving of 5oz has approx. 100 calories and 2.5 gm of carbohydrates only.


healthy wine drinking benefits
healthy wine drinking benefits
  1. Reduces Risk of Depression:

We all know that a good glass of dry wine can be relaxing and can alleviate some stress. But it may have more to offer than just relaxation and good taste. A study suggests that moderate wine in a week can actually help with lower rates of depression while heavy drinking wine seems to be at higher risk of depression. 

drinking wine has benefits
drinking wine has benefits
  1. Prevents Breast Cancer:

While regular consumption of most alcoholic drinks actually increases the risk of breast cancer, wine when taken in moderate levels can help lowering the risk of breast cancer.

This is explained with the scientific fact that wine is made from grapes and the skin and seeds of red grapes reduce the estrogen levels while raising testosterone in premenopausal women – which results in a lower risk of developing breast cancer.


  1. Anti-Aging:

Studies have suggested that wine has anti-ageing properties. Specifically, resveratrol was the compound found to have the beneficial effect.

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The resveratrol in wine comes from the skins of red grapes. Other sources of resveratrol are Blueberries cranberries and nuts.


These were the benefits which have been found out by different institutions and ongoing studies. To be fair, wine’s magical health benefits can quickly turn to risks if you over-imbibe, so we’re talking a serving per day here, people, not the whole bottle. While drinking wine may appear to be good for the health, consuming too much wine can lead to a higher risk of:

  • Depression
  • Mental health problems
  • Cardiomyopathy
  • Stroke
  • Hypertension
  • Fatty liver
  • Alcoholic hepatitis
  • Cirrhosis
  • Several cancers
  • Pancreatitis

As well as many other chronic diseases. So, be aware always keep a check on your wine intake as well as of your friends and family.

Drink Healthy… Stay Healthy…!!

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