Amazing Health Benefits of Eggs in Your Daily Diet Routine

Last Updated on December 18th, 2020

Eggs have been a delicacy for as long as I can remember, and along with its taste and the variety of recipes that can be prepared with its help, there are also health benefits it provides.

Are you having Egg to gain weight? Or are you having Egg in the breakfast for a heavy diet? What ever is the reason be, Egg has many health benefits that cannot be over-looked for sure. But egg has some myths also attached with it which we have discussed in the last section. There are different varieties of egg like white egg, brown egg and many others based on the genetic breads of the hen who lay them.

Is Egg non-vegetarian? It is a very big fight that many people are tired of asking and replying. So let me clear the air by putting it in simple words. Egg is not a non-vegetarian dish or food. It is simply an unhatched or unfertilized egg that we consume everyday. That means that the hen who lays these eggs have not come in contact of any male hen to fertilize these eggs and hence we can have it without any problem of being vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

eggs benefits for hair fall
eggs benefits for hair fall

Let’s take a look at the major contents of the Egg:

  1. Albumen or the Egg white
  2. Yolk or the yellow part of the Egg


  1. Albumen – Most of us believe that this is the best part of the Egg, as we are told that by gym instructors and peers who believe that Egg white has the nutrients and Yolk has all the fat. This is false.
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The Egg white contains 90% of water (yes, 90%) and the rest 10% includes proteins like albumins (different from albumen), mucoproteins and globulins. The health benefits received from Egg whites are due to this 10% content, which makes it a good addition to our diet. Egg whites contain almost no fat and are used in making some vaccines as well.

The proteins of Egg whites help keep the body saline, and also help in the maintaining the volume of the blood to an extent. Since it is 90% water it is just good for our body.


  1. Yolk: – This is the most nutritious part of the Egg. It possesses all the healthy ingredients that our body requires. Most of the time this part is neglected due to its fat content, however, taken in a limited quantity always helps.


The Egg yolk alone contains:

  1. Vitamin A – Needed for vision, healthy skin, bone and teeth growth, immune system.
  2. Vitamin D – Needed for proper absorption of calcium stored in bones.
  3. Contains Vitamin E as well – it is a good antioxidant and also protects cell walls
  4. Vitamin K – helps in blood clotting.
  5. Vitamin B12 – helps in cell building and also important to the functioning of the nerve.
  6. Omega 3 fats – help in reducing the risk of early death.
  7. Beneficial folate or folic acid – helps in building red blood cells and in the making of DNA.
benefits of eggs
benefits of eggs


However shown the differences, Egg (white plus yolk) forms a complete diet and helps the body in a several ways.


One average sized Egg contains:

 – 78 calories

 – 6.3g protein

 – 5.3g fat

 – 1.6g saturated fat

 – 212 mg cholesterol


eggs diet plan for workout
eggs diet plan for workout


There are a lot of Health Benefits of Eggs in our daily diet:

  1. Eggs form a complete meal – with a combination of calories, protein, essential fats, it helps us in providing the energy required for our daily routine.
  2. Eggs have the good combination of Vitamins – especially the yolk has lots of Vitamins, which help all kinds of vitamin deficiencies. It helps maintain a balance of Vitamins and provides the right mix to our developing body.
  3. It helps in strengthening our immunity system, providing Vitamins and folic acid along with omega 3 fats which help prevent different types of diseases (including but not limited to triglycerides, a well-known risk factor for the heart) and also helps us avoid early death risks.
  4. Eating Eggs helps increase HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein) – HDL is a good cholesterol which avoids risks of heart diseases.
  5. Egg is also high in protein.

  6. It helps in body building and also makes all sorts of tissues and molecules that add to our body’s strength.
  7. It provides energy to the body. Eating raw or boiled Eggs before a workout helps you get the strength required at the gym or any other work out.
  8. Eating Eggs fill your body thus helping you avoid overeating. We tend to eat out of boredom or similar lethargic habits.
  9. It never bores you. Eggs as a part of breakfast can’t become routine as there are so many dishes that can be made using Eggs alone. It has so many recipes that make it the best ingredient for any part of the day.
  10. Eggs help people who have diabetes and kidney problems. It has the right amount of protein which helps people suffering from these 2 issues.
  11. Due to our present work-styles and timings, we tend to have Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D deficiency. Including Egg in our daily routine helps fight both these deficiencies thus helping with cell rebuilding and restoring Calcium plus avoiding any Skin diseases.
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egg hair treatment
egg hair treatment

Myths About Eggs:

  1. Egg contains cholesterol and hence it harms the heart – Our body has a mechanism to produce in itself some nutrients when it is not available for intake. Cholesterol is one such thing. So if we avoid cholesterol rich food altogether then body produces which is more harmful. Hence eating cholesterol rich food in limit helps the body to produce less and in turn, help avoids risk.
  2. Eating Egg yolk makes you fat – It possesses very less unsaturated fat. So having yolk and exercising helps burn more fat. The fat which the Egg contains, is a good fat, which helps with energy for our daily routine.
  3. Egg Whites are better and healthier – It does not have more nutrients compared to the yolk. It is made up of 90% water and only some amount of protein. When combined with the yolk it becomes a complete diet, until then it is just “to be continued…”
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