Unbelievable Health Benefits of Sex You Might Not Know

Last Updated on December 9th, 2020

Sex – the three letter erotic word, often considered as an act of joy and pleasure is never seen as an activity that could be beneficial to health. Some even think of it as an unhealthy practice, but they do this because of their sexual desires which they can’t control even for the sake of health. So, I am bringing a good news for all of you and specially for that category of people who thinks doing sex is unhealthy. There are studies and sexologists who have proved that this activity of making love can even make you healthier and could be even more beneficial than your daily workout. Starting from your cardiovascular health, to the overall immunity, everything is impacted by sex.

Not only you enjoy having sex, but also your bodies enjoy this as much as you do.  And let me make it very much clear that these benefits are not only for one race (male or female), but these are for both males as well as females because the outlook of males and females may be different but our internal body parts, their functionality and the way our bodies respond to sex is more or less the same.

health benefits of sex for men and women
health benefits of sex for men and women

Now you will have reasons to ask your partner for sex. Yes, the health benefits that you can reap out of it. The following are the major health benefits of sex that science has proven and have been tested:


  1. Helps Lose Weight:

You might be aware of this, or might have encountered any such statement before also, but now it is tested and proven by science also. Scientifically, it can be counted as an exercise or a form of workout (precisely the best form of workout). One can easily burn 80-250 calories in one session depending upon the intensity, longevity and movements involved.

A quick and just for pleasure session may burn just 80 calories, but just think if you do it on regular basis, burning 80 calories a day can easily make you lose a pound or two per month without any extra efforts. Studies have even stated that sex could be considered over treadmill as the benefits you can get from sex are better than the treadmill. While sex, your butt, muscles in your back, abs and thighs get a good workout when compared to treadmill. So, it sounds like you can skip your morning walk a few days a week and can sweat in your beds.

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  1. Maintains Cardiovascular Health:

This might come as a surprise to you that sex could even take care of your cardiovascular problems. Where most of the people have this fear in mind that the exertion done during sex may lead to a stroke, then let me make  one thing very much clear to you that you are not aware that having a healthy, tension free and pleasurable sex could keep the problem of strokes forever at bay from you.

Studies have proven that the more orgasms you will have, the lesser would become the chances of you getting a stroke or a heart attack. By now, you all know that sex helps burn calories, involves movement of body and sweating, all this is somewhat similar to the treadmill run, just the difference is sex is done on bed. And having sex could be equal to running 2-5 miles, which means better pumping of heart and clearing of arteries, lower stress and better heart health.


  1. Boosts Immunity:

Having sex doesn’t provide your body with vitamins, minerals or nutrients but it does something that makes the process of utilization of the nutrients available in our body a bit better. The number of antibodies or white blood cells that helps fight the foreign bodies like germs, viruses or any other form of intruder which may lead to creation of disease or any disorder in body increases specially immunoglobulin A (one of the most effective antibody) as the quantity of sex increases.

The more the number of antibodies means the lesser are the chances of getting infection or falling ill. Studies have shown that if you have sex more than twice a week, then you will fall less prone to diseases like cold, cough and flu. So, a healthy sex life can give you a healthier physical life as well.

health benefits of having a safe sex
health benefits of having a safe sex
  1. Glowing Skin:

Yes, another great reason to enjoy sex, you can get a glowing, disease free, nourished and healthier skin by just having sex. You might have observed it on your own (if you are sexually active) that every time you have had sex, you get a better glow on skin the next day. Actually what happens is sex promotes the release of testosterone and estrogen hormones, which are responsible to keep the skin nourished and helps the growth of new cells replacing the dead ones thus body look young and also promote soft skin and shiny hair.

Studies were conducted where it was found that the women who have had sex thrice or more per week were found to look seven to twelve years younger than their real age. Thus, have sex, stay young. Not just this, they were also found to have skin free from all types of skin ailments like acne, marks and other skin problems.

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  1. Fights Insomnia:

Yet another benefit that is much required these days, because more than 50% of earth’s population is known to suffer from insomnia. Insomnia, the inability to get sleep occurs when our brain stops producing or produces very less quantity of sleep promoting hormone called melatonin which may be because of over stress or tensions.

But, sex can be more beneficial here than sleeping pills. It has been found that endorphins and oxytocin hormones are released during sex which are known to calm down the body, de-stress and relax the mind so that there are no signs of anxiety and tension. In such scenario the brain starts functioning normal and produces the much required melatonin in the required quantity and promotes sleep. Not just this, a hormone called prolactin is also released while you get orgasm during sex. And this hormone is found usually when humans sleep, thus it promotes a sound sleep.

Healthy bedroom hygiene helps fight insomnia
Healthy bedroom hygiene helps fight insomnia
  1. Bladder Control:

This may sound strange that sex could improve your bladder control, but this has been proved. A number of studies were conducted and results were same in all cases that the people who have had sex quite often, like thrice or more times per week, they had a better control on their bladder. If you have ever been to doctor for this problem, then you must be aware of the Kegel exercise that is recommended for the incontinence by doctors. It is nothing but just contraction and expansion of pelvic floor muscles. The same exercise is carried out during sex; whenever you have sex, followed by orgasm, it helps in strengthening of those muscles by contracting and expanding over and time again.


  1. Reduces Pain:

Whether it’s a headache, backache, arthritis pain or body ache or any other, and whatever may be the intensity of pain, sex can help you provide relief over all of them. So, before you next time search for a pain reliever, I would suggest you to instead search for your partner. A number of studies have suggested that sex can help you in the times of pain. Every study has come up with different ways sex helps, but outcome is same of all of them.

Some has found that whenever you have orgasm, your body releases a hormone that pulls up the threshold where you would start feeling pain, hence provides relief. While many suggest that endorphin hormones released during sex are just like morphine – a class of hormones that is known to relieve pain. And other studies have even suggested that you even need not worry even if you don’t have your partner around, you can have an orgasm by masturbating and the pain reliever process will follow as it does in case of sex. There is an exclusive good news for women also that sex can help you get relief from

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health benefits of sex
health benefits of sex

 also, as it strengthens your vaginal muscles also.


Concluding Thoughts

I hope you were not aware of all these hidden benefits of sex before and have gained the much required knowledge that would help you in daily life. It is quite simple, when our body gets what it desires the most, then it will automatically have a positive impact on our body. And as you have seen mostly the benefits are because of hormonal changes and release thus you can’t expect everyone to have knowledge of this.

Before winding up I would like you to say that no matter what always make sure that you have a safe sex. Weather you know about your partner’s HIV status or not, always use a condom. This is considered as the best practice to keep sex safe and enjoyable.

So next time go to bed, have an extra reason to enjoy. Reap the benefits and let your loved ones also know about this. Keep sharing and keep posting you queries if any, I would love to help you.


Practice Healthy Sex…!! Stay Healthy…!!

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