Health Benefits of Swimming, Cycling And Jogging

Various forms of simple exercises are simple, low cost, and are easily available. These exercises improve fitness, health, inexpensive, easily available, and improves the overall health of the body. Regular exercise has many health benefits including Physical and Mental health benefits. There are various physical exercises like Cycling, Jogging, Swimming that provide benefit to the body, brain, and overall well being.

Physical activity improves mental health, reduces stress and anxiety, improves memory, and relaxes the body. Many people hit the gym for long hours but there are simple exercises that can be done at home too like cycling.



Cycling is not only used for transportation but it is also used for exercise. It improves health and boosts physical and mental well being and is enjoyed by all age groups. Regular Cycling has many benefits –

benefits of cycling
benefits of cycling
  • It reduces pain including muscle pain and strain.
  • It improves the overall health of the body.
  • Easy and can be done at home only.
  • Improves strength.
  • Cheapest and can be used for transport.



Cycling has various health benefits as explained below in detail.


Improves Heart health – During cycling circulation improves, heartbeat faster thus promotes heart health. The people who do regular exercise develop less blood pressure, cholesterol, and reduces stress and anxiety. It improves physical and mental well-being and overall health of the body.


Weight Loss – Cycling reduces weight and fat of thighs and legs. It also reduces fat of back and stomach. It can be done at the gym, home and can be done indirectly by using it as transport.


Control Diabetes – Cycling reduces blood pressure, stroke, and even reduces the risk of diabetes. It keeps a check on sugar levels. Even if you diabetic you can keep your sugar level under control by regular exercise, diet, and reducing stress. 


Reduces Muscle stress and strain – Regular paddling improves legs and thighs muscles and even improves the strength of the knee and hip joints. It improves the function of muscle, bones, and joints and thus reduces stress and strain of legs and thighs.


Improves mobility of joints – Cycling can prevent arthritis. Regular cycling can prevent osteoarthritis by improving the mobility of joints and thus will improve the balance of the body. If you are living a sedentary lifestyle you are most likely to develop bones and joint pains due to long-term immobility of bones and joints.

cycling benefits
cycling benefits

Improves lung health – Cycling helps in improving lung health. Cycling early morning in the fresh air helps in breathing fresh air and fresh pollution-free air improves lung health.


Good night sleep – Doing physical exercise on regular basis improves physical and mental health thus improves the quality of sleep. As age increases quality of sleep decreases so regular physical exercise improves the quality of sleep.

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Stronger immune system – Exercise intense or lightly done on regular basis has huge benefits. It not only improves the health of the respiratory system reduces sick days by making the immune system stronger and thus fighting with infections.


Improves Social circle – Cycling not only has health benefits it also improves social circle. You can join a cycling club where you can make friends and you can chit chat. Talking with friends reduces stress and relaxes mentally.


Reduces fat and Cholesterol – Cycling reduces body fat and cholesterol levels. Regular exercise is prevention at a young age from getting excess fat, cholesterol levels as age increases.  An increase in body fat and cholesterol can be seen in any age group. Regular exercise minimizes the risk.


Glowing Skin – Regular cycling controls body weight, improves circulation, and thus provide attractive and glowing skin. It flushes out the toxins and improves the texture of the skin.


Better quality of life – With so many benefits like physical, mental, and emotional well-being cycling improves the quality of life as it improves the overall health of the body and thus keeps you happy. Thus you can experience a better quality of life.


Other extra benefits – Other than health cycling can be used as an alternative to motor vehicles thus reduce air pollution, noise pollution as well as saves money. 


cycling health benefits
cycling health benefits



Jogging is running at a slow speed. Running or Jogging nowadays has become the most loved simple exercise. Whenever you can’t hit the gym you can maintain your fitness by slow running. Jogging for a minimum of 15 minutes a day drastically maintains fitness, reduces the risk of heart diseases, and improves circulation.

Jogging can be done both in the morning and evening. But jogging early in the morning surely has a large number of benefits. However, any form of exercise is beneficial for health-related benefits.

If you can’t hit the gym due to time constraints or you are unable to hit the treadmill you can give jogging a try. It has several benefits and is tried and tested for several generations.

jogging benefits
jogging benefits


Maintains heart health – Jogging or slow running has many health benefits that also include good heart health. Regular jogging decreases the risk of various heart-related problems and improves life.


Maintains Lung health and capacity –  Sedentary lifestyle doesn’t improve respiratory function at all. Jogging daily for a minimum of 10 minutes only improves lung health and lung capacity and strengthens the respiratory system to work more effectively.


Quick weight-loss – Regular jogging with modification in the diet helps you in losing weight more quickly and you yourself can observe this is a short duration of time. It burns calories and boosts metabolism.

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Prevent Cancers – Better oxygenation of the entire body and cells of the body, improved circulation prevent some cancers. Since all the organs, cells of the body receive oxygenated blood, and the risk of cancers is reduced to some extent.


Prevention from Infections – Regular jogging strengthens the immune system, removes the toxins from the body, and boosts the overall immunity of the body, and prevent you from the risk of various bacterial and viral infections.


Prevent and Control Diabetes – Sedentary lifestyle with overweight increases the blood sugar level and increases the risk of developing diabetes jogging reduces the risk of diabetes and if you are diabetic it would control your blood sugar levels.

benefits of jogging and running
benefits of jogging and running

Reduces fat and cholesterol deposition – Jogging helps in achieving fitness goals. It reduces the deposition of fat thus prevents from being overweight and it also prevents the deposition of cholesterol by shedding extra pounds from the body.


Improves joints mobilization – While jogging, stress is released on bones and joints of the legs. Regular and consistent jogging helps bones and joints to experience this stress and thus strengthens the bones and joints to bear any injury. Thus making the bones healthier and stronger.


Stress reliever – Jogging relieves stress. You might be wondering How? Jogging helps you to focus more on your workout rather than issues that are leading to stress. You can escape for a while from the personal and professional problem and thus it clears your mind.


Happy Hormones – Jogging regularly secretes Happy hormones. While jogging endorphins (the happy hormone) are released and you can feel calm and happy all day long.


jogging health benefits
jogging health benefits



Swimming is a simple workout that could be done at home too. If you have a pool at home you can do swimming easily. Though swimming has many health benefits there are some associated risks too if care is not taken properly for example Drowning. So one must always try to keep the tube ready for safety purposes. You must educate yourself before well and must learn it under some coach to prevent risks.

swimming benefits
swimming benefits


Cardiac health maintenance  – Swimming improves heart health by improving oxygen consumption. If a good amount of blood is pumped with each heartbeat cardiac strength is improved.


Calorie breakdown – Swimming helps in burning a lot of calories. Since you swim hard enough there are chances of more burning of calories while swimming than other exercises. Calorie breakdown thus prevents fat deposition and control weight.


swimming health benefits
swimming health benefits

Relax body and mind – Swimming is a relaxable exercise that relaxes both body and mind because it is like enjoying and exercising.

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Adequate and peaceful sleep – Workout makes your body get tired thus leading to peaceful and adequate sleep. Consistent aerobic exercise like cycling, jogging, swimming if done on daily basis for even 15 minutes it can beat the problem of Insomnia.


Flexible body – While swimming you need to stretch your body. Stretching helps in improving the flexibility of the body.


Beating heat – During hot days of summer, swimming helps in beating the summer heat with relaxation and enjoyment.


Social connection – Swimming is a type of exercise that could be done with friends and family. Thus you can enjoy and exercise together with your friends and family members.


Overall body workout – Swimming is an overall body workout it not only improves cardiac health but also improves the strength of muscles. Thus it improves the fitness of the body and mind.


Cholesterol health – Swimming improves cholesterol levels in the body.


Improves stamina – Swimming increases the ability to take up oxygen in the body and improves the overall stamina of the body.


Easily Affordable –  Like other simple exercises jogging and cycling swimming is very affordable exercise. One can join pools for minimum charges while at some health clubs swim hours are free too.


swimming benefits explained
swimming benefits explained


On the last note, I would like to conclude Cycling, Jogging, and Swimming are very simple and affordable workouts that could be done very easily done within less time and with limited equipment. So, for the overall health of the body, you must definitely try to indulge in these exercises. 

Simple exercises not only keep your overall health at bay but they also help in attaining fitness goals in a limited time. Try them and stay stress-free and healthy always.


Dr Jyotsana Anand
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