Health Tips to follow 2020 “Health is Wealth, Follow the Rule”

Last Updated on June 6th, 2020

“To Enjoy your Wealth, You need to have good Health”

Everyone wants to get rich and if you are hitting the path to hard work for money then you are surely not the one who wants to stay healthy and fit. Yes it is true that without money you cannot survive but making lot of money can’t give you long life as well. If you want to live till your 80’s then you should surely start to look after your health and diet. The reason I am saying this is because according to the latest survey, the average life of human being has reduced from 80 to 50 and that is the statistics in the metro cities and developing countries.


Reason for Shorter Life Line

The reason of such a great drop in the average life span of human being is the pain that humans are going through, to earn early money and lots of money. Working 18 hours a day and eating spicy, fast food everyday won’t help you in living a healthy satisfactory life.

People often go into deep depression, stress and anxiety problems. In such cases the outcome is worse. Satisfaction is something that mind needs the most from you. Your eyes and body needs rest as well. Working closely with laptops and computers for hours finally leads to weakness and reduced eyesight. Mental illness and many other poor side-effects than follow.

stress and tension are killing your from inside
stress and tension are killing your from inside

What is Happening to us?

Getting older early is something that we avoid but the extreme work pressure and tension makes us look 35 at the age of 25 only. Hair starts turning white, and if not that then worse case, it starts failing quickly. Now the question is, how is this happening? Outside food that have all the taste but lack all the nutrients is the major cause. But this is not the only reason. Poor lifestyle changes, doing minimal manual work or avoiding body workout are some of the other dominating causes or factors.

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We highly recommend a good sleep and rest after 8 hours of work. It doesn’t matter you work physically on machines or mentally, your energy drains out at the same rate. That is why we suggest you to work only to the limited hours and don’t force your body to work unnecessarily till extended hours just to earn more money. We are all working under great pressure, but that does not gives you the excuse to start bad practices like alcohol drinking, smoking, masturbating or even sometimes doing drugs. 


What is Wrong and how to correct it?

People prefer jobs where they can sit in an AC cubical and work on a laptop, which is otherwise the well known reason of back pain and low immunity of body. The reason I am saying this is because sitting continuously in the same posture always hurt your back and neck. Not doing any physical exercise tends to reduce the immunity in your body which results in early agedness and weakness.

To avoid this early aging and joints pain, start some daily workout routine or yoga practices. Take out time to do some physical activity daily. Take regular breaks from work and enjoy some time with family. These happy times help your body generate endorphins which is mood stimulus and helps you stay happy.

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effective power yoga and meditation
effective power yoga and meditation

Make a Good Choice: Health Tips

Eating good healthy homemade food or the very famous fast food on streets or restaurants?

If your answer is “we don’t get time to take food at home and that is why we order food or we take food in office “ then you are making a big mistake because you are forcing your body to have something that is not digestive , that is too spicy to consume, that is too acidic in nature and is not acceptable to kidney. Taking the consideration that the restaurant from which you are ordering food, is hygienic, but suppose if that is not the case. You are putting your health at major risk by having these junk food daily.

Then the result of having unhygienic food would be worse and would degrade your health much more rapidly. Food poisoning is a common and known thing to everyone and I need not have to say why it can happen to someone having food outside or in awkward hours at night.

Make note of these health tips in your mind and start following them now. The more delay you do, the more serious the health issue can be.

eating healthy fruits, vegetables and juices
eating healthy fruits, vegetables and juices

Sleeping habits and Pattern

Never sleep just after having food. Take this important health tips and say good bye to many health problems. Give at least a break of 1 hour between your dine and sleep. The reason I am saying this is because your digestive system takes time to digest whatever you eat. If you are sleeping just after having food, then your digestion system stops working when you are in sleep mode and then the food left to digest is actually a killer for your body and releases many unwanted toxins in your body that may react with the other secretive acids.

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It is also advised to have a 5 min walk after food at night. This will also help you in having good night sleep. Another one to add in the health tips list.

fight insomnia with these food items
fight insomnia with these food items

Simply following these small but important points or health tips in day to day life, can actually help us live a better and healthy life. Sometimes the things that we ignore are the things that later torture us and forces us to kill our precious time and huge money into them.

Let’s follow these health tips and make it a part of our lifestyle. If you also have such good points that you can share, please tell us so that we can build a healthy society.

Stay Healthy Stay Fit

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