Healthy Diet During Pregnancy; Healthy Mother, Healthy Child

Last Updated on September 10th, 2020

Because God could not be present everywhere, that’s why he created “Mother”, who takes care of us, love us and because of whom life is a bliss. Her love is just unconditional. A mother is the only one who can see the sadness behind smile, who can judge the pain of heart by voice. A mother is born nine months prior child’s birth. This composition is exclusively for all would be mothers. Expected mothers need to take good care of themselves as now they would be caring another life with them for next 9 months. Healthy diet during pregnancy becomes an important factor to consider now.

pregnancy diet tips and habits, healthy mother healthy child
pregnancy diet tips and habits, healthy mother healthy child

The weight and health of infant depends on what mother eats and feels during pregnancy. The mother should eat good, read good and feel good, during pregnancy. If mother intake anything unhealthy, both the mother and child has to suffer.

So here are some tips on what should you exclude from diet during pregnancy.


Refrain from Cold-drinks:

Consumption of cold-drinks shrinks the appetite of mother, which is absolutely unhealthy as during pregnancy mother should take the diet for two people. Having Cold-drinks on regular basis can also affect digestion system. Considerable amount of acids in body can ensue diabetes, oral problems, increase in weight and deficiency of nutrients in the body.

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Restrain Tea/Coffee consumption:

Addiction of tea/coffee could be pernicious for the health of baby. The caffeine plasento present in these drinks can curtail the metabolism of baby or can rise the heart-rate of child. Excessive amount of caffeine in body could be malefic for the uterus of mother. It can also have its influence on the respiratory system of mother. According to a research, it is found that un-curbed consumption of tea/coffee can even make a healthy person suffer. So, pregnant ladies should desist them.

coffee during pregnancy is very bad for health
coffee during pregnancy is very bad for health

Check for Deficiency:

During pregnancy distaste or craving for a particular food is prevalent. People do not heed at them but often, a craving is a body’s way of signifying need for a specific nutrient, such as more protein, rather a particular taste. For instance, if pregnant woman is consuming chalk-powder or lime-stone powder, it is not a usual act. It indicates that she has calcium deficiency. If it turns out into a habit, body will not absorb necessary iron, vitamins and minerals, and this could be deleterious for the health of infant. It could develop bacteria in mother’s tummy and make child suffer from typhoid, or pneumonia. But cravings for pickles is believed to be of no harm by doctors. So, consulting doctor about your changing tastes is would be good.


Avoid Non-veg:

Some sea foods like shell-fish, oyster, sushi, raw-meat or sword-fish may have high mercury content, which could be pernicious for pregnant lady.

non veg food to avoid during pregnancy
non veg food to avoid during pregnancy

Quit Alcohol/Smoking:

Smoking and alcohol are injurious for both mother and child. They mix in mother’s bloodstream and go directly to child. It curtails oxygen supply to baby and aggravates the chances of respiratory problem in child. It may also out-turn to before-time delivery of child, miscarriage or still-birth. The consequences of drinking in pregnancy are also termed as Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASDs) and includes various intellectual and developmental disabilities, like, slow learning or delay in physical development.

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Avoid unripe Papaya:

An unripe papaya can cause miscarriage or natural abortion. Unripe or even semi-ripen papaya has latex which can cause uterine contractions which can follow synthetic labor and ultimately a miscarriage. Papaya is generally prescribed when women have irregular menstruation which means it is a powerful emmenagogue (a substance that stimulates or increases menstrual flow). So whether you are expecting or trying to conceive, exclude unripe papaya or even ripe papaya (although it is of no harm but as a precaution) from diet.

Abstain Raw Vegetable Sprouts:

Sprouts are often viewed as rich source of proteins and minerals. But in pregnancy, one should refrain from uncooked sprouts, it may cause food poisoning. But you can include shallow fried or cooked sprouts in your diet during pregnancy.


Prefer Home-made food items:

While looking for good Diet during pregnancy, mother should take special care of food-hygiene. The packed canned food, nitrate-rich foods like sausages, sugar-rich foods like chocolates, too much ice-creams, artificial sweeteners, fast-foods and street-foods should be completely avoided.

Canned foods are sometimes too old and this can harbor harmful bacteria. In pregnancy, mother should always fresh and properly cooked food. Having fast-food is no harm, but they are complex to digest and may lead to constipation or indigestion. If you desire to eat street food, consider the one prepared at home.

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Use pasteurized dairy products and cooked food:

Check that the food has been cooked properly as it will be easy to digest. Avoid raw eggs, cook them properly before use. Prefer pasteurized dairy product and boil before use. Check for expiry date of product before use.

Follow our many more healthy tips during pregnancy, to know more about various vitamins and their role in the growth of baby.

Have a Healthy and Happy Pregnancy!


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