Healthy Reasons to Enjoy the Sweet Raspberries

Last Updated on August 5th, 2017

Raspberry – one of the most unique, sweet, high on nutritional value fruit which is my personal favorite is native to US, but has become popular all around the world because of its sweet taste and the high nutrient content present in it. Since my childhood I have always loved to eat raspberry because of two reasons, its unique & different structure that allured me as a child along with its unique fragrance and second is the way it melts in mouth because they are already so soft, it almost feels like eating jam. These berries are used puddings, cakes, toppings on cereals and the widest use of raspberry is in production of jams.

Overall around the world five types of raspberries you may find. Starting from red, yellow, golden, orange and black. They are just different in color and softness, and rest they are almost equivalent in nutrition (depends upon the type of soil the fruit is grown).

Along with its great taste raspberry has got a number of vital nutrients to offer. Before coming into this research work I never knew that along with this great mouthwatering tasty fruit I am in taking a number of vital nutrients along. These berries are like big packages in small size. These berries are an exceptional source of dietary fiber. Starting from vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients these berries contain almost all of them. These are specially famous for ellagic acid, found in only raspberries, which is considered as most powerful cancer fighter. Apart from these raspberries are excellent source of vitamin C, B vitamins, folic acid, copper, manganese and iron. Along with these nutrients, raspberries are really high in antioxidants in other words highest amongst all other fruits.

Health Benefits of Raspberry
Health Benefits of Raspberry

Withstanding all these nutrients one thing is for sure they are going to be a boom for our health, let’s check out what all are the health benefits that you can reap from these small wonders:

  1. Immunity Booster:

Needless to say, something that is this high on nutrient scale along with being the greatest source of antioxidants, must be something that will improve your overall health i.e. will vanish the deficiency of any nutrient if any; making you stronger plus the high antioxidant quantity won’t let any foreign body to spread disease or any kind of infection. Along with these antioxidants, these berries also contain phytonutrients that help reinforce the immune system making it stronger than ever. Plus vitamin C which is present in very good quantity helps repair the immune system and act as a pillar to support it. Thus raspberries not only helps protecting our body from foreign disease causing elements but also protects from cell damage that may result in premature aging and several fatal diseases like cancer.

  1. Cuts Down Obesity:
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Raspberries contain a special gift of nature called ketone, which prevents the increase in body fat and visceral fat (belly fat); which is most difficult to fight off once accumulated. Not just this, raspberries, as mentioned above are also high in fiber potion and manganese as well. The fiber makes you feel full, thus doesn’t let you eat more, and as a result your body tends to process the already present fat while doing any physical activity. Moreover, the manganese content present in raspberries act as a metabolism booster, and improves the rate of metabolism, which means your body is able to digest the food more and doesn’t let your belly to grow. Thus, if you are on a dieting plan and want to add something tasty to your schedule, which could also help in weight loss, then raspberries should be your first choice.

  1. Healthy Heart:

Eating raspberry promotes a healthier heart by its dual action i.e. controlling the high blood pressure and lowering the bad cholesterol (LDL) levels. Potassium content of raspberry takes care of the increased blood pressure. It acts as an electrolyte which reduces the blood pressure by controlling sodium content of body and also maintaining the fluid balance. Plus, the high fiber content of raspberry plays a role in both; controlling blood pressure as well as lowering the cholesterol levels. It helps maintaining the fluid levels in body which helps in controlling blood pressure, and it also absorbs the increased cholesterol and takes it out of the body along with it, thus keeps the bad cholesterol levels to minimum. Moreover, the high antioxidant elements prevent the oxidation of LDL along the walls of arteries and thus prevents from any kind of damage to arteries. The oxidation of cholesterol can block arteries which result in heart attacks, thus raspberry could be a life savior for those heart patients who are relying only on medicines this time.

  1. Controls Diabetes:

Raspberry is very good for both diabetes 1 as well as diabetes 2 patients as well. Studies have shown that not only does it helps in controlling the blood sugar levels but eating raspberry on regular basis also increases the ability of body to produce insulin and also fights the resistance of body towards insulin. A number of key antioxidants present in raspberries stops the breaking of starch into simple sugar, which helps lowering the blood sugar levels. Plus, the fiber content of raspberry soaks the excess of sugar and maintains the proper fluid levels in body which is essential to keep the insulin working and reduce the levels of glucose in blood. Moreover, there are some antioxidants present in raspberry which have been found to stimulate the production of insulin and control the levels of blood sugar. Thus, raspberry helps in both lowering the increased sugar levels and maintaining the insulin production of body.

  1. Good for Eyes:
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Raspberry is one such fruit that may not add to the visionary power of eyes that much, but apart from that takes care of all the eye related ailments from muscular degeneration to the important fluid that protects the eyes from external damage as well. The high concentration of anthocyanins found in raspberries is responsible for all this. This antioxidant – anthocyanins promotes eyes health in various ways, by improving night vision ability, boosting blood circulation in the capillaries of the retina, and providing protection against macular degeneration. Plus, the high quantity of vitamin C found in raspberry protects eyes from the UV damage that may be caused by exposure to sunlight. Moreover, the lutein found in raspberries is used by macula and the lens which use it for soaking harmful blue light and prevent lipid peroxidation. It has been also found that the anthocyanins protects the diabetes patients the risk of retinopathy (retina related problem often faced by diabetic patients).

  1. Anti-Cancer:

The best and the most famous trait of raspberry is its ability to fight the cancer causing cells and protect the mankind from this life threatening disease. Raspberries are considered one of the best natural cancer fighting agent. High quantity of antioxidants, specially ellagic acid is known to recondition the defense mechanism of the body. Thus raspberries efficiently stop undesirable damage to cell membranes by neutralizing free radicals. Ellagic acid – the phytonutrient component along with anthocyanins are responsible for their unique antioxidant properties and also anti-cancer properties that can stop the cell damage. Thus, raspberries offer provides protection against a number of types of cancer. This extra-ordinary property of raspberries is the reason why these berries are often referred to as “super berries”.

  1. Anti-Aging:
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The antioxidants found in raspberry along with ellagic acid which is known to fight cancer also prevents the cell injury that can cause cell damage by neutralizing free radicals. This cell damage results in degenerative diseases as well as premature aging. Along with this, raspberry also act as a magical potion to fight wrinkles. Eating raspberry repairs the cell damage of skin from inside while applying the raspberry mask on skin acts from outside by filling the wrinkles and give a youthful skin. It is also known to protect the skin from the damage caused to skin by UV rays of sun, which further makes you look older.


These seven are the best proven benefits that are backed by science. Along with these benefits, these are also known to help in arthritis and are specially good for women to help in their menstrual flow and help in conceiving also.


Keep posting your queries (if any) and keep sharing the benefits with your loved one because sharing is caring.


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