Healthy Sex Tips to Follow – For Beginners & Regular Folks as Well

Last Updated on June 22nd, 2022

Sex… do you know this is the most searched topic around the world on internet. Some people want to know about it out of curiosity, while others just want to know whether their approach is right towards it or not. No doubts as on why this is most searched topic, because nobody teaches us how to do it, nor everybody is same and can have same experience; so nobody can even teach you what exactly healthy sex is. Sex is actually all about experience; the more you’ll do it, more comfortable you’ll feel doing it. And one free advice I would like to give here is neither you should think that sex is what porn movies show, nor compare your experience with it. They are highly trained artists who act and are specially exercised and even drugged for long lasting indulgence into it. What you should practice is healthy sex.

health benefits of sex
health benefits of sex

Some people often visit a sex consultant or sexologist to get consultation regarding their fears and losing interest in sex. It is really difficult to have a healthy sex life and maintain it from beginning till the end. So, today, I’ll provide you with all the basics of healthy sex, that will help you overcome any kind of fear related to sex and you’ll surely avoid going to any consultant (which is sometimes embarrassing) to get advice on making sex life interesting after reading this.


Some Simple Tips and Tricks For Healthy Sex Approach

  • Be Ready for Healthy Sex

First and foremost what you should know about sex is that sex is often pretended to just hook up. This is not what sex is all about. Sex is an art of making love, which is full of passion and pleasure, and should be seen this way only. If one is not ready for it, then you should not force it on him/her as it is an act which involves the 100% mental presence of both partners indulged into it, which you can’t get it unless or until somebody has urge to do it. So, first and foremost rule, don’t force it on anyone until your partner is ready.

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  • Think Positive

Women are often afraid before their first time, because they have heard from their friends or might have checked online that first experience is really painful. For them, I would like to suggest that instead of worrying about how much it will pain, will you be able to bear the pain or not, and all such stuffs, I would like you to focus on the intimacy, and passion. The dreams you have had of it which brings the butterfly in your stomach. You will forget the pain if you’ll be fully into it. Pain will be there, but would be nothing in comparison to the pleasure.


healthy sex tips, sexual health
healthy sex tips, sexual health


  • Are Men Afraid ?

Men – They often look always ready for it, but are they really? NO. Those who haven’t done sex before, they are not every time ready for it. Just like women, men have their own fears. The main questions that arise are “Will I be able to satisfy her?”, “Will I be able to penetrate her?”, “What if I won’t be able to perform”, “What if my masturbation habit has emptied my tank”, “What if I am suffering from erectile dysfunction and I am not aware of it”. These are pretty obvious questions that surround a men’s mind when it comes to perform sex for the very first time. So, here’s the trick, be strong from your mind, first of all not everybody gets that weak from the masturbation habit, plus focus on the pleasure and intimacy.

This is the key, be in it fully and forget everything else. Secondly, give yourself a boost by having a glass or two full of pomegranate juice or read the other article of mine where I have told about the food items that will help you win this first battle and have some of the food items mentioned there. This will help you mentally also that yes something is there inside you which will help you win this battle today.

healthy sex tips for begineers
healthy sex tips for begineers
  • Explore More Later

I have seen many of people are worried about the posture as in how to do it. Many keep reading Kama-sutra (an Indian sex posture book). If you are experienced and want to explore more, bring more taste to your sex life then Kama-sutra is exactly what you need. It will help you maintain the temptation of sex in everyday life. But, if you are a first timer, Kama-sutra is not meant for you. You should go for simple posture i.e. one over another. It would be first of all least painful for women, plus there would be fewer chances of complications.

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  • Don’t Forget the Foreplay

An important key rule for first timers as well as experienced one’s, “Don’t forget the Foreplay”. Yes, some of us are too anxious or too short tempered that we directly aim for main course. This is just like having a perfect dinner, start with the starters, then come to main course and then go for a sweet dish (you can exclude this in sex) if we want to have the best of it. Similar is the sex. Foreplay is really important part of sex, because of two reasons.

It gives enough time for women to get aroused and have an orgasm (generally, women take longer compared to men), this will give a feeling of satisfaction to your female partner. Plus, it is like a cherry on the cake, you’ll get to explore a lot more about each other. You will never feel bored while having sex. Foreplay doesn’t only mean having oral sex. It is the whole process of setting the scene; dimming the lights, lighting candles, and maybe even an erotic massage with pheromone oils. So what are pheromones and how do they help? Pheromones are chemicals involved in sexual attraction and stimulate arousal, desire, and lust, so they can add sexual excitement to ensure you are both in the mood. Furthermore, you can play different games like blindfolding, question and answer games where you do weird things if not answering correctly, and more.


health benefits of sex on floor
health benefits of sex on floor
  • Change is Good

Bed is not the only place to have sex. You can have it anywhere, on the floor, in the bathroom or may be on dining table. One might lose interest in sex because of the same bed as is the case with the posture or style. So, as you keep changing postures keep changing the places as well. You never know when and where you can explore the best of sex that you might not have experienced yet.


  • Have Precautions in Place

Always make sure that you have had precaution before you are getting involved into it. Because prevention is always better than cure. Until or unless you want to make a family, don’t go without preventive measure. Always keep a condom in a drawer next to bed. Or someplace which is in reach from bed. Or else a number of other preventive measures are also there which makes sure that sex is safe. But I’ll always recommend you to have a condom because you never know when and where an opportunity knocks the door, so sometimes you are not much aware about the partner, so he/she might be having some sexual disease, and condoms are best preventive measure in such cases.

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Concluding Thought

These are the most basic and easy tips and tricks to have a healthy sex. The beginner’s I hope might have gained some confidence, and those who have lost interest have found the missing part in their sex life after reading this. For beginners I have one more thing to say, what even if you are not good at it, this is life, sooner or later you’ll learn and become a champ. Like nobody can drive a car perfectly in first go, it takes time to gain perfection. Just always remember this is life, in which we have to gain only experience, either bad or good, if it’ll be good you’ll be happy and even if it would be bad you’ll still gain experience. So, just keep Sexing, Keep Learning.


And don’t forget to comment if you have felt better trying these tips and keep sharing with your friends to help them.

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