Are you having a Healthy Workplace – Workplace Fitness?

Last Updated on January 25th, 2021

Are you able to give 100% in your office? Are you able to complete tasks on time? Or Are you getting late for office every day? These are some of the symptoms of an unhealthy workplace or unhealthy you at the workplace. Workplace fitness is of utmost importance. You should make sure you are having a healthy workplace to ensure good health.

Physical health affects the mind and same holds true vice – verse also. Out of these what is more important healthy mind or healthy body? It is like asking the age-old question: what comes first, the chicken or the egg.

stretching exercise at office place for fitness
stretching exercise at office place for fitness


We all have read the famous proverb “A healthy mind lives in a healthy body” and we all know the meaning of this very well. So we can say that sound mind and sound body both are essential for performing with high efficiency and producing good quality work output. This is irrespective of the workplace whether you work in a factory, field or office. But the workplace also needs to be healthy in order to have a healthy work environment which also affects the results.


Health and Workplace Combine

Health refers to the absence of any form of illness according to Wikipedia and other textbooks and is the state of well-being where the human being is capable of performing all the possible human task. The same definition can also mean the state of wellness and comfort, it is just the perspective from which it is looked at, that defines it. The simplest meaning is that, when you are healthy, you can work with full force and with full efficiency. But if you are ill in any form, your productivity reduces proportionally.

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In the context of healthy organization or healthy workplace, you get to work in an environment that is safe and provide a positive vibe. Positivity in the workplace is really important as it can affect your level of alertness and degree of focus on the task being performed. The health scale in an organization is calculated from the growth of its employees and the organization as a whole. The ability to adapt to tough situations under huge work pressure indicates the healthy workplace environment of an organization.


causes of neck and shoulder pain
causes of neck and shoulder pain

Ergonomics for a Healthy Workplace

Eight hours in a chair in front of a computer, five days a week can take a toll on our body. You need to avoid the eye strain caused due to the computer screen and the neck pain that happens due to no physical workout and regular sitting job. Sitting on a chair for hours also contribute to that extra fat that you see in your tummy. Some necessary steps need to be taken to help the workers stay away from that unhealthy lifestyle.

Companies nowadays work aggressively towards the health of their employees and take it very seriously. Workplace Fitness and healthy workplace culture are included in the main objectives of many companies worldwide. They consider spending an appreciable amount of money on the quality of food served at office premises. Special attention is given to the hygiene of the cafeterias and toilet premises.

Different Companies offer different types of Workplace Environment

Many Japanese companies particularly excel in this area of maintaining a healthy workplace environment and some of them even start off the day with a body bending and stretching session. This is one of the main aspect taken into consideration while counting important factors contributing to high productivity and quality. This should be followed everywhere in the world as this can help save the lives of many employees who tend to work day-night without any physical workout and exercise.

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health effects at workplace
health effects at workplace

Shocking but true: – Pepsi Cola has spent more than 2$ million in setting up a health club at its head office to promote health and workplace fitness among the working staff. All the workplace should devote some amount of money in such health clubs promoting workplace fitness among the working staff. Such expenditure will be proved to be a wise investment in achieving better efficiency and higher productivity.

In some cases, there is a nominal contribution by the employees on the premise that they will value and use facilities all the more.

These are organisations efforts, there are several simple and easy ways that people can do to make their workplace healthier.

overhead office desk stretching
overhead office desk stretching

How to Ensure Workplace Fitness

One should try to keep moving, sitting at the same place for more than 2 hours can cause muscular pains, so one should move in intervals of 1 -2 hours.

Secondly, our posture while working should be proper. One should sit with legs flexed at a 90-degree angle with feet resting comfortably on the floor. 

It is important to maintain the balance between stretching and strengthening muscles. 

Drinking lots of water can avoid dehydration and eating healthy snacks after every 4 -5 hours help us to maintain good health. 

The most common thing which is seen, nowadays, is that people are comprising with sleep in the race of putting extra hours for work. But they forget that 6 – 8 hours is necessary for our body. In 24 hours, can’t we manage just 6 hours for our body?

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Skipping breakfasts, lunch, sleep can give few more hours towards work for now but will make us inefficient in the long run.

So, one should spend some time towards health & fitness related activities to live a successful & healthy life.

stretching for shoulder and neck pain
stretching for shoulder and neck pain

Following the simple motto: “Health is Wealth “

One can sustain a happy and successful life. If we have sound mind and body we can surely give our best in all the other areas of life.

Tell us what you think and share your thoughts and views with us.

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