Here’s Why You Should Use Durex Condoms!

It’s a warm summer Sunday afternoon but instead of going out in the sweltering heat, you and bae prefer to stay in. If you think Netflix and Chill is too cliched, how about spicing up the afternoon with some strip poker? With some chilled beer to drink and naughty games to play, we bet things will heat up pretty quickly. But when things get too spiced up, it’s time you introduce a third member just to be cautious: Durex


Durex condoms are one of the most important precautionary measures you should take when you want to get frisky between the sheets. If you wear a condom correctly, it will offer you not only prevention from a possible pregnancy but also prevent STDs. If you have been negating the use of condoms because you think the rubber sheath will reduce pleasure, we are here to break your myth. 


which condoms should you use
which condoms should you use

Gone are the days when condoms were only made to prevent pregnancies and STDs. Today, condoms are made to provide pleasure during sex. Durex condoms are made with love, which means the science behind them focuses on ways to enhance your experience rather than reduce it. With the different types of condoms available in the market, we are sure there is one for your every need. 

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Thin condoms:

Most couples complain about the lack of pleasure or the lack of feeling ‘natural’ when having sex, which is where thin condoms come into the picture. These thin condoms offer the highest pleasure because it focuses on feeling more natural. But just because they’re thin doesn’t mean they’re not durable. The ultra-thin range will take your experience up by many notches and will definitely help you feel ‘close’ to your partner.


durex condoms
durex condoms

Ribbed condoms:

Who looks for texture when choosing condoms? Well, you definitely should because the ribbed condoms will offer your partner the kind of pleasure they haven’t experienced yet. Ribbed and dotted condoms will transform the intensity of sex because both textures are designed to offer extra stimulation. For more heightened pleasure, you can choose the extra ribbed and extra dotted condoms.


Non-latex condoms:

Every condom has latex to make sex more pleasurable. But if either of the partners is allergic to latex, Durex also offers a non-latex version, which completely feels natural and still doesn’t compromise on the pleasure. So, there are benefits to going latex-free too!

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Extra safe condoms:

If safety is your priority while having sex, you need to buy the extra safe range of condoms. These condoms are slightly thicker than the others and also well-lubricated for maximum pleasure. You can have sex without worrying because thicker condoms have a lower chance of tearing.


Flavoured condoms:

Flavoured condoms are high in demand because everyone loves to indulge in healthy oral sex. If you think ‘Why should men have all the fun?’ simply explore the flavoured range of Durex condoms. You can try all the yummy flavours such as vanilla popsicles, bubblegum, apple, strawberry, chocolate and many more!


best condoms - durex condoms
best condoms – durex condoms


Settle for Durex condoms to enjoy safe sex and make your experience a memorable one. Sometimes it is good to have a little fun and what’s the problem when you can have safe fun with these extra pleasure condoms on your side. Enjoy the moment with some extra protection and no compromise of the feel and safety.

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