Best Hormonal Acne Solutions and Pimple Treatment

Last Updated on March 24th, 2022

How many of you have faced this situation where a family member, or an acquaintance or just a random person pops in front of you asking ‘What have you done to your face?’? Yeah, mostly all of us, haven’t we? What follows next are a random set of another not so important questions and not to mention the never asked for suggestions. All of this embarrassment because of some boils on our face, which we never wanted in the very first place. But who are we really to decide, isn’t it? Going through the pain of hormonal acne is itself very annoying and disturbing. And almost everyone has its own set of acne solutions and pimple treatment for you to consider effective. But at the end you may find all the solutions going nowhere but just wasting time and money.

So what is the real solution? Need to find the root cause first and then go natural and easy with your skin. Yes it is that easy and simple. Don’t just apply anything on your face without knowing how to apply and what are the effects. Read more to understand the issue of hormonal acne and find easy to apply acne and pimple remedies.

Now, having said that, let’s take a moment to be extremely jealous of those who just got acne during their puberty, and then it just vanished. With that said, even then, you can still be left with skin hyperpigmentation. Check out Dark Spot Diminisher reviews to see how dark spot correctors can help to lighten and diminish skin hyperpigmentation resulting from acne. 

There is another category, where people like us belong where the acne never wants to let go of us and it has been quite some years that they have rented a permanent home on our face. This is probably the worst. If you are one with this kind of hormonal acne then just keep reading to find the acne solutions!

acne solutions and pimple treatment , natural ways
acne solutions and pimple treatment , natural ways

What is Hormonal Acne?

Before we begin to understand the various details related to this form of acne, let us just be aware of the fact that Hormonal Acne is not a medical term. It is just for people like us to understand better this term popped up. 

Like the term itself suggests, Hormonal Acne is all the acne that pops up on your face whenever your hormones decide to fluctuate or change. Quite understandable that this form of acne mostly affects women since our hormones change every month.  

But the first and foremost question is how to know if the acne you have is hormonal acne. There are certain ways to understand that. The section below exactly talks about that.


How do you know if you have Hormonal Acne?

If looked upon closely, it is quite easy to differentiate between a normal pimple that pops up on the face here and then and hormonal acne that happens due to hormonal fluctuations. Both are different and need to be treated differently. 

Some of the ways to know if you have hormonal acne are: 

  • Age of breakout

The common thing that our parents tell us when a pimple pops upright on our face at our teenage years is that it will go away with time. But what happens when the time goes away but the breakouts don’t? One of the earliest red flags that point towards an abnormal hormone is when the pimples or boils don’t go away even after we cross our teenage years.


  • Time and pattern of breakout

Hormonal acne often tends to pop up during the onset of the menstruation cycle of women. It is at the time of ovulation that the hormones fluctuate causing breakouts. You would also notice that the pimple is popping up mostly at the same places as the previous month. These breakouts often vanish once the menstruation cycle is over. Hence, if the pop up of a pimple tells you that your period is near there are extreme chances of it being a product of fluctuating hormones. 

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  • Areas of the pimple popping up

Normal pimples only pop up on the face mostly. But in case of hormonal acne, you would notice they are appearing almost everywhere on your body. These acnes could be found on the neck, jawline, chest, back, and chin along with the face. 


  • Your stress level is always high

If you thought you would hide your mental stress level from others, then you are extremely wrong. A pimple would appear on your face and tell others that you are emotionally upset. Why is that you ask? The hormone cortisol is the stress hormone that gets affected when your stress level is high. Sadly, this hormone is also connected with your oil production level, which if high causes breakouts. Hence, remember always to be happy and take less stress. 


  • Your pimples are resistant to acne solutions cream

To add on all these horrors comes this one when you realize that all the topical creams that you have used are actually of no help. Hormonal pimples, acne, and breakouts are usually strong enough to resist all the topical creams we apply on our face at night praying that pimples vanish somehow in the morning. 


pimple treatment and acne solutions for skin
pimple treatment and acne solutions for skin

Now, the next question that might have raised in many of your minds reading the above pointers is:-

Do acne really appear on all parts of the body?

Then the answer is a big yes! Hormonal pimples can pop up anywhere on the body. Some of the main areas they appear are however on the face, neck, chest, back, and also on the shoulders. Sometimes they leave scars making the area pigmented too. Hence, just the first sign of it and necessary precautions to dissolve it must be taken.


Now, the next thing is for people that have stubborn acne that never really go or just goes and comes again, the process of getting rid of it can really really be extremely difficult. For some of us, we just have to accept that we have been born with sensitive skin that is extremely prone to getting acne and therefore go out of the board to take extra care of it.


For that, one really needs to know what triggers hormonal acne to appear on the face. Hence, 


Here are some answers to what triggers hormonal acne breakout are:

Nothing can really fix these kinds of acnes and the answer to what triggers hormonal acne is wide. The skin needs to maintained every day in a routine to get rid of them, or at least, keep them away.

Hence, read on to know the treatments of these stubborn acnes.


What are the Hormonal Acne Solutions?

The Hormonal pimple treatment is done in three ways.

  • Natural remedies
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Professional consultations


hormonal acne solutions and remedies
hormonal acne solutions and remedies

Natural Remedies

We generally don’t like running to the drugstore to get ourselves topical creams and pills to treat acne. Instead, we always want to know and do things on how to treat hormonal acne naturally.

There are various tips that we have received from our mothers and grandmothers regarding healing acne inflammations. Needless to mention these really work wonders and helps.


To mention, a few of hormonal acne solutions and pimple treatment are:

  1. Apply apple cider vinegar: Applying apple cider vinegar works wonders in reducing scars and acne inflammations. But before using this, it is also important to understand that it can cause burns and irritation to a lot of skins, especially in sensitive skins. Hence, dilute it well with water before applying on the face. 
  2. Tea Tree oil: If you have boils on your face, then applying tea tree oil on the spots of the boils can do wonders. This is often referred to as spot treatment. Apart from that, tea tree oil is also present inside various other beauty care products such as toners and cleansers which one could easily use. 
  3. Green Tea: Green tea is not just great for your body but is amazing for treating that hormonal acne too. There are various lotions, masks, and other beauty products that contain green tea. The ones that have a minimum of 2% of green tea in it can be used for witnessing good results. Apart from that, the leaves of the green tea can be directly applied to the face as hormonal acne solutions
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Apart from these pointers on how to treat hormonal acne naturally, there are also a couple of natural home made face masks that could be tried as a hormonal pimple treatment. However, as far as sensitive and acne prone skin is concerned, they can be extremely reactive to a certain thing leading to extreme breakouts. Hence, before applying on the whole face, put the mask on the arms to see if it causes any reaction. 

Some of the masks that can be easily made at home and is a part of how to treat hormonal acne naturally are:

face mask for pimple treatment
face mask for pimple treatment
  • Honey and Cinnamon Mask

Honey and cinnamon both works wonders for sensitive skin. These contain anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-oxidant properties that help heal and prevent breakouts. Make a paste of 2 parts of honey with half part of cinnamon and apply on the face after cleansing it. Keep for a minimum of 10 minutes. 


  • Turmeric Facial Mask

The benefits of turmeric are huge, and no one isn’t aware of it. To make a perfect mask, add turmeric, sandalwood powder, chickpea flour, and almond oil (or any oil that suits your face) together into a paste and apply on the face. Avoid using those that you are prone to having a breakout if applied. Apply on the face after cleansing it for at least 10 minutes. 


  • Cucumber and Oatmeal face Mask

Cucumber is amazing for sensitive skin since it provides a soothing effect on the skin thereby helping reduce inflammations as well. Just make a paste of the cucumber and oatmeal together can and applying on the skin after cleaning it can do wonders. 

best hormonal acne solutions and treatment
best hormonal acne solutions and treatment
  • Aloe vera and Turmeric face Mask

Aloe vera has been forever used to heal acne. It contains sulphur and salicylic acid that works wonders in treating acne. Along with that, aloe vera has calming properties that help to heal irritated skin and reduce inflammations. To make the best paste of aloe vera, mix it with turmeric which is another great agent of healing acne. The turmeric can also be replaced by green tea, apply on the face after cleaning it, and leave on for around 15 to 20 minutes. Wash properly after. 

Aloe vera can also be used as a moisturizer on sensitive and acne-prone skin. Wash the face properly with a mild cleanser and apply the aloe vera gel directly on the face and let it be. 


  • Honey and Coffee Mask

Honey and coffee are two of the most readily available ingredients we have in your kitchen. One of the many benefits of honey is that it helps to treat acne since it helps heal the infection. Make a paste of coffee powder and honey and leave on a cleaned face for at least 30 mins. Wash well using warm water. 


Lifestyle Changes

Certain lifestyle changes can do wonders in cleaning the face of all the unwanted acne. Some of the many changes that can be done to prevent hormonal acne are:

  • Exercise regularly: Exercising causes your skin to sweat which helps to unclog your skin. Hence, investing time to exercise regularly can help reduce breakouts. Additionally, it will also keep you fit. 
  • Hydrate yourself well: It is always suggested by the doctors to drink at least a minimum of 2 liters of water per day. This helps to clean the liver which eventually treats acne. This is because the hormones are produced in the liver, the fluctuation, and changes of which causes the hormonal acne. 
  • Eat well: It is always said that you are what you eat. Hence, it is always a wise decision to switch to foods that makes you glow. Add more greens and nutritional foods and fruits to your diet. Consuming oily, high fat and junk foods can make the inflammations and breakouts of acne worst. 
  • Keep the face clean: Cleaning the face with a gentle cleanser helps to keep the pores clean which generally becomes clogged from oils. Take a cleanser that suits your face and wash the face at least 2 times a day. 
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Taking Good Care of Skin

best skin solutions, acne solutions and pimple treatment
best skin solutions, acne solutions and pimple treatment
  • Avoid wearing make up: Wearing a lot of make up clogs the pores of the skin making it difficult for it to breathe. If at all you need to wear that helps cover the discoloration of your face somewhere on hide the marks, wear foundation that are mineral based and is made without using any additional oils.
  • Take make up off properly at night: We often have a tendency to not wash off the make up properly at night before going off to sleep because we stay extremely tired. This is one of the worst things to do since clogged skin for a complete night can do extreme worst to the skin leading to bad breakouts. Washing the face properly before sleeping helps it to breathe.
  • Maintain a proper skin care regime: Preparing and maintaining a proper skin care regime everyday religiously plays a huge part when it comes to taking care of a sensitive acne prone skin. A proper skin care regime generally follows three steps- Cleaning, Toning and Moisturizing. You can either go for homemade skin care or can also choose good branded products that suits your skin.
  • Do not touch the face: One of our most common habit is to keep touching the face. Another is to pop the pimples, because, yes, they are irritating. But that is one of the worst thongs to do since our fingers contain a lot of dirt which when put on the face makes it to react causing a breakout.



Professional Consultations

There are times when applying home remedies or even lifestyle changes cannot seem to control the breakouts and become good acne solutions for your skin type. Those are the times when you have to consult a professional to seek rescue. In those times, it is always suggested to do proper research and visit an experienced one.

The pimple treatment can include applying topical creams, popping hormonal medicines, or even going for over the top medications such as laser treatments, chemical peels, etc.

That depends on the acne and the stage your skin is on. 


Final Take Away

More than the internal pain acne causes, the pain and hamper it causes to the self-esteem is way more. Although never mentioned in the books, hormonal acne can lead a person to isolate themselves and also slip to depression.

Sometimes acnes are not in our control. In those times, we solely need to depend on taking care of us every day to keep ourselves ‘fresh’ or at least as they say so.

However, if you are the one suffering from acne, remember you are more than some boils on your face. And if you know someone suffering from this condition, do not make them feel left out. Try and share the same acne solutions we have shared with you here and give him a new acne free life.


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