Hot and Sexy Kriti Kharbanda Yoga Fitness And Diet Plan

Sexy Kriti Kharbanda is one of Bollywood’s most beautiful and talented actresses. With each film, the diva has demonstrated her acting versatility. Aside from her acting abilities, the Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana actress has a huge fan base on social media and regularly updates her followers. Kriti is one of those stars who leaves no stone unturned when it comes to fitness, as shown by her social media posts. To remain fit and stable, the diva goes to great lengths.

Sexy Kriti Kharbanda diet plan
Sexy Kriti Kharbanda diet plan

Kriti’s fans are always curious about the actress’s diet and workout routine, particularly given her large fan base. So, during an exclusive interview, the Housefull 4 actress disclosed her daily diet. The diva, who mostly fasts in the moderate range, starts her day with a good detoxifying Jeera-Dhania water to improve her immunity, followed by a black coffee. She then gorges herself on a bowl of fruits. She went on to say that she enjoys sea food and eats fish for lunch or dinner on a regular basis. Rice is one of the few foods she can consume at any time of day. Her go-to cheat meal is biryani, which she indulges in twice a week.

beautiful Kriti Kharbanda
beautiful Kriti Kharbanda

When asked what her favourite cuisine is, the stunning actress revealed that she enjoys bingeing on all Indian dishes, whether they are from South India, North India, or Bengal. Kriti said that she enjoys Indian desserts such as rasgulla and rasmalai when asked about her favourite desserts. Although offering a glimpse into her workout meals, the actress revealed that she likes to do them in the morning and that she makes sure to eat a bowl of pomegranate after an intense workout to refuel her batteries. She also eats a high-protein diet.

Kriti isn’t a night owl, and she makes it a point to get home by 11 p.m. The diva prefers to spend the most of her time with her loved ones.


hot Kriti Kharbanda
hot Kriti Kharbanda

Stats of Sexy kriti Kharbanda

  • Height: 161 cm
  • Weight: 52 kg
  • Figure: 34-27-36
  • Breast size: 34
  • Eye colour: Brown
  • Hair colour: Brown
  • Bra size: 34B


Kriti Kharbanda Diet Plan

Actress Kriti is a big foodie and just cannot stay away from delicious food. She loves to enjoy on new cuisines. She is a huge fan of South Indian food. The actress is in love with sea-food. Kriti has also said in one of her interviews that she just cannot live without fish and loves to hog on to rice.

  • Breakfast

Kriti starts her day with black coffee and loves to keep it simple. Her breakfast has a lot of fruits and veggies. She also makes sure to drink good amount of Jeera-dhania water.

  • Lunch

The plate of lunch of Kriti has everything you can think of. She loves to eat rice with daal, vegetables, curd, salad and pomegranate. Yes, Kriti just cannot let any day end without a big bowl of pomegranate.

  • Dinner

When it comes to dinner, the actress keeps it low. She drinks a lot of water all around the day. Her dinner has low carb diet. She also makes sure to try eating steamed veggies at the night time.

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Kriti Kharbanda workout fitness
Kriti Kharbanda workout fitness

Workout Routine of Sexy Kriti Kharbanda

When it comes to doing workout Kriti is a huge follower of yoga and meditation. She gets up early in the morning and follows a good 2 hour long routine of asanas. She has a small area in her lawn where she has all the important things that help her have a positive environment all around her.Β  Kriti love to drink a huge glass of lassi or any fruit smoothie. She love hogging on to bananas. Kriti also like to include coconut water in her diet plan.


Sexy Kriti Kharbanda workout
Sexy Kriti Kharbanda workout

What kind of music does she listen while working out?

She enjoys listening to traditional Punjabi music while running and gym workout. It’s simply who she am. It comes very naturally. She tries to stop listening to music while doing yoga and workout. However, if it is a really must listen to something, she listens to the Om chant.


Sexy Kriti Kharbanda Yoga Fitness
Sexy Kriti Kharbanda Yoga Fitness

How does she manage to stay so slim and fit?

She believes that, rather than the exercise, it is the discipline that matters while working long hours and on a tight schedule. You must ensure that you are eating well and exercising for at least 20 minutes per day. She thinks the benefit of yoga for her is that she can do it on my own and don’t have to make excuses for not having a place or time. Yoga can be done at any time and in any place. You do not need to be concerned with your attire. Yoga works for her for all of these reasons. Just because food is the devil in her life has it been challenging. It’s really difficult for her to avoid eating.

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Is Kriti fond of strict workout schedules

She was not a fan of working out. She used to despise it, but she did it because she didn’t have any other choice and my work needed it. When you see the performance, though, you love what you’re doing. She realised that she would not have a decent life if she did not live a safe lifestyle, regardless of my profession. Kriti want to be in the best possible health.Β  She just wanted to make sure she is doing whatever she can to look after myself. Charity, as they say, starts at home, and love does as well. So she wants to give it her everything. She want to pamper herself and take care of my body as much as possible.


kriti kharbanda beauty secrets
kriti kharbanda beauty secrets

Kriti is fond of sweets and they are her weakness

She is a sucker for sweets. She does not love to eat chocolate because it gives her stomach pains, but she adores desserts of all kinds, whether Indian or continental. Her favourite dessert is tiramisu. But it’s not a vice and she wants to give up. It’s something she like to have more influence over. So, after a workout, she typically gets really excited and feel like she deserves something special. She also feel like a dog because she believes that if she does anything correctly, she will be rewarded with a treat. That’s something she does to herself, and it’s a habit that she wants to take a break from.

For her, fitness isn’t about finding the ideal body. It all comes down to maintaining a balanced body. She is not a fan of the idea of women having washboard abs. She likes having a little bit of fat on her body. It makes her feel girly, so she is going to keep doing it. That makes her feel very good about herself. Of course, she want to tone her body, and the next two months will be devoted to that goal.


In the end

In the films Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana (2017) and Veerey ki Wedding, Kriti Kharbanda looked like a million bucks as the leading lady. Which begs the question: how does she manage to do it? We wouldn’t need much convincing to bet on endless hours at the gym and no dessert. Kriti, on the other hand, does not deny herself tiramisu (her favourite) on her cheat days and enjoys running and yoga. Here was how the actress manages to stick to her weight loss and fitness goals despite a hectic schedule of filming, celebrity appearances, and other commitments.

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Sexy Kriti Kharbanda Yoga
Sexy Kriti Kharbanda Yoga

She believe the most popular blunder we make is believing what we hear. We don’t realise that everyone is different and that not all can work for everyone. You’re more likely to try diets that don’t fit for your body because of hearsay. Kriti believes it is important to consult with a nutritionist and complete all of your studies. Make sure your body is capable of doing what you’re about to do.

She just makes sure that she eats enough to keep herself satisfied. That, she believes, is critical. When we go on a diet, we often forget that our minds need to be happy as well. She tries to stay away from grains and oily foods as much as possible. Ghee and butter, on the other hand, do not bother her at all.

Kriti is a living example of how one can enjoy a healthy life even when enjoying whatever you feel like eating. Her routine is simple and anyone can follow it. If you are also a die hard fan of the charming beauty then you must follow her rules. Live simple and eat what your heart wants. This will help you with a fit lifestyle with a happy mind.

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