Is Masturbation Unhealthy ? How Many Times to Masturbate (FAP)

Last Updated on September 30th, 2020

Not all are ready yet to accept the fact that Masturbation is only a means of body to satisfy its needs and there is nothing wrong in doing it. But many believe this habit to masturbate can be dangerous to health. Now to clarify, what matters here is how many times you masturbate or in other words, how frequently you masturbate that makes the whole difference. This becomes the deciding factor weather masturbation is healthy or unhealthy for you.

We get many query related to the same question about masturbation and that query if i quote is “How many times is masturbation safe to do?” To answer all those query leading to the same question, we decided to make this article for you. 

Masturbation is one such topic which could probably have infinite doubts and infinite answers to each doubt. Since I have been working in this field for long, I have tried to bring out the best advice and examples to make your masturbation habit a healthier one.


Healthy Number for Masturbation
Healthy Number for Masturbation


Understand the Difference

Before today I have written on how to masturbate in a healthy way, what to do after masturbation, how much to masturbate in a week or month  and how to control masturbation desires, but one question that has recently been asked over and over again by readers is How many times can I masturbate in a day? What is the world record of maximum number of masturbation in a day?

Today I’ll give you a complete guide to healthy number of masturbation in a day, back to back masturbation and world record of maximum number of masturbation in a day.

So firstly you should know that masturbation is not something that can be done like 10 times a day. It is not a easy to do thing. You need a large amount of energy and free time to do that. Yes some people still do it so many times that at the end of day they start feeling all drained out. Have you every faced such situation? If yes then definitely you are doing way to much of it. You better put a break now and start enriching your body with some fluid that can give energy and stamina to hold.

So let me tell you guys that masturbation should not be done like a compulsion or to show off, its something that is done to fulfill your desires which couldn’t be otherwise. It is an art of making love and not to rape yourself. Try and understand the difference between two. Sometimes it is difficult to control your feelings and you however want to do more. But you should always know that it is not a good practice.

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Healthy Masturbation Tips
Healthy Masturbation Tips


What is the Limit to Masturbate

Consider you are the guy and your soldier is your partner. Masturbating once means you are making love to your partner. Because for once, your soldier is always ready and would never say no to. And not in every case, but in a number of cases, masturbation could be repeated and done again second time (after some gap). Consider it as you making love again to your partner when she was not that ready but for the sake of your satisfaction she did it. But this should be one’s limit. Crossing the bar of two means you are not behaving normal. It won’t only ruin your sexual health but could also impact you psychologically.

That’s True because with increase number of masturbation, you are killing the energy that is required for clear thinking. Stop doing it after 2. Just try and divert your energy to some other work or maybe take some rest and go to sleep for better.

masturbate unhealthy practice
masturbate unhealthy practice

You surely do not want to end up with any health issues related to your genitals, do you? 

Now comes the case when you are doing it again for third time, fourth time or more; its like forcing yourself onto your partner (I would call it a rape in solo sex). Not listening to the pain of your own body, hurting yourself and masturbating again and again is not something that anybody should do even for fun or adrenaline rush. Because we have seen the worst outcomes of these for those who made this same mistake and have met experts for the topic and solution.

The medical experts say that even the innermost desires gets satisfied after second masturbation; though masturbating once is enough (for 99% of people including me), still if you have something left then second round after some gap should be more than enough. In fact, one should think about retaining energy and stamina. Have healthy juice or shake just after the first one to restore lost energy in masturbation.


What is the World Record?

Do you really wanna try and do more that 2 times? I don’t think so. Masturbate but in limit is the best tip for healthy life. Continuously masturbating even after second time is possible in just two cases; either you are a child and not aware of the consequences of masturbating again and again or you want to masturbate to break the world record.

Then let me tell you, the latest world record of maximum number of masturbation in one day is with Hugo Lopez from a city of Argentina.  He holds the world record of most number of masturbation in a day with a whooping 83 times masturbating in a day or span of 24 hours. This is totally insane. Just the way there exists Superman, who could do super natural activities, so is this guy in my eyes.

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Dizziness after Masturbation
Dizziness after Masturbation

Just like any teenager I also once tried it, thinking myself as the super human who can masturbate like n number of times.

But the max number I could reach was four. And you won’t believe, I almost passed out after the fourth shot and could barely manage to reach my bed. It was paining and i was feeling weak from inside. That day i suffered a lot. Many problems followed after that.

I was all time thinking about my health and wellness because many questions were coming up in my mind which were scary to answer.

That was the day and today; I have never masturbated even twice in a day. And I would urge you all not to cross this limit and try and put a stop to yourself on the count of one. This is best for your health and you will stay satisfied and happy all along.


Stop masturbaing Unhealthy Way
Stop Masturbaing Unhealthy Way


What are the Problems you may Face Later

My doubts about too much masturbation in the teenage times was answered with lots of research and learning. You know why i am saying only 1 time a day is just enough and not to do more?

It is because it has huge repercussions. I will try and explain that in the best possible way. When you masturbate many times, very frequently, your body goes into lots of pressure and strain. The sperms that are produced in our body takes some time to get reproduced. But if we don’t give sufficient time to our body and go for another fap, then we start getting more thinner liquid during each ejaculation, which is not good. You will observed that the quality of your sperm decreases with every ejaculation. At first the consistency of sperm would be more and with every ejaculation it would reduce and get thinner, to a stage it becomes like water. So what does this implies? Are you getting stronger or weaker? Obviously weaker..!!  

Now this thing can remain with you and create mobility issues with sperms that your body produces. How is that an issue now? See if you want to become a father, your sperms should be strong and mobile to reach the egg and make it fertile. In other words you wont be able to make babies if your sperms losses their mobility.

how many times to masturbate
how many times to masturbate

What Happens inside the Body

Let me tell you what happens inside body while you masturbate. Look, sperm is nothing but accumulation of several nutrients and proteins; comprising of the best quality minerals which could not be easily found in any food item and are not easily produced by body. So when you masturbate, you eject sperms along with these minerals, and its quantity begins to reduce in body. It is difficult to restore the lost immediately. That’s why a healthy diet is recommended after masturbation and for regular masturbator. (You ain’t aware? Checkout here)

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These nutrients are already accumulated in a very less quantity inside body. They are also used by our nervous system and brain. And over this you have already ejaculated a very good quantity in the form of sperm. Now your body needs a minimum of 2 hours to recover the loss (if you are healthy). Now, the remaining amount may take care of other activities for two hours but sometimes what happens is the vital nutrients suddenly decreases to a level lower than desired. This is the reason why you might have felt some dizziness after masturbating sometimes. That’s nothing but a sign that you are not doing enough for your body to make it ready for masturbation. Quit masturbation for some days if you also feel dizzy.


When to Stop Masturbation
When to Stop Masturbation


Final Words

Don’t Do Too MUCH. Back to back masturbation or masturbating more than twice in a day could actually lead to several disorders. It can also cause various genital problems. Masturbation is not an unhealthy practice but overdoing it can make you unhealthy. Masturbation is sometimes helpful to do as well. Not many people agree to this but for a fact it helps in releasing the excess of heat and energy from the body. It helps in reducing strain and pressure from body.

We are trying to spread the correct information about the practice of masturbation. Believe me, if done in limits and by following proper do’s and don’ts one would never fall prey to any sort of disorder but in fact would be able to have the benefits of masturbation on health.


If you have any query or want to add something from your personal experience kindly write down in the comments section below. I will be more than happy to help you.


Stay Aware..!! Stay Healthy..!!

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