How to Stay Healthy While Travelling, Travel Tips and Ideas

Last Updated on September 16th, 2020

Don’t even imagine that I will ask you to do yoga and gym while you are travelling, so relax and have a very exciting, enjoyable trip or vacation. But certain things that can make your travelling more enjoyable is keeping your body healthy and fit to better enjoy the world you are exploring on your move.

We all try to stay healthy and fit in our day to day life but do we really care about staying fit and healthy while we are on the move like travelling for 1 week due to work or may be due to some urgent piece of work. Most of us don’t even care what we are carrying with us on the travel trip or where we are staying and what are we going to eat on the travelling route because we all think of it as a very short hick up in our life that we assume won’t hurt us in terms of health, internal as well as external. But to the surprise, we actually hurt our health more while we are travelling.

Reasons are many and we don’t consider these reasons as much effecting and thus we actually destroy our body stability and immunity.

We will discuss all those reasons and causes that we usually neglect but if taken proper care, we can actually have a happy vacation trip. We will also try to discuss all the possible conditions where we don’t even think about making a healthy mistake that cost us big time after travelling is over and also how avoiding these mistakes can make your vacation a healthy and relaxing one.

how to stay healthy while travelling
how to stay healthy while travelling

Let’s discuss Travelling Options one by one.

How are your travelling? Train, Bus, Plane or any other medium of transport?

This question is important because it decides many other things as well. Let’s see how?
Suppose you are travelling via Bus, now in that case you need to make sure you are wearing clothes that won’t start stinking if you have to bear some sweat. Wearing comfortable cloths helps you keep body pain free. Wearing jeans can be tough, so consider this as an extra note. Do not remain seated at your seat for long hours. Take some break whenever possible.

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Travelling via plane, no problem I suppose. But don’t forget to carry ear buds, because during takeoff your ears may pain a bit.

stay healthy while travelling , travel tips
stay healthy while travelling , travel tips

Travelling via train:- The seats of train and bus are usually not that comfortable and are having plastic covers which are not good for skin and body. Sitting or sleeping in the same posture for long hours on these seats may cause back and neck pain. Avoid this by regular breaks and trenching your body after some time. Do not use train toilets, if possible. Avoid food in train and bus that are served by the 3rd party vendor. Try to carry your own home made food. Fruits and snacks are really good if you prefer to have something in course of your travelling.


#1 Stay Clean  (Stay Healthy While Travelling):

The most common cause of catching cold or fever after the travel gets over is the wrong practice of not washing hands whenever you are about to eat something while travelling. In fact wash the fruits as well if you have purchased them during your travel.

physical hygiene is important for healthy lifestyle
physical hygiene is important for healthy lifestyle

Being on an airplane, train or bus with a bunch of people coughing and sneezing is a great way to get sick. But frequent hand washing (or use of hand sanitizer) can make a real difference and help keep you well. Keep sanitizer in your bag for those times when a faucet and soap aren’t available.


#2 Stay Strong (Stay Active While Travelling): 

That can be difficult while you are on move, since the travelling involves long journeys of sitting at one place and that can be painful.

how to make a healthy vacation and stay fit while travelling
how to make a healthy vacation and stay fit while travelling

Exercise helps you stimulates the immune system, releases endorphins (feel-good chemicals), and keeps your brain sharp. Here’s how you can manage to stay active during travel time:-

Finding gym in hotel is many times not possible so walk as much as possible. Walk to appointments, restaurants, etc. rather than taking a cab.

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Do some stretching and simple squats or push ups. If I have a long flight I will often do some chair squats to give my muscles some stimulation. Stretching helps loosen your muscles that otherwise pains due to continuous travelling. 


#3 Eat Good (Diet While Travelling):

eat healthy to stay healthy, smart tips
eat healthy to stay healthy, smart tips

We usually don’t care of what we eat when we are travelling, but you don’t make that mistake.

Carry some snacks, Fruits and if possible 2 time Tiffin with you, so that you don’t have to worry about your empty stomach.

Prefer to fast for some time if nothing worth eating is available. But always try to eat hygienic and nutritious food.

There are many high calorie food that you can carry with you so that you can fill up your stomach with even little quantity.

Foods like (banana, apple), sweets. There are some healthy pocket friendly high protein snacks that you can carry along for tough times.

Try to Plan in advance about your travel and stay. That way you won’t be putting yourself in a situation where you are starving and have no other better option but to put your hands on anything that is available to eat.


#4 Adapt to Situation (Adjust Safely While travelling):

We all know that some things are not under our control especially while we are travelling. Some things gets messed up and some things don’t work out the way they should have been. But either way we have to find the solution and adapt to the best possible fit.

healthy and fit travel tips
healthy and fit travel tips

But I think there is always something that you can do to overcome that situation in the best way. Find out how you can make a good use of your unpredictable events rather than to regret or struggle.

Lets also say that you couldn’t find good food while travelling even after lots of wait and efforts. Don’t stay hungry, eat up what is best available since not eating anything for long hours can cause more damage than eating something during the hour of need.


poor sleeping habits
poor sleeping habits

#5 Proper Rest:

I won’t ask you to meditate while travelling or do yoga at your vacation because that won’t be appropriate and neither you will feel it like really an acceptable solution for your healthy travelling not you would be willing to do that.

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Either way, we are left with one thing and that is proper sleep and rest. Don’t just keep moving from one place to another just to make sure you travel everything and didn’t miss out any place. Give your body some break whenever required because you can’t just push your body forcibly and ask it to still stay fit and active.

Moreover the situation where you will force your body to move even without proper fuel (rest and food), you won’t find the enjoyment in your vacation.

enjoy your travel, travel tips
enjoy your travel, travel tips

I hope this helps you to stay fit and healthy while travelling your next trip.

Concluding Thoughts

Now I’d like to hear from you. What are your top health tips while travelling or what else can you suggest for staying fit and healthy while travelling?

Share your travelling experiences and how you came out of the bad situation during the journey. Lets the people know what is best practices that they can follow while travelling long journeys and keep themselves fit and healthy.


Travel Healthy and Safe Always


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