How to Celebrate the season of Navratri in a Healthy Way

Last Updated on August 5th, 2017

So the festive season has arrived. With Navratri, begins ceaseless series of festivals. A whole new routine has come into existence. Few more activities have added to the daily chores like garba practices, shopping for upcoming garba nights and a huge lot of preparations for Navratri & the festivals that will follow. Every one of us is totally geared up to make full out of this festive season. Highly excited and eagerly waiting for each of the festivals that are lined up. And Navratri is just the beginning.

In order to enjoy these festivals, you definitely need to look and feel your best. And with such a hectic schedule, it seems quite difficult to pay attention to your health. But, believe me, with a little smartness and a bit of consciousness, you will be able to enjoy the festival “healthily”. 😉

All you need to do is keep the below mentioned tips in your mind and follow them regularly:

  1. Starting with the start: Today is the day you realized that festivals are coming and you want to enjoy every single moment of it. So, you get yourself enrolled for garba classes. Garba classes are totally fun and a bit exhausting as well. Hence, you need to start healthy practices from the very first day.


  • Drink 10-12 glass of water. Yes, the water intake during this period should be more than your daily water intake. Reason? Obviously, because you are going to sweat a lot. Have at least a glass of fresh fruit juice daily (without adding sugar to it, though you can have sugarcane juice).


  • Add energy giving food to your diet. Bananas, nuts and dry fruits give you instant energy. You can have these as refreshment in the evening. However, you shouldn’t over eat these as well.
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  • Have a sound sleep in the night. Be loyal to your sleeping ours. 7-8 hours of sleep is must. The quality of sleep also matters. Though, after practicing garba you won’t find it difficult to fall asleep, but still if you face problem in sleeping, practice “Shav Asana” after going to bed.





  1. The D-Day has arrived: In addition to the above mentioned points, you need to take a few more small steps during the nine days of Navratri:


  • Always keep glucose handy. Keep a bottle filled with glucose water with you throughout. Make sure, you take little sips of that water every 15-20 minutes. Just don’t drink much of it.


  • Don’t starve yourself even for a while. Prolonged hunger can force you to eat unhealthy food items which are easily available during festival time. Rather, eat fruits and nuts or any other healthy substitute as soon as you find symptoms of hunger.


  • Those who fast during Navratri should be much more conscious about their diet and health. Even when you are fasting keep your stomach filled with enough nutrients to keep you going. Fried and oily food items meant for fast should be totally avoided. You can rather rely on milk products, fruits and boiled vegetables.
  • Practice stretching exercise after playing garba. Cramps and muscle pain are normal after garba. Stretching will help in relaxing your muscles and you will be fit enough to enjoy the next day/night of garba.


  • Save energy. Even if you are habitual of talking a lot, you will have to keep a control on your tongue. This way you will be able to redirect your energy from talking to enjoying. Yes, you will surely need lot of energy to enjoy.
how to look beautiful in navratri
how to look beautiful in navratri


  1. Looking beautiful is your duty and right: Apart from following the above mentioned tips, you will have to put additional efforts to look more beautiful:
  • Follow a perfect beauty regime on daily basis. It consists of washing your face twice a day with a mild cleanser or face wash. Home remedies can also be used. Best home remedy for cleansing your skin is a mixture of gram flour and curd. Do not forget to moisturize your skin after every wash. Apply sunscreen during the day time.
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  • Your hair also needs equal attention. Daily wash may be required by your hair because of excessive sweat. Sweaty scalp can lead to dandruff and hair fall. You may however, apply conditioner after the shampoo so as to avoid damage to your hair. Also, apply heat protecting serum before using styling tools on your hair.


  • Take special care of your feet. We generally tend to forget our feet. But, this is the time when your feet will not let you forget them. Scratched heels and toes are quite common during Garbas. Dancing hard also makes them ache a lot. So, every night, after the garba session, take half bucket of lukewarm (rather a bit hotter than lukewarm) water, add 1 tablespoon salt and some shampoo to it and soak your feet in it for around half an hour. Scrub your feet if required, wash them with clean water, dry them and then nourish them with a good moisturizer & petroleum jelly.
  • Get dressed up for the occasion. Buy or get on rent clothes especially meant for this purpose. Keep proper care of hygiene as far as clothing is concerned. Rented clothes and artificial jewellery can cause many skin problems. Clean them before using. If possible, wash the clothes before wearing, if not, then at least get them dried in sun before you wear.
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  • Make Up & hair do. Never overdo the makeup. Neither should you go for light makeup or no makeup look. Keep it good enough for the festival. There are so many makeup tutorials available online. Visit these and learn how to do proper makeup and decide what will suit you best. Never compromise with the quality of makeup products and tools. Keep a deodorant or perfume with you as this is what you will need every now and then while in garba.


Hope this article will help you enjoy this festive season in the healthiest possible way.



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