How to Get the Beautiful Butt Shape you Always Want to Have.

Last Updated on July 1st, 2020

That round shaped butt that looks just so amazing in yoga pants or jeans or swim suit or in any dress you wear is the dream of every individual but only few are able to get that. No, good looking butt shape is not a natural gift for those who have that, it is their hard work and motivation that they put in to get that. You need it then you have to work for it. If that would have been easy, everyone would have it.

Now what you have and what you want is the reason you are reading this and we want to tell you that you are doing the right thing by deciding to work for your lower body fitness.

You love your Butt and want to have it in good shape but do not know what to do for that beach body butt shape? If so than after reading this article you won’t have that confusion in mind. We will tell you how to get better butt shape with different mediums and exercises.

best ways to tone your butt
best ways to tone your butt

There are many Workouts that you can do at gym to get the sexy looking butt shape. But if you do not want to go to gym, then we have solution for that as well. There are many workouts that you can do at home also. Apart from that there are yoga postures and butts exercises that help to get beautiful butt there are many other things that help you maintain a good toned and tight booty.

Now we will discuss what you should do when you are looking to get great toned, trimmed butt shape and how you can bring your fat or flat butt into perfect shape that adds to your great looks and body.

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best looking butts shape
best looking butts shape

In this post we will tell you the important points that you need to keep in mind while working out on your butt. In the subsequent posts we will discuss the main yoga tips, gym workouts and at home workouts that you should do to take care of your butts and feel beautiful and sexy about yourself.

We will also discuss about what you should eat and what you should not while working on your butts because your booty responds to your food habits and diet plans as well.

Your booty displays your lower half of your body and a flat butt or fat butt is not liked by anyone. Then how to get that good looking butt shape? Simple, follow these tips and get your sexy looking booty in shape and right figure and size.

how to do squats for butts workout
how to do squats for butts workout

This is one mistake all of us make while we do gym. Yes we focus on workouts but not on all body parts equally. We give more priority to upper half of body then lower half. The reason can be many. Some feel it easy to do workout for biceps, abs, and shoulder while crunches and all lower half gym workouts are pretty tough to do. Some people think of building upper first and then lower half. This is wrong because if your lower half is week then you cannot take up higher weights on legs and that reduces your limits.

pistol squat position
pistol squat position
  • Eat Healthy food

Eat a healthy balanced diet plan that has less fat. Avoid high sugar food because sugar is one of the major causes of that causes fat accumulation and make you obese. Most of the time this fat is accumulated in your tummy or your booty.

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  • Do not Keep sitting

This is what we do daily. We go to office and spend continuous hours on our seat and that results in flat butt. This is the lifestyle of most of the technical employees. Start moving. Do not spend long hours sitting in the same position. Take 5 minutes of break from your work and have a walk around, may be for water or snacks.

cycling helps build lower half body
cycling helps build lower half body
  • Start using Bicycle.

We are not saying this to save petrol or to save money. Bicycling is a very good exercise that improves your lower half and improves blood circulation. It helps in increasing stamina and reduces that extra fat from your hips and thighs.


  • Practice yoga

Yoga is one of the best methods to stay fit and healthy. Yoga has the answers to all your problems. There are different types of yoga for your butts workout. Yoga poses helps in toning your lower part using the various postures. Many poses like the triangle pose, shiva pose, warrior pose, chair pose etc are some of the best yoga methods to bring your butts in good shape.

best butt workout for tight and toned buttocks
best butt workout for tight and toned buttocks
  • Do not Rush out

Do not rush out through your squats and crunches. Do it slowly and steadily to allow muscles to contract and stabilize. Hold for some time at the lowest point of the move. Use weights to help get that extra lift and muscle build up. Take it slow; do not swing the weight quickly at gym. You might want to finish up the butts workout soon but that is not going to help you. Count to 4 to complete one cycle of squat workout. This way your muscles will fully contract and will maximize your move’s potential.


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Note:-If you have a flat butt and you’re looking to build it up, you should do fewer reps (8 to 10) and use heavier weights. If you’re looking to tone up the region, use higher reps (15 to 20) and lighter weights.


These are some of the best tips for your butts building. Keep them in mind and start your workout and yoga exercises. Follow these to get best results.

We have shared more about the butt building exercises or butts workout in our various other articles on medictips. Follow them and learn which all exercises you should do to get sexy looking butts which is perfectly toned and trimmed as per your requirements.

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