How to Masterbate In a Healthy Way

Last Updated on January 7th, 2021

People often reach out to me asking several questions related to masturbation and problems related to it. But one thing that I felt everybody is not aware of and are missing a lot about is that they don’t know exactly how to masterbate. If you would know how to masterbate in a healthy way or just the best way to masterbate you would be able to enjoy a long and healthy sexual life without any problems.

So, today I have decided to write upon something that would not only involve the best practice that I have co-founded with my fellow researchers, but also what has been tested on 1000’s of people out there on earth before being written here.

One may begin to masturbate at a tender age of even 12 years. And this age “12 years” is just a childhood age, where one is not much concerned or aware of health, sexual problems, weakness and all the health related issues. They just want to re-live that moment when one releases and those feel good hormones spread across our bodies and give that heavenly feeling.

So, we basically just begin to masturbate wherever and whenever possible; be it toilets, home, bus or even classrooms (I have mentioned classroom because I did it in classroom as well).

And according to psychology, if you have done something more than 5 times in same manner, the probability is you will end up doing that activity in same manner throughout your life; be it sleeping posture or masturbation. So, just to spread an awareness and ensure a healthy sexual life, I am writing this to help you guys change your bad habits and masturbate in most healthy way possible.


Learn how to have a healthy masturbation
how to masterbate


Just masturbating while seeing porn, without taking any health measures could actually affect your “Baby Maker” in long run. And since you have also been doing the same thing from past 5, 10, 15 or may be more years, so you might also be doing this wrong way.

There are a few healthy practices, if followed right before and during masturbation, could nullify the effect of masturbation, and will not only help your baby maker stay healthy but would also improve your sexual health and stamina. The below mentioned “How to Masterbate” tips will make sure you are getting all the benefits of masturbating (don’t know the benefits? Click here to know).


How To Masterbate or Best Way To Masterbate:

There are certain best practices if followed could become the best way to masterbate.


  1. Maintain Privacy :

If you want to learn the best way to masterbate, make sure that wherever you are preparing to masturbate; be it your home, school, office, hotel or any place on this planet; nobody else is near you and could possibly be there in next 15 minutes to catch you enjoying your personal time.

Why so? There are two reasons for it. Number one is that when your mind is free from all kinds of fear; it has tendency to give a more joyous orgasm during masturbation. And if you will not have a private place to masturbate; your mind will have a fear that somebody might come now or at any point of time and catch you.

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Secondly getting caught while masturbating might land you in difficult situations, which further may impact your self esteem and could even lead to trauma where one begins to fear masturbating next time. And it’s really important to see that you could also rest for sometime after masturbating, so that you can enjoy and your body could recover as well. Hence, a private place is the first thing that you should look for.

I would even recommend you to switch off your cell phones or set them to airplane mode while masturbating.


female masturbation is correct and healthy
female masturbation is correct and healthy


  1. Collect Everything Beforehand:

Collect all the stuff in one go before involving in the act. Lubricant, tissue paper, sanitizer all at one place. Keeping all the stuff before indulging in the act makes sure that you do not have to stand up and go to places after masturbating instead of taking rest and enjoying the heavenly feeling that one gets after masturbating.

Why so? Standing immediately after masturbating and running here and there may result in dizziness and weakness throughout the body. Since you just have had released a good amount of sperm (a collection of proteins and essential and vitamins), so feeling weak for a few moments is obvious and quite normal (specially those who are not good in taking a good balanced diet). Make sure, next time, make sure you go to war well prepared for a hassle free ending. So, till now we have learnt two lessons while learning how to masterbate.


  1. Use Lubricant:

The biggest mistake that boys (specially) are committing these days is that whenever they feel horny, they just go and masturbate without using any lubrication. It doesn’t hamper while masturbating, but if you are someone who masturbates regularly on weekly basis or even twice a month, this habit of yours vanishes the penis’s natural lubricated layer, and its ability to reproduce the same.

The natural lube of penis is required when you indulge in real game of sex. Natural lubricated layer of penis is not only is required while sex, but it also makes sure that no bacteria gets deposited over the penis, so that there is minimum danger of developing any sort of infection or sexual disorder; in short it acts as a protective shield against several disorders.

You yourself might have observed the loss of shinny lustrous layer and could possibly see some dried sperm remains deposited over penis. So, I would recommend you to use lubricant (coconut oil is what I prefer – natural & easy), it will ensure safety & would also double the joy of masturbation. This was the the third practice in the journey of finding best way to masterbate.


  1. DO NOT Fap on Empty Stomach:

This is something really important that you have to take care of. If you have not eaten something, or you are actually empty stomach since morning then I would recommend you not to masturbate at all, or go have your meal, wait for half an hour and then masturbate.

Or else if you are somebody who does masturbate at a particular time; like you have decided in your mind that I’ll masturbate on Friday evenings; then what else you may do is make sure that you consume something healthy like half an hour before masturbating; be it a glass of milk, a glass of juice, some fruits, some nuts or anything nutritious that would actually add to your body’s nutrient content.

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It would ensure that your baby maker is having all the required minerals and is completely healthy. If done on empty stomach, chances are, your ability to produce sperm may actually reduce. Because in the unavailability of nutrients, your penis won’t be able to produce the required amount of sperm, and if the same incident happens over and time again, it begins to lower its capability of producing sperm. So, make sure you are not empty stomach or hungry while/before masturbating. Ensure you are on a good healthy diet if you masturbate regularly. (Not aware of masturbation diet? Click here to check)

So this was the lesson number four in our journey to learn how to masterbate.


Things to do before & during Masturbation
Things to know for best way to masterbate


  1. Do not rush it:

Whenever I ask people how much time does it take to masturbate; majority of people are like a minute or two may be (90%) remaining (10%). I don’t know whether they lie or what, even then they would say max 4-5 minutes. So, let me tell you guys, this is not something meant to be done in a hurry.

Masturbation is one such gift of God that nobody except humans could enjoy in this whole universe. Animals can only have sex; have you ever heard that this animal masturbates or this bird could masturbate? So, make sure you enjoy every bit of it. (To know everything about masturbation and why you shouldn’t feel bad after masturbation click here)

Why so? Actually the mechanism of our sexual organs is such that men’s testicles usually go to a temperature two degree below body temperature to produce sperm. But rubbing penis fast and touching the igniting points may trigger the process to reach the climax soon. This results in early ejaculation and one’s feeling of satisfaction that I am done masturbating; and I can get back to work now. Without even thinking that we are slowly killing our own soldier by doing this.

Doing masturbation at pace is fine for once or two times; but every time masturbating in pace makes your testicles weaker and reduces their capability of generating sperm. This is the reason why people spread myths like – with every fap your sperm count reduces. But they don’t know if done with proper knowledge; one could reverse the effects of masturbation and help improve the testicles power of producing more and quality sperm.

If you can control this habit, you would be on the edge of best way to masterbate.


Healthy Masturbation Tips
Learn Best Way to Masterbate


  1. Release it All:

This is again something really strange that I came across. Once a guy came to me saying that he has hacked the art of masturbating. I was really surprised and was curious to know, but it all went to vain when he told me everything. He said – if I’ll not release whole of sperm in my one jerk, and release just half of it in one go then I could fap one more time to complete the release of one. In this way I could enjoy it twice before reaching the recommended healthy number of masturbation per week or month (you don’t know healthy number? Click here to check the number healthy for you).

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But this is not true my friend, if you don’t do such stupidity don’t even try it out. Because releasing whole or some part of it makes no difference. If you are masturbating, then the testicles produce the same amount of sperm every time; whether you release it or not during masturbation. Else it comes out the other way (during urination). Infact, it may lead to several problems like low sperm production, early release and night fall (since you didn’t fapped properly the first time, that thought is still saved somewhere in nerves/mind that comes out during sleep). So, next time make sure you do it completely, enjoy it and release whole of it.


Become a Masturbation Pro
best way to masterbate


If you could take care of all these points while masturbating and before it; then I bet you, there is nothing in this world that could weaken your Soldier.  Apart from the above mentioned tips to take care before and during masturbation, do take care of tips to be taken care after masturbation (Click here to know tips after masturbation). Follow these tips and you will become a true masturbation hacker; who could masturbate and enjoy its benefits while keeping yourself and your Soldier ready and healthy for a long sexual life.



I hope I have been able to cater what you were looking for – The Best Way to Masterbate; and resolve all your queries on the topic How to Masterbate. To know more about masturbation and sexual health you may follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram as well.


If you have any queries that I have not been able to answer up there; you may ask them in the comment section below. I’ll cater each query personally through email or in comments.


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