How to Stay Safe this Thanksgiving Season

Looks like there is no near end to this covid-19 situation worldwide. Cases of covid are on rise and with every passing day, people are starting to take the problem of covid-19 infection lightly. This in turn is the main reason for the serious covid cases coming up in many countries. Government is forced to impose partial lockdown in some countries while in some they have put night curfew in effect. The only solution that comes today is the precautions and safety that needs to be taken at the individual level.

With the Thanksgiving Holidays in the coming week, medical experts expect more problems adding to the current scenario. The family gatherings will only help the pandemic become much more worse and tighten the situations for the medical staff. The situation is really bad in United States and it can be seen from the numbers quoted by the news agencies. Over the past 14 days, with increase number of travelling on airports and other public transports, US is seeing on an average 1,71,000 case per day. The numbers are almost 50% more than what it was before. This is expected to rise further if necessary safety measures are not taken at the personal level by the residents.

With so many Americans planning to travel this coming week, due to thanksgiving celebrations, what all precautions can be taken? Till now there is no cure or solution to coronavirus, so the only way to stay safe is by following certain guidelines that help prevent covid.


covid-19 treatment and cure
covid-19 treatment and cure


Don’t Travel if not Urgent or Necessary

People should be making decisions based on the pandemic conditions and current covid situation in the region they want to travel to. If not required or not necessary, they should postponed the travel plans and stay at home for the thanksgiving. Restrict your travel plans if not required on urgent basis. Old age people should stay indoors and avoid any close contact with anyone to ensure healthy thanksgiving this year.

Many people have relaxed the stringent social distancing and mask wearing all the time when outside. This will add up to the covid problems.


healthy travel tips
healthy travel tips

If you are Still Travelling During Covid Situations and Thanksgiving

If you still plan to travel and attend gatherings this thanksgiving, experts advice to do it safely with utmost travel precautions and safety measures. So it is necessary to understand how can you do it, with as much travel safety as possible.

You should ask these few questions to yourself before making the travel.

  1. Are you, or someone in your household, or the person you are visiting at any risk for sick, infection or medical care?
  2. Check if the cases of covid-19 high in your community or the place you intend to travel?
  3. Are you caring face mask, sanitisation spray or sanitisers with you?
  4. Check if you going to a crowded location or are you visiting from someplace crowded?
  5. Are you travelling with someone sick?
  6. Are hospitals in your community or the place you are travelling to are overwhelmed with patients?
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After you are satisfied with the answers to these questions, make sure you travel on a safe side.


Learn about the symptoms of Covid-19 so that you can avoid the risk of catching it from someone who might be infected with covid. Covid test does not show real results in the first 4 days or so but the virus might be incubating in body over that duration. So a proper test after 4 days will show the real picture. This gives the time for the virus to go unattended and people who asymptomatic can spread it further. This is the reason, more safety measures need to be taken if you plan to travel anywhere.


maintain social distancing in coronavirus
maintain social distancing in coronavirus

Travel plans can be made but, some necessary things must be kept in mind for ensuring maximum safety from contracting Covid-19 virus.

We recommend constant hand washing and wiping down all surfaces with at least 60% alcohol.

Using disposable serving utensils.

Make sure the place your visiting to, have proper covid-19 precautions guidelines followed. Like they are serving things with gloves in hand. Have proper sanitisation done on the sitting arrangements, wearing proper mask all time.

If you are travelling, carry your own food rather than eating outside to minimise the risk.


coronavirus protection precautions
coronavirus protection precautions

We all are letting our guards down and letting the cases in the society rise to the critical levels. More cases means more resources required and this directly affect the resources required for the other medical cases who are also in need of attention. Moreover reduced medical supervision will result in more fatalities. A single doctor cannot handle too many cases and thus chances of error also increases.

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We need to take the necessary measures on the individual level to lower the surge in covid cases and enjoy the thanksgiving in a healthy atmosphere.


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