Huawei Band 2 Pro Fitness Band Reviews and Comparison

Last Updated on May 18th, 2021

Before we start to know more about “Huawei Band 2 Pro” fitness gadget, I would like you all to go through the shortest insight of its both pro’s and con’s in short. This will not only help you to choose the gadget wisely but will also help you to know the features these gadgets come along with.

PS: These reviews are not just limited to our verdict but have been collected from various sources. Feel free to chime down if you have anything additional to add on.


Extremely competitive price                                                             

Heart rate and GPS sensors

5-ATM enables swim tracking

Battery life almost 1 week

Companion app is intuitive, yet detailed


Companion app only saves data locally, not to a personal account

No music controls

fitness band by huawei band 2
fitness band by huawei band 2

What is the Huawei Band 2 Pro?

The Band 2 Pro is the chief gadget in Huawei’s present line of fitness wearables, sitting simply over the organization’s normal Band 2.

It expects to tempt purchasers from more settled fitness trackers from any similar gadgets of Garmin and Fitbit, by offering top-end, includes, generally just observed in altogether more costly wearables. Features incorporate a stellar battery life, 5ATM waterproofing, GPS, multi-don capacities and VO2 max following.

In case you’re on a financial plan, you won’t find a superior esteem fitness tracker. The fitness tracker is built in such a way that is completely different from other competition gadgets in the market. The app features are unalike others, yet it is very intuitive and classic.

kathryn budig fitness yoga trainer
kathryn budig fitness yoga trainer

While the universe of smartwatches has apparently come to halt, in terms of getting new features in the market,  until further notice,fitness trackers keep on rolling out from pretty much every producer you can consider, and even some you can’t. The scope of usefulness among these can go from pedometer to GPS-empowered exercise tracker; the Huawei Band 2 Pro is the last mentioned.

Band Pro 2 Version

Pressing a heart rate screen and GPS, with the compulsory accelerometer, the Band 2 Pro can track rest, runs, cycles, swims, and then some more additional features too. Truly, we said swimming, so 5-ATM confirmation is additionally close by. Offering for $70  which amounts to 4726.0 in INR (not as much as a large portion of the cost of a close similar Fitbit which needs GPS, or Garmin’s GPS-empowered VivoSmart HR+), by what means would anyone be able to deny such a watch at such a price? Correct? All things considered, how about we see, both its pro’s and con’s together.

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heart rate tracker fitness band
heart rate tracker fitness band

Let us stick to the unique name for a starter: The Huawei Band 2 Pro has a pecuilar name. In fact, there was no Huawei Band 1, there was only the Huawei Honor A1. Over that, the general – and less component pressed – Huawei Band 2 isn’t making the excursion to the US and UK. So, we have the Huawei Band 2 Pro.

Phew, that’s a lot to think about. But regardless of confusing naming, the Huawei Band 2 Pro is conveying a considerable measure in a reasonable fitness tracker.

Going to the box directly, let’s get the insight of the items that The Huawei Band 2 Pro provides to its clients.

In the box: Huawei Band 2 Pro

-Charging cradle(adapter) and cable

-Quick Start guide

-Safety information

-Warranty card



The Huawei Band 2 Pro doesn’t try gaining the wearable with its outlook, however it’s a remarkable takeoff from its unique more conventional timepiece style. Rather than a round face, the plan has been streamlined to coordinate the tasteful of numerous well known wearables, similar to the Fitbit Charge 2 and Fitbit Alta HR.

Wrapping around your wrist with delicate silicon bands that lock together utilizing two plastic pegs, the brains of Huawei’s Band 2 Pro fit rather easily, clad in a combo of plastic, brushed stainless steel enumerating and what gives off an impression of being bended glass on its front. The screen is slim, implying that when you’re sustained more complex data on-screen among a run like your present heart rate and which heart rate zone you’re in, it can be hard to see precisely what it’s maxim, particularly when moving.

fitness band looks and style
fitness band looks and style

The Interface and screen

The screen isn’t meant to display information, but rather provide entry to fitness tracking modes, be they running, cycling, swimming, or just taking long, mindful breaths. Below the display is a tap-sensitive area which, when tapped, cycles through these modes on-screen

To cycle between the distinctive action following elements of the wearable, you can either tap on the ‘catch’ (extremely a touch responsive segment of the screen with an artificial catch) at the base of the show or flick your wrist.

The interface is very basic and nothing worth a buzz was created out of it. Which is totally fine, because it has still helped a lot of less gadget freak to be comfortable with the app. The only problem I found with the interface is the tap-sensitive area. Though it bought less fuss while registering taps when we needed it to, we regularly discovered it enlisting taps and long presses whenever the sensor was secured.

huawei band pro 2 fitness tracker
huawei band pro 2 fitness tracker

Some Fix can Help

For example, putting a hand behind then go to unwind, we rapidly felt an agreed vibration, and it wasn’t our chi re-adjusting. Rather, the sensor touching the cushion behind us had enlisted as a long press and initiated a movement session. This was an irritating issue that lead us to, over and over, wake up from sleep, just to find that we’ve been occupied with a running session throughout the previous 45 minutes.

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Some way or another, this didn’t affect rest following, fortunately. We can’t envision that a proper capacitive touch region would have lifted the value all that altogether, particularly since even a $20 knock still puts this tracker path beneath any gadget offering GPS, and under the $100 check. In any case this adds up to a minor disturbance, as it neither hindered our following, nor did it log the sessions it coincidentally followed, since there was lacking information.

huawei band water proof fitness tracker
huawei band water proof fitness tracker


The fitness gadget “Huawei Band Pro 2” was released in its early September last year, ever since it has been a word of discussion for all.

If you are residing in the US or UK, you can easily gasp though the fitness gadget at $69.99 when reviewed and it kept on fluctuating for a while when it’s price finally dropped to a little less amount to $58.39 in some sites. Although the sale reached its notch with some holiday discounts offered around the country.

Even now you can find various prices for the same gadget in three different color all around at all colorful amounts. The fitness gadget come in most asked and demanded three colors being, red, blue and black. Though the price varies for each color accordingly.

notification from fitness band tracker
notification from fitness band tracker


Inside your stage’s appropriate app(s), you’ll have the capacity to set capacities like Huawei TruSleep, for rest following; alarm alerts, for smart wake-up times, and do not disturb. While it is pleasant to have these inside the Band 2 Pro’s interface, we would cheerfully make due with a do not disturb flip – maybe a twofold tap on the sensor – since unlocking the telephone, open the application, discover the setting, switch it on, affirm it, at that point bolt the telephone, and put it away is a couple of a greater number of ventures than we’d jump at the chance to take when we require not be disturbed.

fitness band tracker by huawei band 2
fitness band tracker by huawei band 2


Like VO2 max, heart rate readings on wrist-based wearables aren’t very amazingly precise, and genuine competitors would do well to put resources into a proper HRM tie. The Band 2 Pro’s readings weren’t uniform, which again restrains them from their handiness. The element was fine when I wasn’t working out, yet between runs it would bounce everywhere. At any one time I’d check my heart rate, look down under 30 seconds after that I see a critical 25-30BPM alert; which was quite fussy to use.

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Being reasonable for Huawei, these issues are not really a shock, and considering the Band 2 Pro’s super-moderate cost, they’re more than trivial. New runner and swimmer’s needs will even now effortlessly be met; it’s just more experienced competitors that will have difficult problems.

Claims for battery Life

The Band 2 Pro’s stellar battery life promotes reduce the mistake of its further developed highlights. Huawei cites the Band 2 Pro as offering clients a 21-day max battery life.

This figure ought to be taken with a squeeze of salt, in any case since it depends on certain lab conditions where throughout the day heart observing is killed and you don’t utilize the GPS. Yet, even because of this, I was as yet awed with the Band 2 Pro’s stamina. Completing a 5km run each other day with notices turned on, the Band 2 Pro reliably figured out how to last an entire week before requiring a best up charge.

huawei band pro 2 fitness review
huawei band pro 2 fitness review

Overall, I can say that, with the price that this fitness gadget has bumped into the market, is all worth a try. Specially it is proved to be a handy yet flexible for beginners.

With the all the functionality and amazing battery life, I guess one would have not asked for more. Though the software and interface are a bit clunky, but the amazing GPS tracker and VO2 max has always elated the level from other fitness trackers.


The article contained points from all the directions. If in case we missed any subtle point or you experienced anything new, tell us!  We are eagerly waiting to hear from you.

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