The Wolverine : Hugh Jackman Workout Routine and Diet plan

Last Updated on December 18th, 2020

Hugh Jackman – The Boy from OZ, the versatile and handsome actor whom we all know as the Wolverine. He is the son of Grace McNeil and Christopher John Jackman. He is an Australian singer, actor and producer. Born on 12th October, 1968 in Sydney, New South Wales, in his childhood, Hugh Jackman liked to spend most of his time at beaches and he had a fantasy of being a chef on a plane as he used to think that since food is served on aeroplanes there must be a chef on the planes too. He has a fascination for outdoor games. He loves to play rugby, football and cricket in his free time. This article will give you an insight of Hugh Jackman workout routine.


huge jackman fitness and body building pics and handsome looks
Hugh Jackman fitness and body building pics and handsome looks


Acting was always his hobby but he never thought he could make money out of it until he completed the one-year course “The Journey” at the Actors Centre in Sydney. After this course, he was offered a role in popular soap opera “Neighbours” but he turned it down. After that, he got his first breakthrough role was as “Wolverine” in X-men in 2000. All his roles involves physical fitness and you definitely need to know what exactly he does. Keep reading to know details of Hugh Jackman workout and fitness routine. But first see what are his body measurements.



Muscular Body Vital stats of Hugh Jackman

Height: – 6 feet 2 inches or 188 cm

Weight: – 82 Kg or 181 pounds

Chest: – 43 inches or 109 cm

Biceps: – 16 inches or 41 cm

Waist: – 32 inches or 81 cm

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Along with “Wolverine” we could have also known Hugh Jackman as “James Bond” as he was approached by the producers of James Bond before they went with Daniel Craig. Hugh Jackman surprisingly passed on this role because he was preparing for Wolverine.  


He continued to play in X-men series and Wolverine series and those were among the blockbuster Hollywood movies.


His other notable super hit assignments were The Real Steel, Prestige (2006) and Scoop (2006). His most awaited movie is “The greatest Showman” which will be released in 2017.

He was awarded the sexiest man alive by people’s magazine in 2008. In January 2013, he received the Golden Globe Award (best actor in music or comedy) for his Les Miserable performance.


amazing body transformation of hugh jackman
amazing body transformation of hugh jackman

Hugh Jackman’s transformation from his film X-men (2000) to wolverine (2013) was remarkable and this success was possible due to his hard work and determination.  Hugh Jackman was passionate enough to stay fit. His role in Wolverine expected a lot from him in terms of physique, strength and fitness and he was successful in fulfilling these expectations.  The most difficult part was to maintain both shooting and workout schedules. He would hardly get any time to sleep, so he had to reach gym by 4 AM to manage his tight schedule throughout the day. You must be excited to know about Hugh Jackman workout, so lets talk about it.


hugh jackman fitness and body building tips
Hugh Jackman fitness and body building tips


Hugh Jackman Workout Routine

Day 1 – Chest, Shoulder, triceps – bench press, dumbbell shoulder press, behind the neck press, Cuban press, triceps dip, shoulder circuit

Day 2 – Legs, abs – back squat, front squat, single leg press, standing calf raise, AB-wheel rollout press

weight training of huge jackman body building
weight training of huge jackman body building

Day 3 – Back, biceps – weighted pull up, inverted row, incline dumbbell curl, bicep circuit.

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Day 4 – chest, triceps – incline dumbbell, multi angle incline dumbbell press, cable fly.

Close grip bench press and triceps circuit.

Day 5 – back, abs – deadlift, Romanian deadlift, zercher squat, weighted inclined sit up, barbell land mine.

Along with proper workout, diet plan is also very important to get better result. Hugh Jackman once said “I eat more, but I eat a lot stricter”. He believes that 70% of your fitness or physique is  by your diet plan and what you eat and that is why diet is the biggest change that happens to you when you start making a fitness routine.  


Diet plan followed by Huge Jackman

Meal 1 – Chopped ham, egg, oatmeal

Meal 2 – ground turkey

Vegetables that he prefers to eat are broccoli, tomatoes.

Meal 3 – walnuts

Meal 4 – spinach, brown rice.

He also includes chicken in his 4th meal.

Meal 5 – tuna, walnuts


Creatine (bulking), animal nitro BCAAs pre and post workout, universal L- carnitine (lean)


gym workout of hugh jackman
gym workout of Hugh Jackman


According to Hugh Jackman,” Maintaining fitness and going through rigorous workout schedule is really tough but once you get into this it is fun”. He always gave importance to basic workout – weights and cardio, bench press, lunges, squats and leg presses.


Deadlift is his favourite exercise. Jackman once said, “I would prefer changing my workout after every 3 weeks, three weeks of heavy weight lifting workout with lots of rest between sets and then after that change it to lighter weight, slower reps, then mix in, always keep on changing the workout according to interest and need”.


the ultimate hugh jackman pics
the ultimate Hugh Jackman pics

He is primarily an actor and his physique is solely a by-product of his quest to make his roles more realistic. Although he was suffering from skin cancer at that time, he never backed down from staying fit.

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As he was going through different phases of transformation he had to keep suits for fat body, skinny body and normal body and when he came up with this amazing physique of wolverine he mockingly said he doesn’t have any suits for this physique.


amazing body workout hugh jackman
amazing body workout Hugh Jackman


Along with workout, he practices transcendental meditation since the age of twenty because meditation helped him to stay happy, calm and composed.

Hugh Jackman said in an interview, “Everybody has a dream and you may think you want more than anyone else but you don’t. Everybody wants what they want badly. The difference is who is prepared to put in hard work to get it. That’s why hard work is the thing you must do”.


Hope you liked this article about Hugh Jackman workout routine. Let us know if you want us to write about a specific celebrity.


Stay Healthy! Stay Fit!

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