How Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Can be Beneficial for Health

Last Updated on December 18th, 2020

Being a true soccer enthusiast and an ardent fan of Lionel Messi I follow his game and his life closely. I must confess I am truly amazed by this living legend not only for his precision on the football field but also for the fact that he defied all the hardships in life to achieve this place of being one of the greatest footballers in the history of the sport.

Very few of us know that the great Messi has struggled with growth hormone deficiency in his childhood and was under treatment for Human growth Hormone. It was the first time when this hormone actually caught my attention as I slept throughout my biology classes.

So my interest in sports compelled me to show some more interest in biology and read further about Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Really I am truly amazed by the benefits it has on our body.


workout to gain weight faster
workout to gain weight faster

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) – Know More about it

Human growth Hormone is naturally produced in the pituitary gland (the master gland) of our body. As the name suggests this hormone stimulates growth in children and adolescents. It is also responsible for growth and maintenance of healthy tissues in various vital organs of the human body and plays an important role in cell regeneration as well.

Pituitary gland puts out HGH in bursts. It then gets secreted into the blood stream and remains active for just a few minutes. In this short duration, liver converts it into various growth factors such as Insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) which boasts a host of anabolic properties.

Scientists developed the first synthetic Human Growth Hormone (also known as Recombinant HGH) in 1985. It is used to treat unknown cause of short stature and poor growth in children. In adults HGH injections are used to treat certain medical conditions like short bowel syndrome, muscle wasting disease associated with AIDS/ HIV and HGH deficiency due to tumour in pituitary gland. But as scientists are exploring many other benefits of this hormone; here I enlist a few of them or bring you the best HGH market overview.

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benefits and effects of HGH
benefits and effects of HGH



Correct to its name this hormone is used to treat growth and development issues in humans. It is often used to increase height of children who struggle with short stature due to HGH deficiency, Turner syndrome, chronic renal insufficiency (CRI) and intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR). In most of the cases the therapeutic use of HGH has benefited such children with comparatively increased heights. However it is recommended that this hormone therapy should be used only on children. Moreover, the amount and frequency of the Recombinant HGH should be individualized and properly administered.


human growth hormone benefits and effects
human growth hormone benefits and effects

This benefit of HGH makes it popular amongst the sportspersons and athletes. The Human Growth Hormone is known to enhance the physical capacity of individuals by increasing the muscle strength and improving their performance during sports and fitness training. It certainly doesn’t increase your skills but it provides you energy endurance to work harder & longer. It also facilitates faster recovery from injuries.



The immune system of our body becomes weak with aging, consequently making us vulnerable to various autoimmune and infectious diseases. There is a vital immune organ in human body called thymus, which tends to shrink as we age. Growth Hormone supplements have the ability to improve the size as well as function of this organ and thus help in restoring and rejuvenating our weakened immune system.

Research has also established that HGH can have positive influence on the production of T cells, bone marrow stem cells as well as on the manufacture of antibodies, within the human body. That is why Food & Drug Administration highly recommends HGH therapy for the patients of HIV/AIDS.

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If teamed with a healthy diet and good exercise regime, HGH can also assist in losing weight. It actually speeds up body’s metabolism, so you end up losing calories fast. Moreover it breaks down the fatty acids and converts them into energy, thereby providing you energy endurance and disposing off the stubborn FAT. It is for this reason HGH is often taken by body builders during the off-season so that they can restrict their weight gain.


simple ways to gain weight for women
simple ways to gain weight for women

Bone density is important for your overall health. Many elderly people suffer with low bone density in the later years of their life. Long term administration of Human Growth Hormone can enhance bone regeneration in both men and women suffering with osteoporosis. It also ensures better healing of fractures.


HGH optimizes the pumping action of the heart which in turn enhances the function of sexual organs in the human body. Also it increases the sensitivity of your nerves by influencing the nervous system, and thus boosts up the pleasure associated with sexual activities. It increase your sexual stamina and energy levels.


healthy sex tips to follow for beginners
healthy sex tips to follow for beginners



Human Growth Hormone not only reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, but it also helps to make life better for those who are already struggling with it. It reduces the bad cholesterol and increases the good cholesterol in our body. It also ensures healthy and strong cardiac cells. It was observed that HGH supplement helps in reducing the workload on cardiac muscles and improving the overall cardiovascular health.

can HGH do anti-aging benefits
can HGH do anti-aging benefits



Restoring Human Growth Hormone levels in your body can help you defy age. It makes you feel and look younger. It helps to keep you slim, toned and energetic. Better HGH levels also improves your vision and appearance of your skin. It even treats baldness and promotes the growth of thicker and healthier hair.

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Another benefit of this wonderful hormone is that, it helps in controlling and stabilizing emotions. It facilitates you with more relaxed sleep, and keeps you fresh and active. It also fights insomnia, fatigue and mood swings.


For all these benefits, many people consider taking Human Growth Hormone supplements. However one should not confuse HGH supplements with HGH injections. While HGH supplements are made up of natural substances and come with minimal risk, HGH injections can cause serious side effects and can be availed only on doctor’s prescription. You may also uplift the levels of growth hormone in your body with good nutrition, proper sleep, a healthy lifestyle and more laughter, and certainly that’s the best way forward J

Happy living..!!

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