Glamourous Ileana D’Cruz Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Last Updated on September 30th, 2020

With her smashing debut in Bollywood hit Barfi, Ileana D’Cruz became the sensational head-turner of Bollywood. Her lustrous hair, flawless skin, elegant curves and svelte figure soon made her eye-candy of all. This Article will help you to follow Ileana D’Cruz workout routine and her diet plan.

Born on 1 November, 1986 to a Goan Catholic family, Ileana began her career with Tamil, Telugu and Kannada films. With her exceptional performances in commercial hits such as Devadasu, Main Tera Hero, Rustom, Happy Ending and Barfi, she went on to become Bollywood sensation in no time and became a part of forthcoming super hits of Bollywood.

illeana D'crus workout plan and fitness tips
illeana D’crus workout plan and fitness tips

Hectic demanding work schedules of Ileana made her suffer from problems such as: dehydration, dark spots, skin dullness, dark circles and hyper pigmentation. She was worried about how long hours of work and exposure were taking toll on her naturally beautiful and flawless skin.

But Ileana fought these problems by eating healthy food, doing the right exercises, drinking lots of water and following simple beauty routine. As Pond’s White Beauty brand ambassador, she says that her day is incomplete without Ponds White Beauty Daily Anti-spot Cream which ensures that her skin glows all day. Let us now talk about Ileana D’Cruz workout.


Ileana d'cruz best figure and sexy body pics
Ileana d’cruz best figure and sexy body pics


Ileana’s curvacious hot body figures are:

  • Height: 5’5’’ feet inches
  • Weight: 54 kg
  • Bust: 32 inches
  • Waist: 24 inches
  • Hip: 35 inches


Illeana is not among’st those with fixed gym routine, rather she is somebody who relies more on natural ways of maintaining health and fitness.

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The naturally beautiful actress maintains her skin health by following simple techniques such as taking off makeup before going to bed, using moisturizers to keep the skin rejuvenated, oiling and massaging her hair before shampooing and so on.


illeana d'crus sexy figure
illeana d’crus sexy figure


She lays emphasis on cleaning her face at regular intervals in a day and using soft tissues to wipe instead of towels to prevent essential oils being stripped off from the face.

Ileana believes that natural radiance off skin can be maintained only by using good moisturizers.

She herself uses the one with Pro-Vitamin B3 that helps her prevent dark circles and spots as well.

Also, she applies tinted BB cream to give her instant glow much required for paparazzi!

Keeping herself hydrated by drinking lots of water does wonders to her skin and health.


illeana awesome figure and style
illeana awesome figure and style


The gorgeous actress does not believe in crash dieting but follow a healthy eating routine to maintain her perfectly toned body.

She enjoys eating rasgullas, rasmalai and other assorted sweets but then she takes care to not over eat them.

She keeps herself away from heavy junk foods such as burgers and pizzas.

Ileana intakes coconut water between her meals which also gives her medicinal benefits.

She prefers eating four to five small meals in a day rather than two to three heavy meals.

According to her, this keeps her metabolism perfectly fine.


Ileana makes efforts to eat high protein food and prefers eating fruits at regular intervals to keep herself fresh and rejuvenated the entire day.

She keeps herself away from milk. Foods that contain Vitamin E work well for her hair and skin. She likes to cook and bake food for herself.

illeana d'crus fat to fit sexy figure
illeana d’crus fat to fit sexy figure


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Ileana D’Cruz diet plan:

Breakfast: heavy breakfast that includes eggs, wheat bread, coffee

Lunch: chicken or fish, vegetables mostly green, daal, chapatis, rice

Evening: Tea, Biscuits

Dinner: Chapatis, Vegetable, Daal


Ileana D’Cruz Workout plan:

Illeana is not amongst those with fixed gym routine, rather she is somebody who relies more on natural ways of maintaining health and fitness. To maintain her fitness, Ileana lays emphasis on doing lots of pilates. She also has passion for swimming and goes for it twice in a week.

yoga by illeana dcrus best fitness mantra
yoga by illeana dcrus best fitness mantra

She does not like to complicate her exercise routine, so she does various physical activities and pursue her interests that help her complete her exercises. She enjoys running by the beach, skipping in the balcony and dancing that not only helps her maintain her physical fitness but also helps her to relieve her stress. To maintain calm and coolness in her life, she prefers doing Yoga, especially Pranayam and other breathing-related exercises.

Ileana D'Cruz workout and fitness mantra yoga practice
Ileana D’Cruz workout and fitness mantra yoga practice

Ileana D’Cruz workout routine includes forty minutes of walking every night. For an accelerated burning of calories, she slow jogs between sprints.

gym workout by illeana d'crus
gym workout by illeana d’crus

She also manages to do 100 laps alternating between breast, back and butterfly strokes. This help stone her thighs, arms and shoulders simultaneously.

She maintains a four kilometer run every day that not only is part of her exercise routine but also an essential technique to burst stress.

According to her, running is an underestimated method to be fit for many people, but it works really well for her.

Ileana has suffered from knee injury early in her life, hence, she does not perform exercises that stress her knee.

Bollywood’s sensational fitness freak Ileana feels that good hair and skin helps raise her confidence.

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Naturally blessed with these, Ileana keeps it simple when it comes to style. She prefers conformal clothes unlike many of her peers and prefers wearing comfortable styles.

Ileana is strongly against body shaming and advises all to have a correct notion of fitness. She advises all to maintain a work life balance since that is the only way to lead a happy life.


Hope you liked this article about Ileana D’Cruz workout routine and diet plan.


Stay Healthy! Stay Fit!


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