Importance of Substitute Medicine; Best Solution for Costly Medicines

Last Updated on December 18th, 2020

Are you buying a medicine that is too costly and don’t know a better solution? Or do  you feel that the medicine prescribed by the doctor is not easily available in the market?

Many times a chemist suggests a substitute medicine to you when the prescribed medicine is not available and we hesitate to take that just because we think it is not going to treat the disease  in the same way as the  prescribed one would. But that may not be true always. It may be true in some cases but that may differ based on the constituents used in medicine. In medical terms, we call them salts used in medicine that defines the usage of that particular capsule or dose.

To understand what substitute medicine means and why you can rely on them, let’s take an example of a simple situation such as headache. When we have a headache, we usually go for crocin pain relief. But when we do not find it, we go for saridon or disprin. Why do we easily go for a substitute? The common salt used in all these tablets for a headache is “Paracetamol” which is common in all pain killers.

Most of the time we get caught up by the market name of the brand that produces that medicine and think the bigger the name, better  the effect. But it is not the case. In fact, all medicines with same salts have the same function. The slight difference in the medicine may come with the certain addition/ subtraction of additional salts added to it To resolve the issue of making the correct decision of buying substitute medicine, we have a very good idea. Go to 1MG. Yes, it is an online medical store that gives you an option to look for a substitute medicine that is cheaper and has the exact same salt as the one prescribed. It is very easy in fact to search for substitute medicine.

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Just go to and then type the name of the medicine you are prescribed. It will direct you to the page of medicine. Below that page you will get lots of good options for substitute medicines that are available at a reasonably low price. Not only this, you get the complete knowledge about that medicine on 1mg.

Check this below snapshot that shows the substitutes for crocin and salt used in this.

1mg alternative medicine snapshot
1mg alternative medicine snapshot


Now, you might be having a doubt in your mind if the given medicine is the correct substitute or not. Should we be taking the risk of choosing a substitute medicine when we don’t know anything about its composition. To handle this situation, you can simply make a note of the substitute medicine and consult your doctor to be double sure that you are taking the correct medicine. This will answer all your queries/apprehensions about that medicine from your mind and you can confidently go for it.


May be this Video might help you understand this even better.


There  is no harm to go for a substitute medicine when the medicine name written on the paper is not available in the chemist shop. The chemist will offer you a substitute that we usually avoid taking up. Sometimes it becomes really hard to find an exact same medicine at any chemist shop and thus we end up with nothing.

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Substitute Medicine are nothing but just the change in the name of the medicine. What makes the medicine is the chemical salts used in it. This defines the usage of medicine. The amount of salts being used defines the dosage of that medicine. Doctors prescribe you the medicine based on the salts used and not on the name. A doctor asks you to have a certain medicine which he is familiar with may be just because that medicine firm approached him or because he studied about that medicine.


1mg online medical store , alternative medicines
1mg online medical store , alternative medicines


Health is a major concern for every individual and not only people in metro cities or tier 1 cities struggle to stay healthy but other people who do not have access to good medical facilities face issues every then and now. Sometimes the medicine shops do not have the essential medicines in their stock Here is when online pharmacy may come in picture. You can now purchase the medicine online without any hiccups and pay on delivery.


You can also find the substitute medicines online and also book it online. Purchasing medicine online is much simpler compared to buying it from a chemist shop.

Few Advantages of Buying Medicines Online are:- 

    You don’t have to wait in line in a chemist shop.

    Can get good discount on the medicines.

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    You just have to share the prescription online and they will send the medicine at your doorstep

    Can look for the substitute of the medicine as well.

You can easily find the substitute medicine online. For example, go to website and select the substitute and then the medical attention you need. You will get a list of the substitutes medicine that will help you recover.

Discover substitute medicine and Save over 80% on medicine bills. You can easily avail this offer on 1mg which is India’s Largest health platform specialized in online medicine booking and purchasing.

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