Incontinence obstructing your active life – Adult Diapers is the solution

Last Updated on September 30th, 2020

There you are with a whole day or week or month or year planned. You have a busy schedule throughout. In spite of having huge willingness to stick to your schedule something is stopping you from doing so. You are a party person and parties are a major part of your life, but you can’t party any more as something is stopping you. You are very social person and love to meet people.

One day alone can kill you but you have started avoiding people now. Why is that happening to you? What is stopping you? Is that the fear of involuntary & untimely leakage and the embarrassment caused due to it? If incontinence is your problem and is hampering your daily life, then it’s time to get rid of it. Rather than changing your life, change your life style. Be what you are and live your normal life by using the adult diapers.

If you often feel sudden & uncontrollable urge to pee, then it’s a sure shot case of incontinence. Many times the person can’t even hold it enough to reach the nearby toilet and falls victim of an embarrassing moment. There are many reasons for this kind of medical condition. Many such reasons can be avoided by taking precautionary measures while the others are unavoidable. This problem is generally found in women and old age people. Though youngsters and men can also face this issue.

Many people are suffering from the problem of incontinence throughout the world. But very few of them are aware of the ways to deal with it. Some of them are into initial stage of it while some have reached to the level where surgery is the only option left. If this problem is not taken seriously, it can be a major cause of discomfort and can affect your daily activities badly. Simple and small changes in daily life and certain medications can provide great relief to most of the victims.

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Usage of adult diapers allows you the freedom to roam around without any hesitation or concern. It certainly is very difficult for a person suffering from incontinence to give public appearances or to interact with people. Patient prefers to isolate oneself from others, which is definitely not good for his/her social health. One can use adult diapers to avoid such problems.  Many people feel humiliated in using these diapers. There is nothing to be ashamed of about using adult diapers. As a matter of fact, even the astronauts also use adult diapers to urinate (while in space).

lifree for adult diapers and urinal problems
lifree for adult diapers and urinal problems

These diapers are found in various variants and are sold by various brands. Lifree provides with two such variants: pants type and stopper tape type. Pants type diaper allows the patient to use the toilet independently while the patient may need assistance in using toilet if he/she has stopper tape type diaper. As is clear from this, Pant style diapers are much more preferable. These have good absorbency and come with adjustable elastic waist band, hence is easy to wear and can we wore by a person of any size and shape. The material is soft and comfortable.

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Anyone using adult diaper should also be aware of personal hygiene. The diapers should be properly disposed off. Apart from that, proper cleaning and drying of intimate area is also must. Any carelessness with that can result into infection and hence can enhance the problem further. Also, the diapers need to be changed with proper intervals as per individual requirement. The patient should learn to use these diapers properly in order to avoid any malfunction. Watch this video to learn how to use the adult diapers.


One should always remember that adult diapers can only help you with the symptoms and not the cause of the problem. In order to get cured, one needs to follow a healthy life style along with doctor’s prescription. Exercising as recommended on daily basis and taking the medicines regularly can help up to a great extent. One should try these simple things first before taking a major decision on surgery. If these things do not work, then only one should opt for surgery.

People with highly active lifestyle may need to change the diapers frequently and hence may need to carry extras with them wherever they go. The good news is that, these are easy to carry and change. Keep a bag with you in big enough to put enough stock of diapers. Diapers with high absorbency should be preferred to lessen the frequency of changing. Lifree diapers are totally apt for this purpose. Whether you are going to office or to a party or to meet someone or you may be travelling. No need to avoid any of these, instead avoid the embarrassment. Just use the adult diapers and save yourself from the awkwardness.

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