Food Items That Help Increase Chances of Conceiving or Conception

Last Updated on December 22nd, 2020

If you and your partner have finally decided to start a family or if you have tried conceiving a number of times, but didn’t got results, then this post is just for you. Starting or expanding family is a big decision, it is not just about doing the usual bedroom activity (surprised?), it takes much more than that. A survey has shown that modern lifestyle has brought the chances of conception down to just 67% and this too in the case if both partners are 35 or under. Infertility or low fertility in women is very common because of high complexity of their reproductive system.

There could be several reasons responsible for it starting from problems with ovulation, blocked fallopian tubes, physical problems with the uterus, or uterine fibroids. But, you need not worry, these are curable and for that you need not essentially visit a doctor and get consultation, there are food items which you eat in routine, can help you overcome the problem. And also if you are going to try conception for the first time and you are not sure about your fertility then make sure you get a good preconception diet which can help you overcome the deficiency (if any), fight problems (if any) and increases your chances of conceiving.

want to conceive
want to conceive

There are certain nutrients, which are essential to maintain fertility and help ovulation take place properly. Your preconception diet must contain zinc – promotes ovulation, folic acid – improves fertility, vitamin C – fights obstructions, magnesium – healthy egg production, calcium – improves fertility and high quality proteins – helps mating. Various studies conducted on couples looking for a baby suggested that these nutrients are vital in increasing chances of conception as well as it was found that all these nutrients also help fight infertility. So, based upon such studies, I have prepared a list of food items, which you should start eating from today itself and continue for at least two weeks to one month.

Or in other words you can also say the following food items must be taken for one month before the big night.

List of Food Items that helps increase chances of conceiving or conception.

  1. Oats:

Oats are exceptionally rich in zinc, which makes them one of the most popular ingredient in preconception diet. Actually out of all the unsuccessful cases of conception, 14% are due to the shortage of zinc. Deficiency of zinc slows down the production of good quality of eggs, which is the root cause of not conceiving even after getting a healthier sperm in contact. Not just this, shortage of zinc has also been linked to cause disruption in menstrual cycle, which is again not good for conceiving. But, oats being one of the best sources of zinc can help restore the storage of zinc and can help boost the fertility and increase your chances of conception. You can have a bowl of oats in breakfast, lunch or dinner whenever you like, just make sure you have it on daily basis.

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benefits of Oats for breakfast
benefits of Oats for breakfast


  1. Spinach:

The Popeye’s favorite green veggie spinach is one of the most nutritious food. It contains all the vital nutrients that help conception and fights infertility like folic acid, zinc, iron and other phytonutrients which have their own way to tackle the problems coming in the way of conception by fighting free radicals that obstruct the process of ovulation. Apart from above mentioned nutrients, spinach is best because it is one of the best source of magnesium, which is known to protect DNA and help production of protein. You can have raw or steamed spinach in the form of salad or you can add it to soups or you can also prepare smoothie with spinach. Sometimes you have to look beyond just taste for the priceless benefit it can give you in return.

Why you should not hate eating spinach
Why you should not hate eating spinach
  1. Yams or Sweet Potatoes:

Yams can do wonders when it comes to problem in conceiving. A number of studies have found that yams can increase fertility to such an extent that people who eat yams have 75% more chances of conceiving twins. This is the reason why yams were named as ovulation stimulating food in ancient times, and are yet one of the most effective remedy of infertility or low fertility in women. Sweet potatoes are rich in all the nutrients required to boost fertility, like B vitamins, calcium, iron, manganese and zinc, hence they deserve a place in your daily diet from today onwards. You can have them at any point of time throughout the day because along with fertility they are also responsible for maintaining menstrual cycle.


  1. Broccoli:

If you have tried earlier also and have failed to conceive, then give broccoli a chance to help you get the happiness of your life. Broccoli is the most famous vegetable around the world to cure infertility in females and is probably the best option from whole list. Being one of the richest source of vitamin C, vitamin B, folate and zinc, there are no wonders why it is known as natural fertility booster. It has been found that eating broccoli can cure almost 75% of the total number of problems that may obstruct the process of conception in females. Hence, make sure you have a fair quantity of broccoli in your diet on daily basis for a month. It will definitely help you get what you desire the most.

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want to get pregnant
want to get pregnant
  1. Avocados:

The “Superfruit” avocado has arrived yet again to rescue you from all your problems. Avocado, being one of the richest source of folate is a great option to increase your fertility without much of a hassle as they are easily available in market and you need not do any extra effort to eat them as they are tasty enough to be eaten easily on regular basis and knowing that they could help you get out of this situation I would suggest you to make avocado you best friend. If you would have ever consult a doctor for fertility then you might have seen him prescribing to B vitamin pills. The same benefit you can get by eating avocados. Plus, avocados also helps regulate hormones, something that is vital for women during this period of time.

Eat Avocados for better Health
Eat Avocados for better Health


  1. Orange:

Oranges are not just for getting a healthy skin, they could be your partner in giving you the much desired happiness of having baby. There are certain cases where infertility is due to low progesterone, the case that arises due to the deficiency of vitamin C, and orange being one of the richest source of vitamin C can easily replenish the deficiency and restore the required quantity of vitamin C. Furthermore, it also has the ability to fight the free radicals that many of the times hinders in the process of ovulation. Plus, oranges are known to relax ovaries and prepare them for the process of ovulation. All these reasons make orange a must food for you. You can alternatively have a glass of orange juice if you don’t like eating orange.

health benefits of orange
health benefits of orange
  1. Brussels Sprouts:

Brussels sprouts may not be your favorite choice as a food (general opinion), but these sprouts are the ones that could prove to be a savior in this situation. They are packed with all the essential fertility boosting nutrients. These are famous for stimulating fertility because of their ability to help women absorb balanced levels of oestrogen and help the body get rid of excess hormones which could steady the ability of eggs to carry out the process of mating, in short you can say good quality of eggs are produced. The better would be the quality of eggs, the more gets the chances of conceiving. You can eat a small bowl of Brussels sprouts at any point of time or a healthy alternative to evening snacks. Make sure you don’t miss eating these sprouts because of taste. After all todays pain is tomorrows gain.

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  1. Milk & its products:

Milk and its products are so magical that these are known to replenish any kind of deficiency in any part of the body. And apart from carrying other nutrients, these are specially rich in calcium. And the situation you are in might be because of deficiency of calcium in your body, as calcium is responsible for blood vessels to carry blood and oxygen to several parts, in absence of which your ovary may delay or even stop ovulation process. Studies recommend that those women who have milk on regular basis have 67% more chances of conceiving and recommend low-fat milk products. But, modern studies have also shown that full-fat milk could also boost fertility in women, just the upper limit is it may also induce obesity which may cut fertility rate. You may also include yogurt or cheese in your diet if you are not a fan of milk.

increase chances of conception
increase chances of conception

These eight are the best known food products that definitely stimulate the chances of conceiving and fight infertility in females. These eight are not just it, you may find many other food products good for fertility, but these eight have upper hand over all the others.

Do ask your queries, our team is here to help you out. And don’t forget to share it with your loved ones.


Eat Healthy…!! Stay Healthy…!!

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