How to Increase Weight or Gain Weight and Body Mass

Last Updated on December 21st, 2020

Are you also lean and thin? You want to gain weight but you are vegetarian? If such problems are stopping you from weight gain then do not worry. In fact, people who are initially low weight and thin, if start to gain weight, increase body mass, then they tend to look more handsome and muscular compared to already fat ones. Did this gave you any motivation?

If yes then let’s talk about the various simple and effective tips and methods that you can follow to increase weight.

simple ways to gain weight easily
simple ways to gain weight easily

Don’t get frustrated when people make fun of your body structure. Instead take that as a challenge in your life and show them that, yes you are better looking, by working out on your body with these simple exercises.

Gaining weight is not easy and only those who have to struggle to gain weight can actually understand this. Rest of the people think that gaining weight is much simple and easy compared to losing weight. According to many people, to gain weight, you just have to eat a lot which is a very wrong assumption and theory. Eating lot does not make you heavy or helps to gain body mass or increase weight. Eating more than required actually turns out bad for your body since your body won’t be able to digest so much and that food would actually come out as poo the next hour.


How To Eat To Gain Weight?

1)  People who are thin and low weight, actually have a wrong eating habit. They eat very fast and thus tends to eat food which is not properly chewed. Always chew your food slowly and completely so that it gets absorbed in your body properly.

2)  They should drink lots of water every single day. Body tends to absorb water from your skin to avoid stage of dehydration and thus you look thin and weak. So always have lots of water every day.

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how to increase weight , simple tips and remedies
how to increase weight , simple tips and remedies

3)  Never have water before and after food for at least 30 minutes. This is important because, when you have water just before food, your tummy gets filled with water and there is not much space for food left. So you eat less than what is required. This is one major reason why you start feeling hungry at very short interval. Thus you feel that even after eating so much you stay low on weight.

4)  Eat at correct time. Eating lunch too late or having dinner too late can really affect your health. Find out here how it can cause health issues and why is it necessary to have food at right time only.

Best Time to have Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Snacks & Dinner)


Now the Question is What to Eat For Weight Gain?

It is a very common question for all the people who wants to either increase weight or lose weight. So we will tell you here what to eat if you want to have weight gain.

1)  Always have a heavy breakfast, moderate lunch and light dinner. This applies to all the people. But those who want to gain weight should eat breakfast only after a workout session. Having a pre-workout session of 30 minutes or 1 hour helps your body eat lots of carbohydrates, proteins and digest the same properly. With workout, you improve the digestion system of your body and most importantly you boost up your body to create more muscles and mass.

weight gain diet tips and diet plan
weight gain diet tips and diet plan

2)  Have lots of Milk products in your Breakfast. Milk and Fruits are really essential for your body. Along with milk have oats, corn made products like corn flakes, boiled eggs if you can and as much as you can, peanut butter with bread, Banana shake or chiku (sapota) shakes. You can choose among these foods and create your own diet plan accordingly for the morning breakfast. Include paneer products and eggs dishes if possible along with these mentioned above.

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3)  Now before going for lunch, have a small snack at least 2 hours before lunch and 2 hours after breakfast.

4)  Snacks can be anything that is healthy and home-made. Do not go for packed food. Eating rice or may be having fruits can help.

5)  Have a moderate lunch. Eat lots of rice and curd for lunch. You can also have roti and vegetables like potato, green vegetables.

drinking fresh orange juice for great health
drinking fresh orange juice for great health

6)  Have some evening cut fruits or fruit juice or milk shake. Avoid fast food and oily food because since you are in process of weight gaining and gym workout, eating such food will result in bigger belly than biceps.

7)  Have a light dinner. Eat couple of roti and curry or dal along with green salad.


Everything is not about eating well, you have to make sure you go to gym and workout better. If not gym, then at least do some workout at home. Simple body workout can also make a huge difference.

workout to gain weight faster
workout to gain weight faster

How to Workout in Gym To Increase Weight?

If you are going to gym in the morning then make sure you get freshen up properly. If you have a clean stomach, you will perform better in gym.

Most important point to remember– “Do not go for workout empty stomach”. Always have 2 to 3 bananas and some sprouts before going to gym. Improve your stamina when doing workout

Go for Intensive workouts and heavy weight workouts. This will help you boost up your muscles and gain weight faster.

Increase your workout slowly and steadily. Do not start with bigger weights on the first day of your gym. Follow your trainer’s instructions always. Any unwanted injury can lead to further delay in your weight gain process.

simple ways to gain weight for women
simple ways to gain weight for women


Concluding Thoughts

Give time to your body to adjust and respond to your daily efforts. Since you are trying to change the structure of your body which is the result of the last 20 years, it will take some time. It takes time to actually become visible that your body has started gaining weight. Having patience and having the same level of motivation is really important.

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With this you can gain almost 4 Kgs in the first 2 months and then it may slow down a bit. But do not stop at that point of time. Keep trying and I assure you that in next 6 months you will see a DIFFERENT YOU.

Keep that fire to increase weight burning in your heart and you will definitely achieve that.

You can surely visit our Celebrity Fitness section for free and learn how they transformed from thin body to fit and muscular body.


We hope these tips helped you a lot. If yes, do not forget to share it with your friends. If you have any questions or doubts, you can always ask us in the below comment section and we will come back with the answer for you.

Stay Healthy Stay Fit

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