Most Inspirational Quotes that Gives Fitness Motivation

Last Updated on June 6th, 2020

“Motivation is not in words but in the meaning of words spoken”

Motivation is just an imaginary fuel that will help you in the journey you choose, but the efforts you make are the real source of power that will push you through the road that leads to success.


To help you with all the energy and words of motivation, we have tried to share some quotes.

Some Ways and “Fitness Motivation” to Help you Achieve your Goal

you are stronger than you think
you are stronger than you think

Are you one of those who read about all fitness and health stuff but are not able to implement that in your routine or timetable? This is a very poor excuse of lack of determination. If you really want to do it, You will make up your mind at any cost. That is what we humans do. We do things best when under pressure. Now imagine your life depends on it. This way you will force yourself every damn day to wake up early and do some workout.

When you know you have to do this at any cost, there will be no excuses. This is what it takes to be successful. Limitless determination and motivation to reach to your goal.

People who have excuses are the ones who don’t have the power to achieve anything. We can share all the fitness motivation with you, but at the end you have to be the one to stand for yourself.

So, either you can have lots excuses, or you can have lots of power. Choice is always yours and no one can make that for you.

People can influence you but decision comes from your understanding and knowledge.


So, What is Required?

Set your Goal.

Know what you want and then take the first steps. The first step is the most tough one. Once you have taken those first steps, it becomes a normal routine and then you don’t have any room for excuses.

If you are thinking fitness motivation is the first step, then you are absolutely wrong. Fitness motivation is something you will need at every point. Your first task is to set a goal. Not just any goal, but a realistic goal. Now no one here is telling you that you cannot achieve anything you dream of . But you should always know which goals are meant for you. There are some things which are completely out of one’s league.

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be stronger than your excuse
be stronger than your excuse

Once you set the Goal and start working towards it, you may start to feel some positive effects in the starting or you may not. In either case don’t get too excited or too depressed.

Remain calm and compose. The Tough tides are yet to come, and you need to fight those later. Keep doing the best you can do for as long as you can do. If you are getting good response in the starting phase, you need to keep the energy high to not let the progress happiness slow you down.

If you are not getting good positive response in the starting, you need to push harder but don’t give up.

Giving up is easy and it is for cowards. Failures teaches us all and those who learn and start again from failure are the ones who achieve the ultimate goal. You should know that if the starting is slow and tough, that means you are going to have a smooth sail later. Tides are high now, but will be in your favor soon.

Working out for a healthy body is not a simple task. All forms of fitness routine, it can be yoga, workout, meditation or any form of exercise demands continuous efforts.


What you Need Next?

Steps to Achieve Goal

Whatever is your ultimate goal is, you need to know the steps to achieve that. Following a well proven method and having the knowledge required to achieve the final goal, is necessary because you definitely don’t want to go for the fight without the weapons. Knowledge and understanding are your weapons and these need to be kept sharp all the time. So keep learning and acquiring knowledge for your goal.

Any journey that you want to complete cannot be done without proper plans or steps to move in the right direction. Similarly fitness is a journey that needs direction and correct steps need to be taken. For instance, if your body needs intense workout then you cannot just rely on yoga. Fitness motivation is just like energy drink that you can take while completely your journey.


Are you tired and want to give up?

think why you started in first place
think why you started in first place

Take rest if you want to but don’t give up.

It is easy to say anything, but working on that thing and implementing the same is the tough part. You will get tired of it after some time, but you cannot give up.

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It is well said, that when it feels like quitting, think about why you started it in the first place. That should be enough to motivate you and keep you moving.

This is where you need the fitness motivation. And not just fitness but all types of motivation. But remember motivation is just a fuel to ignite the power inside you. Motivation can come from anywhere. Sometimes the realization of doing the good deeds also motivates you. While sometimes happiness that comes from helping someone motivates you.

Quitters Quit, Winners Win !!

Always remember, you were born as a winner, and nothing is strong enough to hold you back from what you actually wanna do in life. Think Positive and Live Positive.

You need to pull your sleeves and fight harder. Take some rest and gain some energy if you feel the need to do so. Don’t sit for long, as the great wars are not won by sitting and thinking,  but by fighting and planning. Plan your next steps and work for the same.


Planning is Necessary

If you don’t plan, then you are sailing a ship without a map and a compass. And we all know what happens if you are on a ship or a boat, without map and compass. So make your plans and try to set smaller goals to reach the bigger ones.


Setting Small Goals

pain is weakness leaving the body
pain is weakness leaving the body

Don’t just jump to bigger goals. They will take time and huge efforts. You need to divide your efforts and time and start with smaller goals. Create small milestones for yourself. Put your efforts to achieve those milestones.

When you start reaching your milestones one after the other, you will soon realize that your ultimate goal is not so far now.

Setting smaller goals is not enough. With every goal you achieve, shorter the duration of winning the goals. It will get harder and more pain will come along with that. But pain is nothing but your weakness leaving the body.

Put double the efforts and hard work. Soon you will realize that you are having skills that you didn’t even know about. Difficult times calls for difficult decisions. So be prepared to take these decisions. These are the times when you explore many new things about yourself. Your stamina, your patience, your courage, your decision making power, your honesty, your persistence many things are tested along the road to success.


Don’t Hesitate to Take Little Help if required

fitness motivation 101
fitness motivation 101

There is no harm is asking for help. Everyone needs it at some point of time. Decide whom to ask for help and then find out who all really help you. Many won’t help, many won’t be able to.

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That helps you filter out the genuine people whom you can rely on in life. People who are not selfish with everything in life and who thinks best for you.

Don’t give anyone the chance to say you are not fit or you are not healthy, by proving them wrong not with words but with your actions.

Journey to your goal will teach you many things. Keep learning and keep your spirits high always. There will be a time, when people who said you can’t, will be the first ones to say how did you did that.

Make your mark and be a motivation for those who need it.


All we said above, works for all types of goals and not just fitness or health related ones. Fitness motivation is needed for many other goals to achieve. You need to be fit to survive on the tough tracks while searching for your goal. We hope you will be benefited in some ways through this article and will share with your family and friends to help them achieve their goals.

stop saying tomorrow, it never comes
stop saying tomorrow, it never comes
be the best version of you
be the best version of you


In the race to achieve your goals, do not forget your true friends and family. They are the ones who keep you motivated and who support you when no one else does. They are source of real fitness motivation.




Gain the fitness and stay healthy, aim this year
Gain the fitness and stay healthy, aim this year




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