How Intermittent Fasting is Good for Health

We all have fasted once in our life, reason behind that can be anything. Some of us want our wish to be fulfilled or just want to thank god for something we have already got. Shravan is one month when so many people fast together, some do it for the whole month while some only on Mondays. Shravan is the fifth month of the year according to Hindu calendar and is considered highly auspicious for praising Lord Shiva. Some people believe that beseeching Lord Shiva in this month, fulfills all the aspirations of devotee. People offer “belpatra”, milk-honey or water to Shivlinga. But have you ever speculated that this traditional perception could be beneficial for health? 

Here are some benefits of intermittent fasting during Shravan.

  1. Procreate Positive Vibes: 

    These rites induce spirituality. A spiritual person has a more positive outlook for the world. He will never suffer with depression and anxiety. He will always have an optimistic attitude and even in toughest of times a belief that the almighty will show him the right path and help him in struggle. And when you have belief, half of the battle is already won. Intermittent fasting gives your time to think about yourself and work on your inner peace.

    amazing benefits of fasting once a week
    amazing benefits of fasting once a week
  2. Good for Digestion: 

    Shravan month falls in monsoon season. Our bodies are used to hot weather of summers and then the temperature drops due to rains. This sudden change upsets our body especially the digestive system. Acidity level also increases which affects Vata (gas) of our body. That’s why people suffer from indigestion and stomach problems during monsoon. During intermittent fasting, the fruits, sabudana khichadi or milk products we eat(“falahar”) are easy to digest. Hence these are good for our body and digestive system.

  3. Cut-Down Belly-Fat: 

    Intermittent fasting is also a substitute of dieting where one refrain from fast-food, non-veg and alcohol and stay on fruits and juices. Fasting during Shravan month can help you get good figure.  Fasting results in increased level of norepinephrine in our body which boosts our metabolism and it helps in burning calories much faster than on a regular day. We eat very less and in a timely manner during a fast, this eating pattern may decrease the level of insulin and promote weight loss.

  4. Enhance Your Beauty:

    We focus mostly on liquid die during fast which is not only easier to digest but also helps in detoxifying our body. It improves the functionality of kidney and digestive system. It adds a glow to your skin specially your face. You must have noticed that you glow differently when you have lots of water during the day. Right? Eating lots of fruits like watermelon, kiwi, oranges also makes your skin smooth and radiant.

  5. Develops Metabolism: 

    A considerable amount of our body energy gets utilized by digestion system. During fasting, the intake of complex foods is inhibited, hence reducing the work of digestion system, the energy thus saved gets piled to increase our stamina. Body uses Carbohydrates as fuel but if those are not available, it starts deriving glucose from blood. This process is called gluconeogenesis and scientists have noticed a boost in this process after fasting.

  6. Get Benefit Equivalent to Meditation Practice: 

    This ceremonial involves reciting “Om Namah Shivay”, which is equivalent to meditation and results in clear conscience. Meditation promotes self-awareness and emotional health. If you are having trouble in sleeping, then this is a must try for you. It reduces stress and helps in strengthening memory.

  7. Promotes Anti-Aging Compounds: 

    Levels of anti-oxidants increase in our body due to fasting. Scientists have observed higher levels of purine and pyrimidine which hints towards increased anti-oxidants. Other than this, metabolites like leucine, isoleucine, and ophthalmic acid also increases leading to better metabolism and hence increased life span. 


Do’s and Don’ts During Fasting:

  1. Drink lots and lots of water: 

    During fasting, the diet schedule gets disturbed and it may lead to constipation or indigestion. So, drinking sufficient amount of water will prohibit such issues. Also, the fluid of synthesized food fulfills a part of our body water requirement. So, during fasting one may suffer from dehydration. Drinking water in regular time intervals will avert it. Read our article to make different detox drinks that you can have during your fast as well.

  2. Smell or Think of Delightful Dishes: 

    Our digestive system secretes stomach acid, which help in digesting food and destroying bacteria. During fasting, there may be reduction in level of stomach acid, which can lead to heartburn. But even smelling or thinking about food, can trigger brain-cells, thereby instructing stomach for secretion of stomach acid. You cannot eat your favorite junk food but there is not restriction on thinking about that. Right?

  3. Don’t Follow Strict Principles: 

    Some people make fasting starvation. Even if they feel hungry, will either not eat anything or else eat only once. And their starvation may lead to headache or lack of sleep and increases stress level. So, taking fruits and juices at regular intervals is no harm. Always remember, if you have good health, then only you can give service to deity. Never make any compromises on health.

  4. Avoid fried food: 

    Even intermittent fasting needs a proper diet chart. Not eating anything for the whole day and then consuming fried potatoes may lead to acidity. Instead of taking fried food, switch to roasted stuff or on milk products. Those fasting for whole month and not taking pulses and cereals should increase the amount of milk or curd or farmer cheese (paneer) in their diet. Taking nuts or raisins or dates during fasting will fulfill the desired nutrient demand of body.


It is a proven fact that intermittent fasting helps us in so many ways that all of us should do it. Don’t starve but eat lesser than your usual day and eat good. Most of our traditions which we have received from our parents and grandparents have some kind of scientific value and intermittent fasting is one such example.

Hope you guys will find this article informative and helpful.

Stay Fit! Stay Healthy! Keep Smiling!

Dr. Amanda
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