Jacqueline Fernandez Beauty Workout Fitness & Diet Plan

Last Updated on December 24th, 2020

Sexy Jacqueline Fernandez is a Sri Lankan model and Bollywood Actress. She holds a Mass Communication degree from the University of Sydney.  She debuted in Bollywood with the movie, ‘Aladdin‘ and has since established herself in the industry as one of its most popular actresses.


pilates and altitude training jacquiline
pilates and altitude training jacquiline


Born on 11 August 1985, in Bahrain, Jacqueline completed her basic education in Bahrain along with her three elder siblings, before moving to Australia for her further education. Initially, she used to host shows in Bahrain as well as in Sri Lanka. Subsequently, she began modeling, and through one of her assignments in India, was roped in as an actress. Today, she enjoys immense success and has a number of projects in her pocket.


damn sexy jacqueline fernandez
damn sexy jacqueline fernandez


For many, she has been the symbol of beauty and grace and has inspired thousands to attain fitness and health. Let’s try and figure out how exactly she has managed to achieve this, despite her extremely hectic schedule. But first, let us look at the Sri Lankan beauty’s vital stats!


Jacqueline Fernandez Vital Statistics


sexy hot jacqueline figure and vital stats
sexy hot jacqueline figure and vital stats

Height: 5 ft 7 in or 170 cm


Weight: 57 kg or 125 lbs


Breast Size: 35 inches


Waist: 26 inches


Hips Size: 35 inches


Bra Size: 32C


Shoe Size: 7 (US)


Dress Size: 2 (US)


No doubt these stats are alluring, but surely not easy to achieve. Jacqueline has a very strict workout routine and proper diet plan, that has helped her build those flawless curves. Now, let’s dive right in into her workout routine and see what she is doing!


Jacqueline Fernandez Workout Routine:


For Jacqueline, the mantra to living healthy and maintaining fitness and beauty is “sleeping right, eating right, and exercising regularly“.


jackueline fernandez fitness tips and yoga
jackueline fernandez fitness tips and yoga

Her workout routine includes working out and also focus on swimming, dancing and doing yoga.

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As part of her workout, Jacqueline focuses on cardio, stretching exercises and strength training- she also lifts weights.

She also incorporates martial arts in her fitness regime to keep it fun and interesting.

Moreover, Jacqueline absolutely loves doing yoga, which is her favorite way to work out.

So much, that she ensures that she is practising yoga, 5 days a week!

Each session of yoga is for a minimum of 1 hour and consists of exercises ranging from Surya Namaskar to Kapalbharti.

Jacqueline believes that yoga helps her not only in toning her body and maintaining her flexibility, but also helps her declutter her mind and manage stress effectively.

She performs a variety of asanas, such as Hanumansana, Utkatasana, Sirsasana, Virksasana and also does pranayamas, such as anulom vilom etc.

Dancing is yet another one of her favourite ways to stay in shape, especially when she can’t hit the gym. Interestingly, the Bollywood dancing Queen, Madhuri Dixit, is Jacqueline’s role model for dancing!

 Jacqueline indulges in running, dancing and swimming at least three times a week.


Jacqueline’s Fitness workout
Jacqueline’s Fitness workout


Her workout routine certainly seems fun and well balanced! But to get the phenomenal results that Jacqueline has, it has to be supplemented with the correct diet and nutrition plan, so let’s move on and try to decode her diet secrets!


Jacqueline Fernandez Diet Plan:


Initially, Jacqueline used to try crash diets and follow the latest fads and trends in the fitness world to lose weight and maintain her figure. However, she soon realized how they weren’t feasible in the long run, and didn’t help her feel good about her body.


jackueline fernandez bikini figure diet plan
jackueline fernandez bikini figure diet plan

Since then she follows a natural diet plan, supplementing her rigorous workout routine.

Jacqueline has divided her meal and nutrition plan into three categories: vegetables, carbohydrates and proteins and makes sure that she is incorporating them.

She follows a macrobiotic plan and has cut off sugar from her diet.

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Jacqueline kick starts her day by drinking a nice, warm glass of water, with just a little bit of honey and lemon. Then, for breakfast, she has fresh, raw fruits, boiled eggs and a cup of green tea. For lunch, the gorgeous actress has salads filled with fresh veggies and has brown rice and lentils. She keeps her dinner light and sometimes, even tends to skip it altogether.

Sushi, quinoa, kale, salmon, stir-fried veggies, nuts, dry fruits etc also feature in her diet extensively. Post workout, Jacqueline tends to have a protein shake, which helps her regain her energy and increase her protein intake. Fernadez has also decided to not drink coffee and tea, and stick to green tea only and rarely indulges in pizzas and chocolate.


jackueline fernandez workout and fitness plan
jackueline fernandez workout and fitness plan


Jacqueline believes that having a well-balanced diet, and full of necessary nutrients is a must, along with being well hydrated throughout the day.


Are you mesmerised every time you look at the gorgeous Jacqueline Fernandez? Do you wish, that you too could look just as beautiful? Well then, read on to uncover some of this diva’s beauty secrets!


Jacqueline Fernandez Beauty Tips:


Jacqueline believes that one’s skin and beauty is inevitably linked to their eating habits. The healthier you eat, the more it shows! But apart from that, being in showbiz means that she has to ensure that she is looking her best always. Here are some of her religiously followed beauty tricks!

sexy jackueline fernandez beautiful hair and beauty
sexy jackueline fernandez beautiful hair and beauty

-One spoon of Apple Vinegar-Cider in a glass of lukewarm water can do wonders!

-Jacqueline also has lip balm or lip butter on, sometimes, she even puts honey on her lips.

-Regular toning and cleaning are a must for Jacqueline.

-She also recommends using Vitamin E oil serum for maintaining fabulous hair.

-Jacqueline also uses ice wrapped in cloth to get rid of tiredness and dullness from the face and is a fan of home-based face packs and other products.

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-Moreover, to maintain such fabulous skin and hair, despite her schedule also means that Jacqueline intakes food supplements rich in zinc and foods such flax seeds and omega-3.


Being a Bollywood actress is certainly not as easy as these gorgeous ladies make it seem! But through grit and determination, Jacqueline has made it through and enjoys great success while maintaining a healthy lifestyle!


 To know more about Jacqueline Fernandez, you may follow her on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter as well.


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