Jal Mudra “Varun Mudra” to Stabilize Water Element of Body

Last Updated on September 7th, 2020

Mudra vigyan is a yoga that is practiced with different postures of your hands and fingers. It is a type of yoga that helps you in controlling the internal power of your body through various movements of your fingers for small duration. When practiced regularly it can be of great advantage in dealing with many health problems and issues that otherwise would make your life difficult and painful. Jal Mudra or also known as Varun Mudra is a form of Hasta Mudra Asana that helps in balancing the water element of the human body.

There are 5 elements in the human body according to yoga science that together makes a human body functional. Hasta Mudra asana or hand postures are the yoga mudras that helps in balancing or energizing these 5 elements in such a way that, their effect on human body becomes intended or as needed. With the help of jal mudra, we can stabilize the water element and thus reduce the health problem related to it.

varun mudra jal mudra or the water posture yoga tips
varun mudra jal mudra or the water posture yoga tips

Lets Know more about Mudra Asana

The Mudra Vigyan gives the flow of energy in your body a particular direction so that your body can utilize it to the best potential. The human body is made of 5 elements as already discussed in many previous yoga post and articles. These elements are responsible for defining the state of your body and health & fitness. When these elements are in stable state, your body behaves very properly and energetically while being not in stable is not good for body.

To bring the state back to normal from unstable point, we need to practice these mudras as per the need. It depends which element out of the 5 has become unstable and require attention. Now each element is necessary for certain body functions. So whatever problems you have is due to one or the other unstable element that has resulted in improper functioning.

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how to do yoga mudra asana
how to do yoga mudra asana

All About the Mudra Vigyan

You can study about various other mudras that can help you deal with gastric issues, digestion problems, concentration problems, joint pain, headache or stomach ache, liver or heart problems, breathing issues or any other common problems that are creating trouble in your life.

We have explained each and every mudra type and their benefits and how to do and when to do here on medictips. Feel free to go through them anytime require.

In Short we have created a Health wiki for you here which deals only with solutions in the most natural way possible and explained in the easiest and simple layman language which does not require you to be having a medical background.

This is all about the Mudra vigyan.

Now let’s study about the Varun Mudra or the Water Posture (commonly known as).

Varun Mudra is also known by the name Jal mudra. Another common name for this is jal vardhak mudra. All these common names sounds very similar because they all have water or jal in their naming. It must be understood by now that this particular mudra or yoga posture deals with the water element of the body.

yoga and meditation for calm mind
yoga and meditation for calm mind

So What Does Jal Mudra or Varun Mudra Do?

It Increases the water element in the body so that you can deal with the problems that are happening due to the lack of water element like skin drying, dehydration, deficiency of blood, cramps, tongue disorders, diarrhea etc. We will discuss about this in the benefits section later in the same post.

About 70 % of constituent of our body is water. This fact tells us that water is the most abundant and really important aspect of the body. Water is in your blood, protoplasm of cells, the tears your shed, in the digestive juices, mucous, saliva in your mouth and much more. Thus the deficiency of water in any part of body is very dangerous and can lead to many issues like dehydration of body tissue, fatigue, unconsciousness etc.

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Since this Mudra increases the water element in your body, it should be practiced.

Hence we can put this like “this mudra is very effective for regenerating the skin and curing body from many issues”.


varun mudra the water posture, jal mudra
varun mudra the water posture, jal mudra

How to do Varun Mudra or Jal Mudra ?

Method: Very Simple to make this posture – Touch the tip of Little finger to the tip of thumb. Keep the remaining three fingers straight.

If you still didn’t understood, don’t worry just check out the image and you will get to know the method.

Time – Limit: Varun mudra should be practiced 20-25 minutes a day. These 25 minutes can be segregated across time slots of 10 or 5 minute.

There is no time limit on this mudra but mostly it is proffered to follow 15-20 min of stretch, you can do it anytime and anywhere, however, sitting cross-legged is usually preferable.


Limitless Benefits of Varun Mudra (Jal Mudra) :

  1. Varun Mudra removes the dryness of the digestive tract (mouth, throat and intestines) .
  2. This mudra also cures indigestion and constipation.
  3. Varun Mudra is helpful in curing dryness of the skin which results into cracks, dry eczema, psoriasis, etc. It helps in regenerating the skins and improving the complexion and glow. It cures almost all skin diseases.
  4. This mudra cures tongue disorders such as loss of taste sensation.
  5. People suffering from degeneration of joint-cartilage, osteo-arthritis will feel relieved after practicing this mudra.
  6. Varun Mudra solves the problem of cramps & dehydration.
  7. Varun Mudra is beneficial for people suffering from scanty urination (oliguria), scanty semen (oligospermia) and scanty menses (oligomenorrhoea).
  8. This mudra is helpful in disorders of Vaata-excess.
  9. Varun Mudra purifies blood and is helpful in blood related diseases.
  10. It is also helpful in curing kidney and bladder related disorders.
  11. Decrease of water element in body can cause diarrhoea, gastroentritis. Practicing varun mudra will be helpful to cure these problems.
  12. Varun Mudra should be done when too much of mucous is collected in lungs.
  13. Varun Mudra brings glow to your face and this mudra will help you look youthful for more time.
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yoga and meditation for knee pain
yoga and meditation for knee pain

So, if you want to look good with glowing skin and youthful face, then you should practice this mudra daily.

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