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Last Updated on December 24th, 2020

Jamie Eason is a very talented and popular American fitness model and writer. Jamie was born on April 10, 1976, in Houston, Texas. At an early age, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and at the age of 28, it was revealed that she has Spina Bifida Occulta. Nonetheless, Jamie fought against all the odds in her life and is currently developing her own line of swimwear and planning her own cookbook.


Jamie Eason Bikini Body
Jamie Eason Bikini Body


After completing her graduations from college in 2001, she tried her chance at the new Houston Texans cheerleading squad. However, after being diagnosed with cancer, she had to go through a lot of problems before returning to this lifestyle. Eason was then seen at a fitness competition in Austin, Texas. Eason is now a fitness professional and a spokesperson at Bodybuilding.com, the world’s biggest online retailer for sports supplements and nutritional products.


Jamie Eason Abs
Jamie Eason Abs


Jamie Eason had been an NFL cheerleader prior to her later career. She was also the winner of the World’s Fittest Model competition. She has been the featured subject and cover girl for a number of magazines including Oxygen, Ironman, Status Fitness to name a few.

Let’s have a look at the body stats of this cover girl who has been on the cover page of best fitness  magazines.


Jamie Eason Vital Statistics:


Jamie Eason Vital Statistics
Jamie Eason Vital Statistics

Height: 5’2″ or 157 cm


Weight: 108 lbs or 49 kg


Breast Size: 35 inches


Waist: 25 inches


Hips Size: 33 inches


Shoe Size: 6 (US)


Dress Size: 2 (US)


Having seen the death from her eyes, it would have not at all been easy for Jamie to get a body that every girl in the world wish to have. It’s not only her strong will power but also her ways to stay healthy.

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She took care of only two things. First is what she eats so as to give her body everything it wants and number two, how she works out to keep herself healthy. So let’s checkout her workout routine that she swears by even till date.


Jamie Eason Workout Routine:


Jamie Eason tells us about a self-innovated 12-week transformation plan with 3 phases which will give anyone sure shot results.



In the first phase, the plan is simple, with just clean eating and weight lifting, while in the second phase, one has to add cardio and cut carbs to also burn body fat and sculpt muscles. In the third phase, the focus will be on building muscles and clean eating.

This workout program is called LiveFit and it means adopting a healthy and fit lifestyle. This program works for people of any age, any gender and from any walk of life.

Jamie says that most people focus on cardio, but she prefers to just strike a balance between her training and diet so that she can minimize her cardio workout.

She focuses on her back, shoulders, and lower body parts the most while working out since her arm muscles respond fairly quickly.

Initially, Jamie used to work out for six days a week, with one day off. To kick up the intensity for a special occasion, Jamie starts doing higher reps and sets, does a lot of plyometrics, but never goes for long extended periods of cardio.


Jamie eason Exercise
Jamie eason Exercise


She always recommends to opt for interval training with rests in between of sets and reps, specially to beginners. Because initially one has to build stamina and by looking at what others are doing could actually be harmful for health and ultimately one may opt out of training or working out.

Eason also says that she doesn’t miss out on fun things and gives herself some rest days, but knows when to jump back in the program.

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Jamie Eason Diet Plan:



Jamie says that exercise is a paradox and while it does good for you, it can also harm you on over-training. This is why supplements are really important, along with proper sleep, diet, and rest.

Jamie says that meal spacing is a very important strategy to be applied when planning your diet. She personally prefers to eat after an interval of 3 hours. Proper gapping gives you sustained energy throughout the day and also helps you to quit your cravings over time and release actual fat when exercising.

Jamie keeps her protein intake very consistent but manipulates and cycles her carbs intake according to whether she wants to grow or lean out.

Jamie is strict about no alcohol consumption while on supplements; she warns everyone about preservatives and beverages as well.

Jamie says that white meat is the healthier meat and the best bet for meals, while darker meat is a London Broil. For fish, tilapia is the best lean option. It also mixes well with different dishes and cooking styles.




She recommends almond milk and lots of whole fruits for a good body.

Jamie has also launched a number of supplements and recommends multi-vitamins, anti-bloat, whey protein isolate as when required for building body as per the wish.


Jamie Eason Motivation:


Eason wants to eradicate the wrong notion that women with muscles are unfeminine.

She likes to motivate other people, especially women, to start a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Jamie Eason Motivation for Workout
Jamie Eason Motivation for Workout

Her goal in life is to help each and everyone to reach their health and weight loss goals.

Jamie says that the inner strength one achieves by adopting a healthy life far exceeds the benefits that are just physical.

She continues on her journey of fitness and of inspiring many souls and helping them on their journey too.

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According to Jamie’s personal philosophy, one should change themselves if they are not who they want to be. One should surround themselves with people who love and support them and just go for it; no matter how hard it is.


This is all from Jamie’s side. And I hope that she has inspired you all (men & women both) to lead a healthy life and the importance and perks of being fit and healthy.


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