Sensational Janhvi Kapoor Workout Regime and Diet Plan

Super-hot and sensational Janhvi Kapoor is the elder daughter of late actress Sridevi Kapoor, and producer Bonny Kapoor has made her acting debut through Karan’s movie ‘Dhadak’ Johar. But this sensational girl was in the limelight before the release of her first movie. She started to become popular among the audience. Jhanvi is not only beautiful but possesses a fantastic figure. She is too health conscious and wants to stay as fit as her mother was. Her mother was able to maintain good health even in her 50’s. She was spotted at the gym by paparazzi frequently. She has also shot some videos regarding fitness, where she shared how one can remain fit and healthy.  These videos get viral on social networking sites by her followers. 

Twenty-one years young Jhanvi follows strict diet and workout regimes to make herself attractive. If you want to know the secrets behind her sexy figure, go through this article. Here we will share her secret workout routines and diet chart. Let’s get started:


Janhvi Kapoor Vital Stats:

janhvi kapoor body secrets
janhvi kapoor body secrets

Height: 5′ 4″ / 163 cms

Weight: 50 Kgs / 110 Lbs

Burst / Chest Size:  32 Inches

Waist size: 25-26 Inches

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Hip / Butt size: 32 Inches

Figure Measurements: 32-26-32

Eye Colour : Dark Brown

Hair Color: Black

Age (2021) : 23 years


Janhvi Kapoor Diet Routine:

Janhavi doesn’t prefer to follow a very rigid diet routine. Instead, she believes in the eat healthily and stay fit theory. She intakes lots of fruits and vegetables in her meals. She tries to avoid sugar and junk foods and drinks lots of water. Even she begins her day by drinking a glass full of water.

  • Breakfast:

Janhvi has toast and egg whites along with juice for her breakfast. Sometimes she also eats cereals and drinks milk in her breakfast.

  • Lunch:

For lunch, Dhadak girl loves homemade food. Brown rice, chicken sandwiches, legumes, salad, etc., are her favorite lunch menu. But when she has a workload and remains busy, Janhvi usually eats fresh fruits or fruit juice in lunch.

  • Dinner:

Janhvi takes her dinner three hours prior to her sleep. She tries to avoid eating heavily at dinner. Vegetable soups, pulses, boiled vegetables, or grilled fish are some items that she usually eats at dinner.



janhvi kapoor diet plan
janhvi kapoor diet plan

Janhvi Kapoor Workout Routine:

Actress Janhvi Kapoor has a very well-toned body; at the same time, she is very fit. To stay fit is not any magic; she exercises every day to retain her fitness. She performs cardio stunts and weightlifting regularly at the gym. Sometimes she went out jogging, swimming, and jumping at home in case she misses out on the gym. It’s also been known that Janhvi includes yoga in her fitness regime like most other celebs. This sensational diva likes to do yoga thrice a week for at least one hour. Yoga has incredible benefits. It helps to lose weight, increases the feasibility of the body, keeps the heart-healthy. Some people might be familiar with these benefits, but they should know that apart from these, yoga can control anxiety and stress and help people stay cool and relax.

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janhvi kapoor workout regime
janhvi kapoor workout regime

Janhvi is a fitness freak. Even she started to be a statement in fitness. She never affords to skip her exercises. If she remains out of her city and couldn’t attain the gym, she does jogging, swimming, and jumping. And a yoga routine she never misses. This dedication helps Janhvi such a sexy figure, and she is also very fit simultaneously. 


janhvi kapoor fitness mantra
janhvi kapoor fitness mantra


Concluding Thoughts

So, Janhvi eats healthy foods and performs workouts to maintain her well-toned body. If you feel jealous by seeing her figure and think is this kind of shape can be obtained without figure correction surgeries, the answer is yes. If you follow the secrets of her diet and exercise, you can also have a sensational body. The most important part is the dedication that one must-have for remaining healthy and fit. Till now, we have shared the secrets of Sridevi girl, sexy Janhvi Kapoor; we hope you have enjoyed and benefitted from this article.

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