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Last Updated on January 7th, 2021

Jelena Abbou is a very popular figure competitor model, personal trainer and professional bodybuilder. Born in Serbia on April 22, 1977, Jelena is a woman of substance. She lived in a small town in Serbia with her parents and her brother, and started working out at the age of 16. She was among the first girls in her town who started lifting and training. Jelena moved to the U.S. at the age of 20, with a lifelong dream in her eyes, of becoming a fitness model.




Jelena Abbou’s Journey:


Abbou was a skinny girl in her growth years and did not really took her training seriously at first. But she soon realized about her interest in fitness and great physique. Noticing the results to be astounding, she took more and more interest and decided to compete in figure shows. Her transition was an exciting journey as once she started competing, she couldn’t stop. She loved the sport and wanted to achieve more in the field, no matter how hard she had to work for it. Jelena Abbou is now a world reknown beauty, figure competitor, bodybuilder, personal trainer and also the face of well-known products like MAC.


Beautiful Jelena Abbou Fitness
Beautiful Jelena Abbou Fitness


Let’s have a look at the vital body stats of this famous fitness trainer who has made it to the cover of MAC.


Jelena Abbou’s Vital Statistics:


Jelena Abbou Vital Statistics
Jelena Abbou Vital Statistics

Height: 5’8″ or 172.5cm


Weight: 115 lbs or 52.2 kg


Breast Size: 36 inches


Waist: 23 inches


Hips Size: 35 inches


Shoe Size: 8 (US)


Dress Size: 4 (US)


Maintaining such good vital stats along with a very attractive, fit and strong figure is not a piece of cake for everyone.

It comes from hard work and dedication. Proper workout regime and diet plan has to be followed.

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So first let’s take a sneak peek into Jelena’s workout routine that she swears by.


Jelena Abbou’s Workout Routine:


Jelena often changes her training, so her training routines are not always the same.

Strength training done by Jelena Abbou consists of heavy weight lifting between 6-8 reps for her upper body and 8-10 reps for her lower body.

Jelena Abbou Workout Routine
Jelena Abbou Workout Routine

Sometimes her workout schedules will change week after week.

Her favorite body parts to train are shoulders and legs.

Jelena states that her workout schedules also depend on whether she is preparing and getting ready for a show or not but she usually does a body part a day and repeats the legs workout twice.

She has an all together a different liking for cardio workout. Jelena Abbou’s favorite exercise is the stair climber. She likes the way this exercise targets her glutes. Although Jelena prefers building more muscle over cardio workout, she knows how important this workout is. But she would rather stay in a good condition all year round than working out aggressively, adapting to additional workouts.


All the fitness trainers not only emphasize on working out but also on healthy eating. A well balanced diet after workout is the key to success. So lets checkout what is being served in Jelena’s plates.


Jelena Abbou Diet Plan:


Jelena Abbou Diet Plan
Jelena Abbou Diet Plan

Her diet chart is not fixed, but the nutrients she takes in her diet are fixed.

Jelena Abbou’s diet consists of lean proteins – like natural sources of proteins, healthy fats and good sources of carbohydrates like sweet potato and oat meal.

She takes multi-vitamins, fish oils, calcium, enzymes, joint support complex, glutamine and BCAAs as supplements for a healthy body.

Jelena believes in cheat days as a break and her favorite cheat meals are pizza and sushi.

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She emphasize a lot on drinking good amount of water, it not only helps prevent dehydration, but also gives extra strength to muscles to carry out more workout.

Again, Jelena says that her diet plan largely depends on how far she is from the show but she usually cycles her carbs.

According to Jelena, apart from a healthy diet what decides your body’s behavior towards food is how often you eat food and how much of food you eat in one go.


Jelena Abbou Fitness Trainer
Jelena Abbou Fitness Trainer


Everybody must adopt right time to eat meal and know to have a heavy breakfast, moderate lunch and light dinner. Though, she herself takes food after an interval of three hours, but everybody can’t so she keep telling her clients to follow this pattern.


Usually fitness trainers are not much into beauty tips and tricks. But, Jelena being one of the most beautiful fitness trainer has been asked over and over again about her beauty secrets, tips and tricks. So let’s see what are Jelena’s reviews on her beauty tips that she follows.



Jelena Abbou Beauty Tips:


Abbou has a glowing young skin and gorgeous mane of hair, but everytime when asked about the beauty secrets she just had one thing to say – keep it simple.

She advices everyone to keep a clean diet and drink lots of water specially with lemon.

Taking fish oils, using a gentle cleanser, moisturizer and night cream is all she does for good skin and hair. She does not use too many styling tools for her hair and neither does she wash it every day.


Jelena Abbou Fitness Motivation:


Her motivation is just being healthy in itself, staying in good shape and witnessing all the changes that have taken place over the years. She takes motivation from motivating other women to be healthy and fit and lead a good life.

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Jelena Abbou Motivation
Jelena Abbou Motivation


Jelena Abbou teaches us the lesson that being from a small town cannot stop us from achieving our dreams. She proves the fact that hard work pays off and tells everyone pursuing in her field that one has to be patient and keep working towards achieving their goals.


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