Jen Widerstrom Weight Loss Workout & Diet Plan

Last Updated on December 24th, 2020

Jennifer or Jen Widerstrom is an American fitness model, author and a certified fitness trainer. She is famously known for being a trainer in the hit television series, “The Biggest Loser“, which aired on NBC. Moreover, she also starred as a female gladiator in the show, American Gladiators in 2008. More recently in 2015, she appeared in the documentary, “Why Am I So Fat?”. Jen has also worked as a life coach with and was a fitness expert for and has been featured in numerous magazines.


The biggest Loser trainer Jen Widerstrom
The biggest Loser trainer Jen Widerstrom


Jen was born on August 24, 1982, in Downers Grove, Illinois, USA. Growing up, Jen was very active and was greatly interested in diving, gymnastics and several other physical activities. Eventually, she also began a Division I hammer thrower while studying at the University of Kansas. This spurred the idea of building for herself a successful career in the field of fitness and health, propelling her to work towards the same. It was after being cast as the gladiator “Phoenix” in the show, “American Gladiator” that she began making a name for herself in the industry. This also led to her adopting stricter regimes and workouts, concentrating on her own fitness as well as training others. It was only after starring in “The Biggest Loser”, replacing Jillian Michaels, that she was catapulted into celebrity status and became a household name in America.


Jennifer Widerstrom Weight Loss expert
Jennifer Widerstrom Weight Loss expert


What sets Jen apart from the numerous fitness experts is her approach towards training her clients and followers. Rather than being stringent and strict, she guides her trainees gently, also helping them attain emotional resilience. Jen believes that one can achieve fitness only when they are happy and are enjoying the entire process. She helps her trainees find the best method to achieve and maintain fitness, based on their personalities and individual characteristics. Cardio routines and balance training are her specific areas of training, in terms of workout routines. Jen also penned the book, “Diet Right For Your Personality Type“, to increase her reach and help more and more people attain fitness, the happy way.

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Let us look at her impressive vital stats!



Jen Widerstrom Vital Statistics
Jen Widerstrom Vital Statistics

Jen Widerstrom Vital Statistics:


Height: 170 cm or 5’7”


Weight: 150 lb or 68 kg


Breast Size: 36 inches


Waist: 27 inches


Hips Size: 36 inches


Shoe Size: 9 (US)


Touted to be one of the sexiest women in the fitness world, Jen has incredible fitness and body shape. The fitness expert believes in honoring the individual and working on finding the perfect workout plan for them accordingly.

So now, let us look at the workout routine and weight loss tips that this stunning beauty swears by!


Jen Widerstrom Workout Routine:


Instead of slogging for hours in the gym every day, Jen prefers to work on exercises that can quickly, but effectively burn fats and build muscles throughout the body. Her dumbbell circuit workout and plyometric workouts are some of her famous routines, and the former can be completed in a mere seven minutes. 


Jen Widerstrom Workout Routine
Jen Widerstrom Workout Routine

For starters, she recommends using dumbbells weighing in the range of 5 and 15 pounds. Additionally, the workout is divided into 3 parts, with 3 sets comprising of 3 exercises each.

Set 1 consists of the Dumbbell Pullovers, Tricep Extensions and Chest Press.

After a brief rest, beings Set 2, which consist of Reverse overhead lunges, Single arm snatch and Boxing.

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Again, a brief rest precedes the start of Set 3, which consists of the Rear fly, Row and the Thruster.



 Hence, this short, yet comprehensive workout ensures that the entire body is worked upon, providing the best results!


Apart from identifying your personality type and eating accordingly, Jen also believes that it is important to eat healthy and clean. Here are a few ways to ensure that you are eating right!


Jen Widerstrom Diet Plan:


Jen Widerstrom Diet Plan
Jen Widerstrom Diet Plan

According to Jen, it is very important to enjoy and concentrate on each of the meals that one has. Instead of mindlessly eating with the TV blaring, or being fully absorbed on your mobile phones, Jen suggests eating mindfully and enjoying each morsel of one’s food as that increases the satisfaction and happiness one gains.

Also, she suggests keeping your food choices simple by choosing nutritious whole foods over junk or frozen foods.

She believes that having around 20-30 grams of fibre per day can help one feel full and help curb all those mid meal cravings. Jen does not believe in the concept of starving to facilitate weight loss. Rather, she suggests having small healthy snacks throughout the day, but at a minimum interval of 60 minutes between each snack.

Jen does not shy away from fats and ensures that she and her trainees are having the good fats, from foods such as avocado, nuts and salmon. She is also a huge believer in eating a lot of fresh veggies, throughout the day, as they are highly nutritious. In fact, she believes that an ideal meal should have around 70%-80% veggies and around 20% animal fat or dairy.

Jen also suggests having algae, namely, spirulina and chlorella, and she believes that they help detoxify the body and help her energize.

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Jen Widerstrom fitness trainer
Jen Widerstrom fitness trainer


Jennifer’s approach towards weight loss is certainly a healthy and positive one. She endeavors to break the stereotype that weight loss is an excruciating and un-enjoyable process by helping her trainees understand themselves and build physical and emotional resilience. Are you up for the challenge?


To know more about her you may follow her on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.


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