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Last Updated on September 30th, 2020

Kangana Ranaut is a Bollywood actress, known for her brilliant acting and films such as Fashion, Queen, Once Upon a Time in Mumbai and Tanu Weds Manu among others. Kangana is regarded as a celebrity who is unafraid to publicly state her honest opinions and is unabashed. She is also well known for her impeccable fashion sense and is one of the highest paid actresses in the industry.


beauty secrets of kangana ranaut, beauty tips
beauty secrets of kangana ranaut, beauty tips


Kangana Ranaut was born on 23 March 1986, in Bhambla, Himachal Pradesh. Growing up, Kangana admits that she was very rebellious and began questioning stereotypes from an early age.

Initially, she was pursuing medical science to be a doctor, as per her parent’s desire for her to do so. However, at the age of 16, she moved to Delhi to carve her own path. There she was signed by Elite Modelling Agency but left after undertaking a few assignments as she could not see any scope for creativity and innovation in the field.


sexy and hot kangana ranaut body stats


She began working with a theatre group, and after positive reactions from audiences, Kangana decided to shift base to Mumbai and pursue acting actively. Thus began the journey which would eventually lead her to superstardom in the Indian Film Industry. In the initial phases, Kangana struggled to make ends meet and refused all financial help from her parents, determined to make it on her own.


kangana ranaut in saree looking hotKangana debuted with the film, ‘Gangster‘ and won the Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut and impressed both the critics and audiences with her nuanced acting.

Since then, Kangana has starred in numerous projects and has established herself as a brilliant actress.

She has also been the recipient of several prestigious awards. She has won awards at the National Film Awards thrice. She has won in four categories at the Filmfare Awards.

Due to brazen and unabashed take on issues concerning Bollywood and beyond, Kangana has been at the centre of many controversies and has had many public squabbles with other members of the industry.

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Apart from honing her acting skills, Kangana has to work extensively on maintaining her health and fitness, especially due to the nature of her work.

Let us take some fitness and health-oriented inspiration from this bold actress!

Start by taking a look at Kangana’s vital stats!


Kangana Ranaut Vital Statistics:


Kangana ranaut Vital stats

Height: 5 ft 8 in 172 cm


Weight: 54 kg or 119 lbs


Breast Size: 34 inches


Waist: 24 inches


Hips Size: 35 inches


Dress Size: 4 (US)


Bra Size: 32 B


Shoe Size: 7.5 (US)


Let us unravel the mystery of how the exceptional Kangana Ranaut manages to have such impressive vital stats, all while juggling an intense working schedule!


Kangana Ranaut Workout Routine:


Kangana believes that when it comes to workouts, consistency is key. Hence, she stays quite regular in her workouts and goes to the gym 5 times a week, at an average of 1-2 hours per day.


fitness workout routine and diet plan of kangana ranaut
fitness workout routine and diet plan of kangana ranaut


Her personal trainer, Leena Mogre, ensured that on all 5 days, the focus of their session is on different body parts. To build up stamina and strengthen her muscles, Kangana does cardio

Kangana Ranaut Yoga
Kangana Ranaut Yoga

workouts, squats, push and pull-ups and strength training among other exercises.

Some days, when Kangana is not in the mood of going through another session of a gruelling workout, she resorts to dancing and considers it to be a fun way to stay fit.

According to Kangana, dancing is most easy way to lose fat and one does not only lose fat, but also releases stress and anxiety, that could have otherwise not been forgotten in a gym workout session.

Due to a lot of work pressure and stress in ups and downs of life, Kangana has been into depression a number of times and now knows how to cure herself.

Apart from the above mentioned exercises, the beautiful actress ensures that she dedicates at least 45 minutes to yoga and a minimal of 10 minutes to meditation each day. Since yoga and meditation are one of the best way to fight stress and tension. She also incorporates hot steam bath on weekends so as to have the best stress buster session.

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According to Kangana yoga has not only helped her stay stress free but has also helped in achieving those curves that she posses now and that too effortlessly when compared to gym workout.


Kangana Ranaut Diet Plan:


Kangana ranaut Diet Plan
Kangana ranaut Diet Plan

Kangana has made significant changes in her diet plan. She has included high nutritious and wholesome foods in her diet plan.

Rather than cutting off all carbs from her diet, Kangana makes sure to include good carbs in her nutrition plan.

In fact, her meals consist of a quarter of healthy fats and the rest include good carbs. Foods like tofu, lentils, fresh veggies, grilled chicken, oatmeal, healthy protein shakes etc form her diet plan.

Its very important to have good quality protein so as to maintain health and fitness, so Kangana relies a lot on natural sources of protein to fulfill the demand of proteins for her body.

Kangana tends to avoid oily, sugary and junk foods. In addition, she has also removed processed foods from her diet and focuses on eating healthy and fresh.


Kangana Ranaut Beauty Tips:


bollywood spicy beauty kangana ranaut fitness mantra
bollywood spicy beauty kangana ranaut fitness mantra

For starters, Kangana has stopped using soap on her face and uses a soap-free cleanser instead.

Moreover, she also ensures that while taking off her makeup, she is giving it enough time and effort.

She spends around 10-15 minutes removing makeup properly.  

Kangana recommends using honey for the skin as it has great antibacterial properties and does wonders for the skin.

For her hair, Kangana loves to use organic shampoos and gets repair treatments done often. This helps to preserve their quality and shine for long. Till day, the gorgeous actress swears by the age-old grandma’s remedy followed by girls across India to maintain hair. Like oiling her hair and steaming it, twice or even thrice a week.

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The talented actress certainly works very hard to maintain her fitness. She has adopted a healthy lifestyle to achieve her ambitions.

And all this is the reason of her success in some way. If she can do, so can you. Start to workout and get your diet changed to a proper balanced diet and get ready to be the next hottie of the town.


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