Kapalbhati Pranayama Yoga and its Numerous Benefits

Last Updated on December 18th, 2020

Kapalbhati Pranayama Yoga is mostly encouraged by people today and it is majorly because of its efficiency and effective outcomes. Kapalbhati has always been considered as the most useful Yogic practice which helps person resolve every day problem related to hair, body and face.

There are Many yoga Asanas and Yoga pranayama for healthy body like Anulom Vilom, Bhastrika Bhramari, Kapalbhati etc.

Not just it is limited to beautification and weight loss, but Kapalbhti is also considered useful to get rid of many mental and psychological problems. In many cases Kapalbhati has proved to be worked amazingly for some serious diseases like, depression.

Taken from the Sanskrit words, Kapal’ means ‘skills’, ‘Bhati’ means ‘Shining’. Where ‘Pranayam’ means ‘breathing technique’. Well, almost like all other yoga practices, if we follow this routine of Kapalbhati regularly, and mostly correctly, it is bound to deliver some unexpected results.

How to do Kapalbhati Pranayama Yoga

Kapalbhati is a breathing process, in which an exercise of inhalation and exhalation is done. The inhalation is called ‘Puraka’, is nothing but a normal inhalation process and exhalation is called ‘Rechaka’, which is usually a faster process as compared to ‘Puraka’. A major 10-15 secs of breath holding between ‘Puraka’ and ‘Rechaka’ is called ‘Kumbhaka’, is not done in kapalabhati. In this exercise, only inhalation and exhalation are carried out. Where the exhalation part is the major part of kapalbhati. Fast and forceful exhalation actually helps in purifying nerves and also gives calm mind and body.


Usually when we do normal breathing (inhaling), or ‘Puraka’, it is considered as the active process, while the ‘Rechaka’ (exhaling) is considered as the passive process. But in Kapalbhati, the inhaling and exhaling are reversed.

In this, while exhaling, the air is forcefully exhaled by the abdominal muscles as well as the diaphragm, during exhalation. The stomach muscles are moved forcefully inwards towards the diaphragm which throws out the air. While inhalation, which is a common breathing technique here, it fills the air in the lungs, and this process is carried out without any sort of break in between two respiration processes.


Some Major Benefits of Doing Kapalbhati Pranayama Yoga Daily:

  1. Loss weight with Kapalbhati: The breathing Process!

If you research more about kapalbhati, the one thing that you will read in common would be, how this exercise helps in losing weight at such a considerable amount. If you ask any Yoga teacher, or may be any yoga freak, the one thing that would always be in their routine workout will be kapalbhati. Plus, it is completely natural and easy. No heavy equipment’s, no daily fuss of hitting gym to lose few pounds. Nevertheless, many researchers have said that, kapalbhati is so efficient that it had worked for losing 10kgs weight in just 45 days. Even, famous yoga gurus of our country like Baba RamDev Ji recommends this exercise for instant result for weight loss. 

  1. Constipation? Try Kapalbhati for a month and see the result for yourself!

Though constipation is overall a very painful thing, specially for the older age people. Kapalbhati has solved this problem majorly by its involvement of stomach muscles and its breathing process. Constipation is the problem that is now not just limited to older age people but is also found in younger ones too. Various Yoga exercises can solve the problem of constipation. Constipation leads to various other problems like, diarrhea, allergies and mostly swollen tummy. Try kapalbhati for a while and see whether this exercise has solved this problem for you even by 5 %. If it did, try it daily to see major differences in your healthy lifestyle.

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home remedies for constipation
home remedies for constipation
  1. Works well with Breast Cancer:

Major reason behind Breast Cancer are weight gain, female sex, absence of any sort of activities, alcohol consumption and many others. Breast Cancer is one of the major medical issue among ladies in numerous western nations like United Sates, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and in some other. They burn through a great many dollars on Breast Cancer treatment.

This may sound weird. But in any case, its valid. As indicated by an ongoing report, specialists had discovered that Kapalabhati Pranayama yoga is powerful in treating Breast Cancer.

But if anything is curing your deadly disease naturally, is Kapalbhati. But only, this should be done only at the starting stage, if found in the second or later stage then always go for advance treatments.

kapalbhati pranayama exercise benefits
kapalbhati pranayama exercise benefits
  1. Helps improve Blood Circulation:

Low blood course can cause numerous issues like skin hypersensitivities, frosty hands, loss of hair, dry nails and numerous other. This may a few times increase genuine health condition and you may require some advanced treatments.

But, better safe than sorry, before it deteriorates, make some move. Kapalbhati Pranayama yoga is one great yoga procedure to cure low blood circulation. It enhances blood flow for add up to body and keeps you healthy. So, from today itself, begin doing it for 3 to 5 minutes on either early mornings or nights. Along this perform ‘anulom vilom pranayam’ for faster benefits.

  1. Makes your stomach work-out!

While doing Kapalbhati pranayama yoga we strongly breathe out air from the body and while doing this procedure we compel to push our stomach inside. As we continue pushing and exhaling, the muscles around mid-region gets worked out. What’s more, by this they get exercised.

  1. Gives a natural solution for Nerves weakness:

Nerves Weakness is now a day another common problem seen in individual. This may be caused due to many reasons, like irregular diet, stress, less sleep, and mostly unhealthy lifestyle. This problem is not restricted to any age group, anyone can be a victim to nerves problem. Nerve problem can further take jump to even more problems like, tiredness, infertility, headaches, etc.,

yoga asana practice and posture
yoga asana practice and posture

According to Yoga experts, Kapalbhati Pranayam yoga is a perfect breathing exercise for curing nerves problems. With this exercise we can not only work with nerve issue but can also eliminate many more issues that was generated due to this. Like for example, after attempting Kapalbhati, for 25-30 day continuously, you will fell active internally too. You will feel fresh the entire day, and mostly you will see that your nerve problem doesn’t exists anymore.

  1. Immunity Power, Is all UP!

Immunity power has been this one term that we all must have listened in our entire life. Right from a little cold and cough to high fever, everything is related with your low immunity for doctors. Well, as a matter of fact, they aren’t wrong! 

People usually with low immunity power gets attacked by the diseases like fever, cold, sinus, quit often. The higher the immunity, healthier you stay. And the worst part is, there is no medicine to cure the immunity power completely. No tonics or capsules can make you healthier for a long run.

The only solution, to cure low immunity related issues are to be a regular Yoga enthusiast. Something, easier than regular clinics meetings, lots of tonics and capsules are to devote 15 mins daily with Kapalbhati pranayama yoga. Everyday, 3-4 rounds of Kapalbhati can cure to core and without any money spent.

foods for great sex
natural foods that can replace viagra
  1. Increases sex stamina and sperm count

Kapalbhati pranayama is additionally know for expanding sex related issues and sperm count. Various yoga experts recommend this for infertility and other sex issues. Following this pranayama day by day makes the body parts around mid-region fit and helps performing great with sex. This even calms your brain and increases you states of mind.

  1. Heals Lungs Related Issues:

In this period, every 40 out of 100 individuals experience the consequences effects of different types of lungs issues. Reasons could be various like smoking, alcohol, fats – however one should be alert. Lungs issues can be a very dangerous to your life.

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So, if you are one of those who is suffering from any lung related issues, it is always advisable to practice Kapalbhati pranayama yoga for 3 to 5 minutes every day both early mornings and night times. It is assured that every lungs issue can be cured in under 20 days. In any case, make sure to take recommendations from your specialist. It is always advised to make a assurance from your doctor, if the current condition permits you to practice Kapalbhati pranayama yoga, because at times, it can be a painful process for some.

  1. Gives, fuss free Periods to Women!

Kapalbhati is actually a boon for women who suffers from improper period problems. Practicing Kapalbhati for 15-20 days continuously can cure this problem naturally and completely. Nevertheless, many women have tried this and have actually felt their problem resolving within few weeks.

pain during periods
pain during periods
  1. Stones in your kidney?

Stones in Kidneys has joined into one other basic diseases nowadays. Taking from old individuals to youngsters, it is influencing everybody. In spite of the fact that there is cure for this issue, but we can see how much these hospitals charge for this.

Nevertheless, Kapalbhati Pranayama yoga can cure stones in kidneys with no cost. This is a practiced yoga method specially for kidney stones. Yoga expert like Swami Baba Ramdev had treated many individuals with this issue. Obviously, you additionally need to take after some great ayurvedic diet to treat it totally.

  1. Increases Bone Strength!

Low levels of calcium in body can lead to bone weaknesses. Furthermore, we generally observe this bone issues in matured individuals and women. For this, specialist recommends some calcium tablets and other calcium rich diet. Other than consuming these, practicing Kapalbhati yoga can likewise increase calcium levels in your body and make your bones solid.

Treat Arthritis Natural Way
Treat Arthritis Natural Way

This not only makes your bones solid, as well as it even helps in fighting against other bone related issues. Simply attempt this for 2 weeks and you will be amazed with the outcomes.

  1. Treats Uterine Fibroids in women

Uterine Fibroids is an ordinarily observed issue in ladies. Fibroids gets created in the strong mass of uterus and this leads to the increment in the uterus size, substantial bleeding, heavy pain while having sex and some other issues. For this specialist(doctors) recommend some child of western medications and at times, they go for medical surgery.

Yet, Baba Ramdev had demonstrated that they could be cured by Kapalbhati Pranayama yoga. He himself specified this in his Kapalbhati Hindi course. But, the patient must do this more and more to accomplish. It should be practiced for 15 minutes (900 breathes out) constantly with no break. The more dangerous the sickness is the more breathes out you require.

  1. Cures acidity problems

Bad food habits and improper food timings can lead to acidity problems and can be of trouble for many. And this leads to problems like indigestion, heart burn, stomach burn and other throat, stomach problems. Even for this you don’t need to run after doctors and medicines. Simply follow Kapalbhati yoga for 5 minutes every day and all your acidity related issues will be gone by in under 2 weeks.

practice yoga posture and method
practice yoga posture and method
  1. Increases energy levels

If, by any chance, you are among those individuals with low vitality levels, at that point you require this breathing activity. Nowadays individuals get worn out and gets weak too soon. They pursue numerous caffeinated drinks like Red Bull, Monster, KS and numerous other for energy level. In any case, they are ignorant that this straightforward yoga breathing system can build their vitality levels by 3 times than that of those artificial caffeinated drinks.

Benefits of Kapalbhati for skin and beauty

  1. Best breathing exercise for natural Skin Glow

If you are searching for any best breathing techniques of yoga for naturally glowing skin? Then I recommend Kapalabhati for that. Not only me, even great yoga gurus and beauty experts suggest this for white and bright skin.

Cashew nuts for beautiful skin
Cashew nuts for beautiful skin
  1. Best natural yoga technique to cure pimples

Have you ever heard this? A yoga exercise can actually give you pimple free face? Be it a guy or a girl, pimple have always been an unavoidable problem for all. We all have been there, searching for a product that can simply vanish all our pimples overnight. In course of finding such a product, we have made used of such chemicals that have cost us to dollars. Now, we have something, available, all for free. Why not try Kapalbhati for same, and see for ourselves the result?

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Kapalbhati pranayama yoga is knows for purifying your blood, and when this comes into action all our dirt from the body is eliminated. Try Kapalbhati pranayama for some 2-3 mins daily and reduce the expenses of some ultra-costly and chemical filled cosmetics.

  1. Ageing? Slow down!

It is assured that all yoga practices can almost make you feel young and fresh, not just any one simple exercise in precise. In fact, yoga’s on a whole can work wonders for your skin, hair and body.

Guava for beautiful Skin
Guava for beautiful Skin

Though it doesn’t work the same for all, some might look 8 years younger of their age and some may look exactly how they should be doing at their age. But nevertheless, this never disappoints.

Benefits of Kapalbhati for Hair

  1. Say No to Hair Fall!

Wondering how can a yoga exercise can control your hair fall? Well, there is no doubt that Kapalbhati works on Skull mainly, so it is genuine that it works well for the hair too. No matter, where your hair situation is, you can always start with this simple exercise and can control losing all those long strands from your head.

long shiny beautiful hair , tips and secrets
long shiny beautiful hair , tips and secrets
  1. Prevents Hair-(greying)!

No matter at what age you are in, grey hair can now attack you at any time. Usually “greyness” used to signify “ageing” but now when we see this common trait in 20-25-year-old too, we realize that grey-ing has nothing to do with age. It a normal hormonal activity that leads to such situation. Nevertheless, one can always control it, by obviously following some yoga exercise, in combination with recommended diet and hair product.

Kapalbhati benefits for mind

  1. Calms mind-

Usually, Yoga exercises works best as a stress buster. It not only helps to keep your mind calm, but also gives you a sense of relaxation all throughout the body. Just a 5 mins show, and you will have a peaceful day all long.

the subconscious mind and its power
the subconscious mind and its power
  1. To treat stress and anxiety

Now a day, many teenagers are found to be the victim of anxiety, depressions and many other. Kapalbhati can always be the best cure for all these.

  1. Cures insomnia

Insomnia can be caused of various reasons, but majorly of them are concerned with mind. If your mind is calm and composed then you can sleep well, or else, the tossing in the bed rhythms continues. Kapalbhati pranayama yoga resolves all of these within a month of continuous practice. So you can cure insomnia by practicing this yoga daily.



So, if you are a victim of any 5+ problems that was mentioned above, you should opt for Kaplabhati, right away. Try it for a week and let us know how it made a difference. If it did, in a positive way, carry on for a month and see the difference for yourselves. I am sure, if once you are into Kapalbhati, you will be all in a gala mood 24*7.

We are eagerly waiting to hear from you, if you have been practising it, or have ever tried it, or you tried it after reading this article, let us know, how Kapalbhati made you feel!!

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