Karan Grover Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Handsome Karan Singh Grover Workout Regime

The heart ruling actor Karan sigh Grover is fitness freak and health conscious, he ruled many hearts by his acting and in the same phase he was appreciated for his physique and muscular body.

Getting named as “Salman khan“ of Indian television industry and we can say he is beast and macho of ITV.

He is fitness icon for youth, being in limelight for his strong, and sturdy body  and attention seeking personality.

Generally girls fall for his aesthetic physique and sincerity. He always maintain his body and even in tight schedule he never skip his daily workouts.

He is always addicted to fitness and fitness routine


Karan Grover Workout routine
Karan Grover Workout routine

Karan Grover Body Stats (Vital Stats)

Age: 39

Height: 177 cm

Chest: 39

Weight: 77 kg

Biceps: 16

Waist: 32

Eye colour:  dark brown

Hair colour: black

With the strong and attention seeking body structure, he has impressed public not only through his acting but also his biceps.

So are you interested to know how he manages to do so?

Here we go!


Karan Grover Workout and Fitness Regime

Being careless in no way, Karan pays a great deal of attention towards his fitness and body. He leaves nothing behind when it comes to keeping his body healthy, energetic and in shape.

Giving prime importance to his workout he usually go the gym five days a week either in the mornings or in the evening.

Karan’s daily workout routine is divided into two parts:

  • Cardio workouts (40%)
  • Weight training (60%)

Karan gives special attention to one particular muscle at a time as he believes that in development of individual muscle.

Also he brings difference or variation in exercise to have a fit body. He definitely take care to give his different days to different muscles and body parts

The secret behind his perfectly structured physique is that he believes in paying attention towards one particular muscle at a time, to accomplishes daily goal which he has assigned each day towards various muscles and body parts.

  • Mondays for toning back muscles
  • Tuesdays for chest and shoulder workouts
  • Wednesdays to give for his arms
  • Thursdays for his legs workout.


Karan Grover Workout gym
Karan Grover Workout gym

He ensures to end his workouts with stretches and includes a lot of sports and other activities in his workout as well like swimming, running, etc.

Not a fanatic for six pack abs instead he is quite a different person whose approach towards his training is to stay fit, stimulate his energy and refresh his body and mind.

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone have been his inspiration. But he wasn’t crazy for six pack abs.
  • This  handsome embrace the holistic and broad approach about fitness and workout.
  • According to him fitness is not for the purpose of having six pack abs but it rather is to rejuvenate your soul, body and mind  
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While doing workout if you still have the feeling sleepy and, drowsy for rest of the day, that indicates that your workout is not reaching its proper goal as workout is just not to shape your outer body.

But it is meant to make you feel best and relaxed at all levels. You should feel good, happy, energetic, enthusiastic, more confident best above all.

Sizzling Karan has really fantastic views about weight gain ,he always says that if anytime he gain weight then he know how to bring it down and be on track with same body.

  • He takes plenty of water, protein shake, food rich in fiber, it builds muscle and not calories.
  • Karan drinks occasionally in parties.He says that wine is good for health and skin, also he adds that take soft drink instead of hard and he strongly believe that smoking is poison and degrade your health severely.


Karan Grover diet plan
Karan Grover diet plan

Hot Karan Grover Diet Plan

Karan is very conscious about his diet and schedule. He take cares of what he eat and how much he eat throughout the day. He follows the idea of balanced diet throughout the day.

So to do so he divided his meal into four different sections.

He gives 5% part of his diet to proteins, 10% part of his diet to vitamins as he is very good in cooking as Karan is professionally trained in hotel management also.

  • Karan start his day with breakfast which consist of juice and oats.
  • In second meal of day he takes fruits and egg whites.
  • In lunch he used to take boiled chicken, salad, dal chapatti or gravy with brown rice.
  • Now after this his fourth meal has Protein Shake and lots of fruits .
  • As being non vegetarian he includes chicken in his diet anyway.
  • In dinner he used to have brown rice with boiled chicken,dal,or any other gravy item with lots and lots of salad, fruits which includes papaya in his dinner.

Karan express that he does not like outside food because of his mother who is trained dietitian and hence take care of all diets.

But now he himself is so aware that he follows his diet plan and chart properly as he told that daily diet is the most important factor because you should be very well aware and maintain what you eat through out the day .

For your mind and body both healthy diet is very necessary.

Also he mentioned that avoiding junk food throughout the six days he takes it in a weekend which is a bonus day for him.

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Cheat Days

Karan used to have one cheat day in week where he takes his favorite cookies, candies, skittles and ladoos. He loves eating besan ladoos .

He mentioned one of the story where he had eaten besan ladoos continuously for 30 days and then has to go to gym for thirty days because of guilt.


Karan Grover Fitness Tips

The most important ingredients for a healthy body are workouts, proper diet and proper sleep.

  • Try to Understand your body and you will get to know what type of workout suits your body.
  • Maintain a balanced and healthy diet.
  • Regular variation in your daily workout will keep away the monotony.
  • In the end the motive is to  have a healthy and good lifestyle and be happy.
  • If you can’t lift heavy weights. Be slow, be steady and keep pushing your limits daily.
  • Be consistent and don’t take to much break with workout.
  • Water is one of the best detox purifier. I drink 3.5 to 4 liters every day. And you can daily follow it easily.

-> Being fit and fine is more important for your health than having a great body. This can be easily achieved by following the basic exercise consistently.




– Carrot, beetroot, spirulina,spinach juice with one spoon of apple cider vinegar

– egg whites commonly six

– Also full bowl of oats which also has some honey, walnuts, almonds and raisins


  He also takes Oats khichdi with beans, carrots and peas

– Two chicken breasts


  • A full bowl of oats , fruits ,protein shake


– egg or fish, two chicken breasts.


More About Karan Grover

Think of Karan Grover and you think of a perfectly  sculpted body and bulging biceps. He Married to the gorgeous Bipasha Basu, another fitness enthusiast, Karan says  fitness is a part of life. “Working out daily is very necessary. It’s a most repetitive thing of my life. I  divide it into two equal halfs  and  fifty percent for my body  and fifty percent for my mind. It makes me calm down,” he spokes about  his holistic approach. “In this way, I divide my energies in the right direction. It keeps me balanced.

Karan singh Grover body
Karan singh Grover body

He doesn’t only work out at the gym. He also do yoga and calisthenics (exercises that are done without special equipment). The exercise that you need to do is a pull-up bar and you can exercise it around in addition to this also include doing push-ups,” he told that Karan does yoga thrice a week. And now he don’t do workout but only the days when he practiced yoga. He tried his hand at Pilates as well. Karan’s body training is divided into three days –first day is for the legs, the second day is for chest/delts/triceps and the third is for his back, posterior, biceps, abs and obliques.

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He told he has worked a lot for his weaknesses. “I give my best and try to be stronger and get better with every passing day in what I do,” he says. He also says that flexibility and agility are his greatest and most prominent strengths. He doesn’t have one individual trainer but some friends who are trainers and are generous with their tips. “They usually don’t  train me personally, as  I can’t stick to one particular training,” he also says. “I  generally don’t like missing my workout routine. Even on those days when I’m shooting,” says Karan, who works out on all seven days a week.

“When I’m shooting regularly, I can’t exercise in morning due to less time. So, I go to the gym after the day’s work. This I have learnt from Bipasha,” says the proud husband. When we were shooting from 7am to 7 pm out in the sun. I would feat that I  have to skip my exercise. But when I’d see Bipasha  straight to the gym after the shooting, I really got impressed and sometimes I even think that  what she is made up of ,she is having a straight and strict routine for her workout. She had done as much work, maybe more, because as I know an actress requires a lot of time for make-up and hair. Also, she would come earlier than I did. This  kinda discipline is something very amazing and surprising at the same time that I seen in her from day one.

Karan also used to play basketball and volleyball. He has suggested all the youngsters who want a body like his. “Don’t aim at just having a great body. Work towards fitness first. When you look in the mirror, don’t see what you have, visualise what you want in future.

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