Kareena Kapoor Beauty Secrets, Diet Plan and Workout Routine; Weight Loss after Pregnancy

Last Updated on January 29th, 2021

Kareena Kapoor Khan, better known by her nick name “Bebo” is one of the most popular diva of Bollywood. Having worked in number of movies Kareena has won 6 Filmfare Awards.


Beautiful kareena Kapoor after Pregnancy
Beautiful kareena Kapoor after Pregnancy


Born on 21 September 1980 in Mumbai, Kareena is married to Saif Ali Khan and has a cute baby boy named Taimur Ali khan Pataudi. Belonging to the most famous family of Bollywood – The Kapoor’s ; Kareena always wanted to be an actress. Having seen his more than half of family working in Bollywood, Kareena easily found her way to Bollywood. But her father never wanted her to act in movies, but she often says it’s her mother whom she follows and her mother supported her in her dream to work in movies.

Kareena was not interested in studies and thus kept changing her courses after school. And finally ended up landing in Bollywood with one of the super hit movie of the time – Refugee in 2000. Seeing her beauty and acting skills she got back to back movie offers for acting with big stars of Bollywood and she kept spreading her charm with every movie she worked in.


Beautiful Kareena Kapoor
Beautiful Kareena Kapoor


It’s not just her acting skills that made her one of the most popular celebrity of Bollywood, but also her beauty, fashion, style and body that made huge fans. It was Kareena only who first brought size zero figure to Bollywood in movie Tashan.

Kareena got married on 16th October 2012 to Saif Ali Khan, and right after two years she became the mother of baby boy Taimur on 20 December 2016. Since then, everybody was speculating that now Kareena won’t be able to get the figure that she had before. She will lose all her charm. But, to a surprise, Kareena underwent strong workout and diet plan and came back in same shape, or I would say in a better than ever just in matter of days. Let’s checkout her latest vital stats that prove Kareena’s hard work to lose weight.


Kareena Kapoor Beauty secrets
Kareena Kapoor Beauty secrets

Kareena Kapoor Vital Stats:

Height: 5’5” or 165 cm

Weight: 54 kg or 119 lbs

Bust: 34 inches

Waist: 26 inches

Hips Size: 35 inches

Shoe Size: 6.5 (US)

Dress Size: 4 (US)


See, I told you know, she has done a splendid work. She has got the figure like she had before pregnancy. Let’s have a look at the weight loss journey of Bebo.

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Kareena Kapoor Weight Loss Journey:

To your surprise let me tell you that Bebo has lost over 17 kg of weight post pregnancy and has been maintaining such a magnificent figure. For this, Kareena has put in some real hard work at gym, home, kitchen and almost everywhere. She has a fixed workout routine and diet plan that she swears by.


Kareena Kapoor Fitness tips
Kareena Kapoor Fitness tips


Let’s have a look at her workout routine that has helped her lose so much of weight so early.


Kareena Kapoor Workout Routine:

Kareena practices yoga in her daily routine. She does power yoga and cardio exercises daily for 2 hours. Here is the list of yoga asanas that she does to keep herself fit and healthy.


Kareena Kapoor doing Yoga
Kareena Kapoor doing Yoga


Surya Namaskar


Pranayam and Kapalbhati (breathing exercises)


Bikram Yoga and other yoga postures for weight loss.


She also does meditation to clear her thoughts and stay stress free in life.


For Bebo morning yoga has become an important part of her daily schedule and if by chance she misses it, she tends to remain in very bad and horrible mood for the complete day.

Apart from yoga, Bebo has been working for quite some time in gym to lose those extra pounds. In gym she does not work much harder, she just runs on treadmill for cardio. Does pilates with her trainer and then body toning exercises for her arms and legs.

Exercise for toning arms: Shoulder Press

  • Stand with legs wide apart, hold dumbbells in both hands
  • Bring hands up to shoulders and bend elbows
  • Keep shoulders down and push weight upwards
  • Bring weights back to shoulders.
  • Repeat


Exercise for toning legs: Squats

Squats with one full and one half squat (alternate) with minimum 20 reps.


kareena kapoor beauty and fitness mantra, yoga by kareena
kareena kapoor beauty and fitness mantra, yoga by kareena


Without wasting much time lets take a sneak peek into what does Kareena eats to keep herself energetic, withstand workout, keep the skin glowing and does not gain weight.


Kareena Kapoor Diet Plan:

To your surprise let me tell you one thing that you would surely not know about Kareena, that she is a co-author of two books on nutrition. Though she is not a nutritionist by profession but due to her keen interest in nutrition she has learned a lot about it and thus knows exactly what a healthy diet is and what she should have.


Kareena Kapoor Latest Vital Stats
Kareena Kapoor Latest Vital Stats

Kareena has an all together different thought as far as diet plan is concerned. She would eat everything and would burn the extra pounds and intake in gym because she thinks that everything is required by our body and if we are on a particular diet, we would surely miss things that our body needs. As a result our body would develop deficiency of one particular element.

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Kareena Kapoor prefers to have home-made food and ask her followers to avoid junk food to stay healthy. She eats simple Indian food which normally consists of vegetables, chapatti, rice, ghee and pulses. The Actress takes the example of her grandmother who is really healthy just because she used to have healthy food and no outside food.

She prefers to have fruit juices in between whenever she gets time. It keeps her hydrated and gives her skin glow and bright tone.

It was rumored that she went under crash diet to lose weight and get that sexy looking figure, but she stated clearly that she did power yoga, workout and took healthy diet to get the figure she desired for. And she clearly said that she could never go on a diet.

She has turned to strictly vegetarian diet and as per her observation, moving to veggies has helped her a lot to stay fit and in shape. She now eats lots of green leafy veggies like spinach, carrot, broccoli etc. Alongside she also says that she does not believe in cutting carbs from her diet.

She tries to have frequent meals, having almost 6 meals in a day. All meals are light meals as they help to keep her metabolism work to optimum.


That was all from her diet plan. There is still one thing left about Kareena that is most important for women. It’s Kareena’s beauty secrets. Yes, we have all the tips and secrets from Kareena that she follows and refers to her friends as well to get that glowing, radiant and flawless skin with even tone.


Kareena Kapoor Beauty Secrets:

Hot Diva, Kareena kapoor is known in the industry for her grace and majestic appearance that puts everyone under the magical spell.


Kareena Kapoor Beautiful Skin & Hair
Kareena Kapoor Beautiful Skin & Hair


She has a few rules and guidelines to follow that helps her get that magnificent look.

  • Kareena drinks minimum of 6 glasses of boiled water every day. According to Kareena boiled water not only helps fight body fat, but it also improves blood circulation which in turn helps skin stay problem free and not just this, it also helps the timely removal of toxins that our body produce, thus protects skin from any sort of disorder.
  • Sometimes genes also play a big part in deciding the beauty of a person. Kareena gives credits to her genes for her radiant and glowing skin. But she puts extra efforts in maintain the beauty that she has got from her parents. She tries to minimize the use of makeup even on sets and off sets as well. On a regular day without any shooting, she would just apply moisturizer to her skin so as to maintain the moisture content of skin; that’s it and nothing else. She even avoids the overuse of eye liner and lipstick.
  • She washes her face thoroughly every time she puts up makeup and removes all of it with rose water right after the shoot without any delay.
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Stylish Kareena Kapoor Makeup tips
Stylish Kareena Kapoor Makeup tips


  • Kareena Kapoor never use face packs or any facial products comprising of chemicals. She prefers natural products over modern products containing chemicals.
  • She tends to have hair oil massage at least once in every ten days. The Hot Actress usually has a mixture of oil (almonds, coconut, olive) when having massage on her scalp.
  • She uses a mild shampoo for her hair and usually has her hair shampooed daily to keep them clean.


That’s all from Kareena’s lifestyle, and everything that she does to stay in good shape and look beautiful. So what are you waiting for? Start following her routine and be the next Bebo of Bollywood.


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