Karena Dawn Fitness Tips, Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Last Updated on December 24th, 2020

Karena Dawn is an American sports model, certified fitness coach and an entrepreneur. She shot to fame after starring in the hit TV series, Toned Up which was aired on Bravo TV. Along with Katrina Scott, her real-life best friend; Karena also co-founded Tone It Up – her fitness and lifestyle related entrepreneurial venture. Tone It Up hope to facilitate a healthy lifestyle by providing guidance related to nutrition, workouts and other relevant positive lifestyle tips.


Karena Dawn Fitness Tips
Karena Dawn Fitness Tips


Born on March 22, 1981, in Indianapolis, Indiana city, USA, Karena Dawn spent the larger part of her childhood with her siblings in Indiana. Since her childhood, Karena Dawn wanted to be a model and hence has always been passionate about fitness. In fact, it was at the age of 12 that Karena first participated in her first half-marathon. Since then, she has participated in several marathons and triathlons. After graduation, she moved to Los Angeles, where her career as a sports and fitness model took shape. She has also done modeling for several magazines and campaigns. Eventually, she met Katrina Scott, now her best friend and business partner, with whom she began Tone It Up. Through their work, Karena & Katrina have inspired millions of women to achieve and maintain fitness, and have become a formidable force in the world of fitness.




Karena Dawn’s impressive work as a fitness trainer has been featured extensively, including in several editorial magazines such as InStyle, Women’s Health and Vogue among others. Karena Dawn is happily married to Bobby Gold and continues to enjoy a quiet private life.

Now, let us have a look at the stunning vital stats of the charismatic Karena Dawn!


Karena Dawn Vital Stats
Karena Dawn Vital Stats


Karena Dawn Vital Stats:


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Height: 5 ft. 10 inches or 177 cm


Weight: 115 lbs or 52 kg


Breast Size: 34 inches


Waist: 25 inches


Hips Size: 35 inches


Along with the wave of success on which Tone It Up has been riding, and the numerous high-profile collaborations they have undertaken, Karen Dawn continues to maintain such impressive stats. Let’s get a sneak peek into her workout routine and diet plans, and what she recommends!


Karena Dawn Workouts Routine:


Karena has been active and has had a strong focus on sports since her childhood. Even now, she continues to project the same.


Karena Dawn Yoga
Karena Dawn Yoga


For 4-5 days a week, Karena Dawn tends to do cardio. She likes to mix up her cardio; her cardio may vary from cycling, running, hiking, swimming or even surfing!

Karena also tends to do body weight training for around 3 days a week and ensures that she does yoga 2 days a week.

One of her favorite workout moves is called the “Tone It Up Tummy Tuck with a Tricep Push-up with a Row Kickback“. According to her, it is a fantastic move that not only reduces the waistline but also tones the shoulders, and arms.


Karena Dawn Workout Tips
Karena Dawn Workout Tips


Another of her favourites is High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT, especially when she is short on time.  HIIT is a very demanding workout but is great for getting fantastic results. It consisting of an alternative of a number of high-intensity moves combined within a shorter period of time. It requires proper guidance by experts and one needs to build a good stamina before trying HIIT.


Karena Dawn Diet Plan:



Karena Dawn is a huge believer in maintaining a well-balanced diet plan which ensures that her followers and clients lose weight the healthy way.

In fact, she says that nutrition is around 90% of fat loss! Unlike many people, she isn’t the biggest believer in following a low carb diet or starving to glory. Rather she believes in following a nutrition plan which helps her followers be lean and full of energy.

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One of her favorite foods is the nutrient dense superfood Kale. Karena Dawn also recommends eating raw, green veggies and fresh fruits, healthy fats and natural proteins. She suggests mixing and experimenting your favorite healthy foods to get inspired and remain motivated.

Moreover, it is also important to stay hydrated always. So Karena suggests everyone to drink 3 – 4 litre of water every day.


Karena dawn lifestyle
Karena dawn lifestyle

 Karena believes that it is also important to have proteins, not only for muscle repair but also to balance the blood sugar levels in our body, to help increase energy levels and to reduce all those cravings.

She ensures that she is having enough protein daily, especially in her breakfast.

Moreover, she also likes to add protein to her smoothies and as a healthier substitute for flour in her cookies, pancakes or even muffins.

Alongside proteins and water, Karena says one must drink fresh fruit (seasonal) juice. Since it would help curb your sugar cravings, would add nutrition to your body and would ultimately help you win your battle against body fat. Moreover juice also ensures that your whole body stays fit and free from any sort of diseases and deficiencies.


Karena Dawn Cardio Exercise
Karena Dawn Cardio Exercise


Karena Dawn Fitness Tips:


Apart from all the above mentioned workout and diet tips, there are some other fitness tips that Karena herself takes care of and likes her followers as well to take care of.


Karena Dawn Exercise
Karena Dawn Exercise

She stresses the importance of finding a balance in life. Finding a balance in today’s hectic lifestyle is very important.

Everybody has time for work, time for movies, time for party, but nobody has time to sleep, time for themselves. However, no matter how difficult, it is extremely important to find that balance between fitness, diet, work, “me” time and social life.

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Also, it is very important to ensure that you have enough sleep, the lack of which can adversely affect the results of your health and workout stamina.


So that was all about Karena Dawn and how she manages to ensure fitness for herself and her followers!


To know more about Karena you may follow her on Facebook, InstagramTwitter and Youtube.


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