Katrina Hodgson Weight Loss, Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Last Updated on January 7th, 2021

Katrina (Scott) Hodgson is a fitness trainer and entrepreneur who became famous online due to her expertise and online content. Moreover, she also starred in the hit show Toned Up, aired on Bravo TV. Katrina Hodgson is also the co-founder of the fitness related entrepreneurial venture – Tone It Up.


katrina hodgson fitness and workout routine
katrina hodgson fitness and workout routine

Born on the 8th of November, 1982, Katrina is an enthusiastic and passionate woman, inclined towards health and fitness and working towards guiding more and more people in the field of fitness. Katrina used to struggle with her own weight issues but managed to overcome them and became extremely fit. She now endeavors to help others overcome the problems similar to what she faced. She was born and brought up in New Hampshire, USA. Katrina Hodgson pursued her Bachelors in Health Science with Nutrition as her secondary. Now, she is well renowned as a nutrition, fitness and health expert and enjoys a phenomenal fan following online. Apart from fitness, she also enjoys cooking and decorating.


Katrina Scott Hudgson Tone It Up
Katrina Scott Hudgson Tone It Up


After graduation, Katrina moved to Boston and started working with several reputed fitness clubs all across Boston and soon earned recognition as a Master Trainer. Eventually, she started producing viral fitness and cooking videos, which she uploaded online and started amassing a great number of followers online. She was also featured as one of the top fitness entrepreneurs by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, present in Boston. Katrina Hodgson then moved to California where she met Karena Dawn, who eventually became her best friend and business partner, as together they founded Tone It Up. 


Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott
Karena Dawn and Katrina Hodgson


As of now, the duo are riding on a wave of success with their business doing extremely well. Moreover, they have huge collaborations coming up. In the fitness world, these two are a huge force to be reckoned with! In the August of 2013, Katrina married Brian Hodgson, with whom she is now living a very happy life.

Lets check the latest vital stats of this fitness sensation.


Katrina Hudgson Vital Stats
Katrina Hudgson Vital Stats

Katrina Hodgson Vital Stats:


Height: 5 ft. 8 inches or 173 cm


Weight: 115 lbs or 52 kg


Breast Size: 34 inches


Waist: 25 inches


Hips Size: 35 inches


It’s never easy to get such good stats. After her baby she gained weight, and in a span of next 3 years, she again gained almost 20 pounds. And before co-founding Tone It Up, Katrina lost almost 30 pounds. So, let us now look at some of the workout tips that Katrina Hodgson swears by!


Katrina Hodgson Workout Routine:


Katrina Scott Workout Tips
Katrina Scott Workout Tips

Though Katrina has achieved what a normal woman only dreams of. Yet, she keeps pushing herself to improvise daily and this is the reason why she never skips her workout sessions even for a single day.

She does workout with clients as well as while training and also she has her specific workouts.

Katrina Hodgson specifically loves having a great HIIT or booty workout as it works for the bigger muscle groups.

For her, the Hitty Bitty Bikini workout is perfect and one of her favorites.

HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training is her go-to workout, especially when she is low on time. But workout being her first priority, she never lets a day pass by without working by. That’s why she indulges herself in HIIT; which is extremely intense but gives great results.

Katrina not being just a body maker, but is a fitness and health lover. So, she ensures that she does cardio regularly be it in any form, be it hiking, swimming, running or even surfing. She does cardio all 7 days of a week.

She not only does cardio but also focuses on body weight training for 3 days along with cardio. And for the remaining days, she loves to do Yoga. Katrina is a great follower of yoga and has been teaching yoga to all her students. Katrina believes that yoga is a very great way to achieve fitness and a perfect shape without lifting those heavy weights in gym.

Of course, no kind of workout is complete if not complemented by the perfect diet plan. And being a graduate in nutrition, Katrina would surely be having one of the healthiest meals for herself. Let us look at what Katrina Hodgson believes a perfect diet should be like!

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Katrina Hodgson Diet Plan:


Katrina Hodgson believes in moderation, changing the diet rather than following a strict diet plan always. According to her, it is completely natural to have cravings while on a diet, and instead of beating yourself over it, it is better to simply go and have just enough of that thing to get rid of the craving. If you try to curb your craving too much, you may just end up giving into temptation one fine day, and end up binging-ruining all the hard work that you have put in.

katrina hodgson sexy bikini figure hot
katrina hodgson sexy bikini figure hot

A few bites from that tempting cupcake? Certainly permissible says Katrina.

She believes that it is super important to stay hydrated always, and loves to have coconut water or healthy juices throughout the day.

Even while travelling, Katrina tends to carry nuts or fruit along, instead of opting for less healthy options, as she believes that nutrition is a lifestyle and not just something to follow through till you achieve a particular target.

“Lean, clean and green” is her mantra when eating and that is what she suggests her followers and clients follow as well. She loves Kale, green veggies and fresh fruits and incorporates them into her diet as much as she can.

In particular, she emphasizes the need for a high protein smoothie right after a great workout session, as it helps maintain the energy balance.

Unlike most trainers, luckily for her, alcoholic drinks are not completely off the table. However, she does restrict herself to a cocktail or two. As she believes that our body should be use to everything. She also says that wine is good for health if taken in moderation.


Katrina Hodgson Fitness Tips:


There are certain fitness tips that Katrina follows in her day to day life and teaches her clients to do so:

Katrina Hodgson loves meditating and makes sure that she starts her day by meditating. She believes that giving time to your loved ones, spending time with yourself and ensuring that you consistently work out, are all very crucial and will enable you to achieve more satisfaction in life.

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Despite Katrina’s background and expertise in nutrition, she believes that weight loss begins in the morning, and is as much mental as it is physical. She urges all women to get up earlier than usual, and give themselves some time, right at the start of the day.


katrina hodgson sexy workout pics
katrina hodgson sexy workout pics


Katrina Hodgson is truly inspiring and we hope that with this little sneak peek, you all will be motivated to take up the challenge of achieving fitness and live healthily!


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