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The discovery of Kellogg’s is something that every guy and girl who masturbates or has ever masturbated must know. This tells us how our civilization has changed from being considering masturbation a sin to seeing the health benefits of masturbation to a level that even psychologists recommend people in stress and suffering depression to masturbate.


First Packing of Kellogg's Corn Flakes
First Packing of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes


In the early 18th century, when people discovered how to masturbate and give pleasure to self, there were people who totally opposed it and amongst them was one, John Harvey Kellogg. At that point of time, due to religious beliefs, masturbation was considered as a sin. And those who were found masturbating were considered to suffer from disease and were required to get ailment.


John Harvey Kellogg
John Harvey Kellogg


Since masturbation was new to world and nobody would know how to cure it, at that time, there was this guy in United States named John Harvey Kellogg from Michigan who took the responsibility of sailing the world out of this problem called masturbation. He was amongst those groups of people who do not only believed that masturbation is a sin but also thought sex is also a sin. Though he himself was married, yet he and his wife use to sleep in different rooms. He didn’t even touch his own wife because of his beliefs; I suppose, since all of his children were adopted. By profession he was a physician, but for the time being masturbation had become more pressing concern for him as society was not able to fight this monstrous disease. He use to believe that person who masturbates (suffers this disease) has 39 different behaviors; starting from bad posture, mood swings, defective development, acne, epilepsy, boldness, bashfulness, palpitations, stiff joints and fondness of spicy food. Though unwillingly, but for the betterment of world he started to work onto something that could help society overcome masturbation.


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Kellogg's Corn Flakes ad in 1909
Kellogg’s Corn Flakes ad in 1909


At first he began his research from the fact that people who masturbate are fond of spicy food. From there on he found that meat and other non vegetarian food items create desires for sex and masturbation. So he thought of changing the eating habits of people by providing them something less complex, easy to digest and good for intestinal health. And he started to prepare a healthy treat for people with plain food including cereals and nuts. He somewhere believed that people are not eating in a manner which is good for health, because at that point of time there was no particular food for breakfast, people would start eating beef, chicken, meat and all the complex items since morning itself which creates a lot of gastric and intestinal issues. So his basic plan was to provide a proper meal to people, which would keep them healthy, with proper digestive and intestinal health and somehow people’s urge to masturbate would vanish with that. Hence, working at Michigan’s Battle Creek Sanitarium, he prepared a few healthy diets to fight this suffering of mankind.


At first, John created a healthy treat consisting of corns and oats baked into biscuits broken into small pieces. That treat was named as granula. But, another dietary reformer (of that time), James Celeb Jackson, was already selling a product with same name, so John had to change the name from granula to granola.

John didn’t stop there; he kept innovating and developing new products. The next one in his line was a machine, which was aimed to clean intestine by running water through bowel, half of which is given through mouth and remaining half from anus and after that supplying yoghurt as a healer. But, this one again didn’t really worked well, since it was painful and people wouldn’t accept something painful for mere masturbating knowing that masturbating was not against any law and is not a disease.


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Machine to Clean Intestine
Machine to Clean Intestine


After this failure, he again researched and finally came up with a new food based product in 1894. Because by that time he had known that only a good dietary product could improve the intestinal health and stop masturbation amongst people. Unlike first time, this time he used flaked grains for creating a healthy breakfast cereal. Amongst these flaked grains flaked corns was major content which was aimed to stop masturbation urge. This was his best shot to change people’s eating habits and give rise to a new and healthy world and specially stop the sin – masturbation.


Corn Flakes invention
Corn Flakes invention


Now after he was ready with the product, the next challenge for him was to reach out to public so that they try his innovation. For this, he took the help from his brother Will. His brother was a businessman and had different ideas to make the product popular. Will wanted to add some sugar to the corn flakes so that they become more tempting and popular amongst people for the taste. Since he was least bothered about John’s aim to put a break on masturbation he kept working in the direction he wanted to. But John never agreed to the pact, yet Will started selling corn flakes by adding sugar to it since 1909, which eventually gained popularity and soon became a big brand which till today is known as Kellogg’s Company, which today has a number of brands in it and has a net worth of around $18 Billion.


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Kellogg's Toasted Corn Flakes
Kellogg’s Toasted Corn Flakes


Alongside, both of them kept fighting for years. Since Kellogg’s corn flakes didn’t had the intended effects, so sugar is finally an ingredient of it and even till date everybody is enjoying Kellogg’s cornflakes; not as anti-masturbatory diet, but as a healthy breakfast treat that actually ensures good digestive and intestinal health.


Kellogg's Corn Flakes different flavors
Kellogg’s Corn Flakes different flavors
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