All You Need To Know About COVID-19 Health Insurance Plan

The entire world is living in battling the COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing has become the new normal and most of the countries are either under partial or complete lockdown. Medical scientists are working tirelessly towards vaccine development but there has been no breakthrough yet.

Senior citizens and people with prior medical conditions such as blood pressure, diabetes, or any other ailments are at a high risk of catching the infection. WHO (World Health Organization) has also recommended people to work on building their immunity levels as it helps in fighting the virus.


Covid-19 Pandemic

The worst part about COVID-19 is that the patient starts showing symptoms only after 2 weeks and the symptoms are more or less similar to normal flu. Does this mean that you should panic if you sneezed few times in a day or have developed a headache due to improper sleep? Definitely not! Rather than panicking and being anxious, it is recommended that you keep yourself and your family safe.

Apart from taking necessary precautions such as washing hands regularly, avoiding public places, wearing masks when outside, etc.; it is important to gift yourself and your loved ones a COVID 19 health insurance. As COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) recommended all the major health insurance companies to offer COVID-19 health insurance for their existing & prospective customers.

stay safe with covid-19 health insurance plan for family
stay safe with covid-19 health insurance plan for family

The Major Problem in India

The number of COVID-19 cases in India is skyrocketing and the Government hospitals are already overwhelmed with a huge number of cases. This means that people who are witnessing symptoms and may (or may not be) COVID-19 positive, have to wait for a few weeks before their testing is done. If the person turns out to COVID-19 positive, he/she may need to visit an authorized private hospital. The test and treatment can burn a hole in your pocket!

COVID-19 is a viral disease and if you are staying with your family, you may also want them to be tested. Even if they are not witnessing any Coronavirus symptoms, it is better to opt for the test. COVID-19 diagnostic test in a private hospital costs Rs. 4500 and its treatment cost in a private hospital is close to Rs. 10,000. The cost will increase exponentially with more number of members.

The time is ripe to opt for the best health insurance policy for family. Family health insurance policies are useful since it provides comprehensive health coverage to family members. If you are a part of a large joint family, you should check out Family Plus by Royal Sundaram General Insurance.


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Covid-19 Health Insurance

The covid-19 health insurance product offers unique benefits where each insured member of the family will have an individual sum insured apart from the floater sum insured. It also offers reload benefit which any member can use in case of any major illness. The policy can cover up to five generations or nineteen different relations. There is a NCB (No Claim Bonus) where you get double the base sum insured in five claim-free years.

Working professionals are of the understanding that their employers already offer health insurance coverage and there is no need to spend on another covid-19 health insurance policy. The coverage offered by the health insurance provided by the company might be limited and it may (or may not) cover immediate family members. On the other hand, a good family health insurance policy keeps your family members protected even in these difficult times.

safety measure after lockdown is over
safety measure after lockdown is over

The COVID-19 health insurance cover can be applied even if you have indemnity health plans. All you need to do is pay the additional premium as per the coverage being offered and the number of members covered under the policy. IRDAI has clearly instructed the health insurance companies to prioritize the COVID-19 claims.

Health insurance companies across India are working to ensure that the claims are approved in around 30 to 40 minutes (Source). Along with this, health insurers have also been directed to decide for cashless treatment.

Since senior citizens are more vulnerable to the virus, it is advisable to have COVID-19 health insurance for them. This is the time when your parents need your support the most! It is important to have clarity on what COVID-19 health insurance will cover and what it will not.


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Here are some of the benefits of opting for a COVID 19 health insurance for yourself and your family:

  • Coverage for pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses
  • Confirmatory test charges are also covered as a part of the hospitalization expenses
  • Quarantine charges are covered only if the patient is in quarantine at a registered facility
  • Coverage of ambulance charges
  • No upper-cap (or limit) on the room rent at the hospital where the patient is being treated
  • Cashless claim process

The benefits described above will vary depending on the policy, coverage, as well as the insurance company. Medical costs are rising and it is necessary to protect your family with a good health insurance plan. No one anticipated that the entire world will be under lockdown, that too because of a pandemic! It has created havoc in our lives and rather than being worried by reading all the negative news circulating on the internet, you should take tangible actions to weather the COVID-19 storm.

Many people underestimated the importance of a good health insurance plan but the pandemic has taught that rather than investing in materialistic things, it is better to invest in something that can make you financially secure and protect your near & dear ones!

Stay Healthy Stay Safe

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