Kubera Mudra : How To Do It And Health Benefits

Last Updated on September 10th, 2020

Mudras have been performed by ancient people for a long time. Mudras are known to have numerous health, wealth, and prosperity benefits.

For those of you who do not know what a mudra is, “A mudra is an arrangement of the hands which bears tenacious symbolic connotation in yoga and even in some traditional dances. A hand is known to imitate one of the most crucial energy centers of the body. It is said that the hand directly affects the activities in the brain. 


These yoga mudras are therefore performed to retrain one’s mind. Also, these yoga mudras banish the negativeness in our minds and soul. They create self-awareness and peace at the moment.

Mudras are something anyone can relate to no matter what the age or gender is.

People may perform these mudras with a specific intent or just to relax their body, mind, and soul.

The best part of performing yoga mudras is that you do not need a specific time or place to perform them. These mudras are simple and can be performed anytime and anywhere conveniently. Just 15-20 minutes practice of these yoga mudras can yield you lifelong benefits provided you make them a part of your life and perform them regularly. 

how to do kubera mudra
how to do kubera mudra

What is a Hand Mudra?

A hand mudra is an arrangement of the five fingers in a specific manner to yield health and prosperity benefits. Although yoga mudras may involve other body parts however most of the time hand gestures are used.

You must have seen yogis going into deep meditations using these mudras. Well, this because these mudras are said to invoke one spiritually. Such yoga mudras invoke a sense of self-awareness. The yoga mudras help one relax, meditate, and connect to one’s mind, body, and soul.

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A lot of hand mudras for health are performed by people. Each mudra is known to have its unique health benefits. Different hand gestures are performed to yield different results.


Kubera Mudra: Wealth Mudra

The Kubera Mudra is named after lord Kubera who is known for his power of wealth and prosperity. “Kubera” itself refers to “wealth”. According to Indian, mythology, Kubera was the god of wealth and had the possession of all the riches. This mudra is directly linked to the wealth it brings. The Kubera mudra intensifies the inner desires for wealth and prosperity. 

People who practice Kubera mudra conclude that if practiced regularly this yoga mudra leads to greater serenity.

 Not only does it benefit one with wealth but Kubera mudra is also a mudra for health. It improves concentration. By repeating this mudra for health, your sense of purpose will increase. You will become clearer about your desires and aspirations. The greater your sense would be, the more you’ll attract your desires.

kubera mudra asana yoga
kubera mudra asana yoga

Steps to Perform the Kubera Mudra

Kubera mudra is a relatively easy mudra which can be performed anywhere and at anytime. Here is a step by step illustration of how the yoga mudra is done:

  1. To begin with, sit in a comfortable posture which may include a Simple pose (Sukhasana), Lotus pose (Padmasana), or any other pose. If you are unable to sit in any of these positions, then you may sit according to your wish.
  2. You may or may not close your eyes; it is totally on you. If you keep your eyes open then try to focus at a particular point and do not get distracted much.
  3. Place your hands on the thighs with your palm facing upwards. Take your index finger and middle finger to the tip of your thumb. As you bring these three fingers together, gently press them against each other.
  4. Fold your little finger and ring finger to the center of the palm.
  5. Keep your focus on how the three fingers are producing energy and you will feel its sensation.
  6. Hold onto this position for the next 10-15 minutes.
  7. Release the fingers slowly and come out of the pose.
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How Does the Kubera Mudra Work?

There are various theories given by different people as to how the Kubera mudra works. As most of us know our body is a build-up of five elements that are- Air, Water, Ether, Fire, and Earth.

five elements in your hand
five elements in your hand

The five fingers are known to be the home of each of these elements. While the Fire or Agni is known to reside in the thumb, Air or Vayu in the index finger, Ether or Akash in the middle finger, Earth or Prithvi in the ring finger, and Water or Jal in the little finger.

The balance of these five elements is what keeps the body working and resistant to diseases. An inequity in one of the elements may cause disruptions in the proper functioning of the body.

According to theories, all the yoga mudras work on this principle. The mudras for health are designed in a way to help one keep the balance of these elements. 


What Happens in Kubera Mudra

While one performs the Kubera mudra, the index finger, thumb, and the middle finger come together and touch each other while the other two fingers are folded which exerts pressure on the palm. 

Yoga for healthy height and body
Yoga for healthy height and body

The thumb is known to have the characteristics of the planet Mars that are confidence, courage, and strength. The index finger representing the planet Jupiter provides qualities like luck, wisdom, leadership, spirituality, and riches. The third finger used in this yoga mudra is the middle finger that represents Saturn and grants qualities like humility, and calmness. When such strong planets representing fingers unite, a lot of energy produces. This energy is channelized into the person practicing the mudra.

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If one knows the karma he/she wants to do, then this mudra, guides and provides luck to the person to help them achieve their goals and desires. That is why one should be sure of their ultimate aim for practicing this mudra.


Benefits of Kubera mudra

  • It helps to regain lost focus and concentration.
  • It is known to keep a check on the blood pressure.
  • Kubera mudra is known to shower luck, wealth, and wisdom on the people who practice it regularly.
  • Helps to balance the right and left nostrils, therefore, preventing infections like sinus.
  • Kubera mudra is also known to fill a person with courage.



By performing the Kubera mudra your desires shall be fulfilled. The obstacles in the path of your goals will be removed and all your focus will be regained. Abundant things will come flowing your way. 

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