Can Lockdown Results in More Health Issues Later- After Lockdown Problems

Last Updated on December 18th, 2020

What situation are we looking at after lockdown? Let’s see what we are doing in lockdown and what lockdown problems we are seeing. We are sitting strong at home for longer hours and not doing any physical activity whatsoever, which is not good. Now you must be thinking, what physical activity we can do? Not much to do at home. We have a sofa seat reserved for our buttocks and we stick to the TV or laptop screen for hours mostly doing nothing creative and just time pass. During these hard times when we are having a pandemic covid-19 virus spreading across different lands, we must pull ourselves for improving out immunity and health. Still there is no proper vaccine for the coronavirus and we are trying to do multiple treatments on the patients to save them.

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Let me show you what you are doing to your body with such lazy routines every day.


Losing the Body Motion

With continuous sitting your joints are losing the required motion oil which is going to cause motion issues later due to dryness and soreness. A kind of tenderness will start showing up once you put those internal body parts to action after lockdown. To make it more easy to understand, let me give you an example. Consider an automobile in your house. When you don’t use it for months. It shows issues like, problem in ignition, battery going weak and even dust collecting up in various parts of the vehicle.

Common in almost all the types of machines. So, you go for a service of vehicle before putting it to use again. Why this happens? Because the oil gets dried up, the dust collected at various places starts to interrupt the proper functioning and because of the power leakage over time. Same thing happens with human body. You go out of normal work routine, and stop using your body parts, it tends to go dry. It will be tough to oil it back like machines though. So you better start moving to avoid these lockdown problems. You will start seeing more neck pain, back pain and joint pain issues. More over your stamina to work for hours will reduce. You will start losing focus and concentration power later in stages.

causes of lower back pain and natural remedies
causes of lower back pain and natural remedies

Now what can you do in such situations.

You are not allowed to go out for a walk also, in lockdown. Yes true, still you can keep yourself fit with simple movements at home. Give hand in some household work, have a walk at night on terrace or just outside your house, not too far though. Do some Workout at home. Simple and effective body weight workout that will help you stay fit and in perfect motion. It takes hardly 20 min for a simple full body workout routine that you can follow daily or alternate days at home. Start some music and just do the workout. No need to have dumbles or weight lifting equipment. You just need to do some basic body exercises.

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What to Expect After Lockdown Problems, and How to Deal With It


Next is Sugar

Surprised? I think you should not be. Do you know how much sugar you are taking every day in these lockdown times? More than what you should be taking. Just try it for one day and count the number of food items you consume each day and the amount of sugar it has. You will be shocked to see that your sugar intake has gone up, really up. When your mind is free and has nothing to do, your sugar cravings increases automatically. But above all that since you do not have any physical activity, the sugar your taking in, is not getting consumed anywhere. So where is it going? It is creating fat. You will be gaining unnecessary weight which will be difficult to cut out later.

avoid too much of sugar in food
avoid too much of sugar in food

So beware of extra sugar.

Now obesity is not the only lockdown problems that you may have to face. Extra sugar means extra blood glucose levels which requires more insulin to covert it into usable form of energy. But your body will not start making so much of insulin overnight. So you need to cut down your sugary food to avoid health problems like diabetes later after lockdown.

5 Types of Food to Avoid During Lockdown Period

Sugar is bad for heart as well. So to have a healthy heart, start doing some yoga and workout daily. Extra sweat during workout will help your body counter the bad effects of sugar and other problems by strengthening the immune system.

Too much pressure on eyes.

Yes this is very common. With all types of digital screens around, you are glued to them like bees glued to honey. Alert yourself now. Start taking your eyes off from the screens of mobile phones, TV, laptops. Most of you must be starting your day with mobile phones and ending it with mobile phones. This is really bad for eyes. What your eyes need first thing in the morning is some sunshine and cold water splash to come into senses at its best. But instead we put the mobile in front of us as soon as we wake up and open our eyes on bed. Similarly going to bed and taking your phone along with you is a really bad habit. This will not let you have a sound sleep. Try to have a glass of water 15 min before you go to bed and in those 15 mins try to relax your eyes by keeping it away from any digital screens.

What are the effects you will have to suffer later after lockdown?

You will see more strain coming up on eyes due to this later. If you wear specs then you may have a eye power increase making your specs heavy now. This will not only affect your eyes but will also affect your brain. Too much of strain can cause regular headaches and mood swings.

5 Solutions to Reduce Eye Strain Problems – Eye Relaxing Tips


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Too much of Cold food and Drinks

Are you having too much of cold water daily in this summer season? Or are you having too much of cold food? If yes, then it is time you start thinking about that. Not good for health, both cold drinks, and cold food. Your body might be craving for cold drinks during summers but that can be tackled with normal water instead of having iced water. This will have effects after lockdown and your body will start showing skin problems. Since you are not at all facing the sun during days, so all that cold food and drinks are making your skin delicate and soft.

Not only this, it is also causing damage to your immune system.

cold drinking water bad for health
cold drinking water bad for health

What to do to Avoid These Lockdown problems

So better have hot food rather than cold refrigerated food and normal water or drinks at room temperature.

Stay hydrated. Many of you must be seeing a change in your drinking habits. The amount of water you have in a day now, is reduced. That is because your body is not losing any liquid in any form due to no activity. We suggest you still have more water. Atleast 6 glasses of water daily to stay hydrated and fresh. You will be going to toilet more often though. To fix that, best solution is to do some workout and sweat out some water.


Routine all Gone Wrong

We all are out of routine in our daily life. Sleeping at odd hours, and waking up in the noon is common for many now. But is this fine? No not at all. We are messing up big time with our digestive system. Now you must be thinking how that relates to digestion. Let me explain you.

fight insomnia with these food items
fight insomnia with these food items

Now you wake up at 11am or may be 12pm, and soon realizing that you are too hungry and want to have something really fast. Either you end up with something sugary or with just a glass of milk. Now sugar is not good to have just at the time because you are killing your hunger with that and not giving something really filling to your stomach. So basically, you are satisfying your brain you had something but actually you had nothing good for your stomach and body.

Next you go for lunch which will be around 3pm or may be late. That disturbs your food cycle completely now because that will push your dinner time also. So now when you have dinner at 10pm daily and you go to sleep at 1am or 2am, your body asks for midnight snacks to kill the hunger which is not good for body health. Anything that you have at night should be digested properly before you go to bed. So for that to happen you need to give atleast 1 hour difference between your food and sleep timings.

These habits may cause Indigestion
These habits may cause Indigestion

Now how will that affect many more things?

Firstly, you will lose your good sleep, over the period of time. You will start to feel lazy all the time in the day light. This will affect your mood stimulus which will generate mood swings in your body. Feeling irritated over small things, getting angry on little discussions will become common. This will later take the shape of depression and anxiety problems. Better to take the action now, than going into that depression phase later. This is why these lockdown problems are very serious and need to be tackled now.

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Since with wrong food timings, your digestion will suffer, you will have to face many other consequences as well. Poor digestive system is the root cause of many other health problems. One of the very common known issue is the pimples and acne problems. Dark circles, hair loss problems, itchy skin issues, bad body odor are some of the other issues which will come up.

It is thereby advised to bring your personal business in proper routine else face the health issues later in the form of post lockdown problems.



What we are trying to explain in this article is something related to health issues. Lockdown problems related to health that will arise or will be seen once the lockdown phase is over. These post lockdown problems will knock on your door if necessary actions are not taken at your end.

People who are sitting at home, not doing anything will tend to gain more weight and with more weight, more health issues come. So it is advised to do some basic stretching exercises at home to keep your body in the best possible shape and condition.

Similarly, their will market crisis, which will affect the jobs in various sectors across the world. This will put extra pressure on many people for work performance and extra workload. To tackle all these things, you need to be fit and healthy. As it is wisely said, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Take care of these above mentioned things to avoid post lockdown problems.

Tough situations call for tough you.

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