8 Lower Body Workout for Women ; Strong Legs and Buttocks

Regular lower body workout helps women shape your legs, hips, and buttocks by building muscle mass in these areas. Lower body workout strengthens the muscles of limbs, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. Having a well-shaped is the dream of every woman. This article will show you the lower body workout that can enhance your features.

There are countless exercises for legs, hips and gluttony. However, the best lower body exercises are accompanied by great movements and also challenge your stability and improve your core strength. 


8 Best Lower Body Workout for Women

With equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells, and machines, you can watch these full body strength training exercises taking place in gyms across the country. Most of these movements can be done using different types of resistors or by your own weight.

Variations on these exercises are also displayed. If you’re new to lower body workout strength training, choose Easy, and if you’re willing to work harder, choose Challenge. Also, if you are sick, injured, or resume exercise after pregnancy, remember to get approval from your healthcare provider.

at home legs workout for women
at home legs workout for women


  1. Dumbbell Lunge

The basic result is one of the most effective lower body workout to get the hips, glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves, and cores to work, but it can also be a good challenge. You need to master the base score before you can add resistance to the dumbbell score.

When adding dumbbells, start with a light resistor (2-5 lbs) and add weight to get used to the movement.

You have to hold dumbbells in both hands and stand with your legs apart by hip-width. With your palms facing your thighs, hang your arms sideways.

Now, you have to take a big step with your right foot and bend your knees until your forefoot is almost parallel to the floor. The left leg is also bent, corresponding to the left and right heels protruding from the ground.

Press the right heel to engage the right trunk, hamstring, and glut and return the right leg to the starting position.

You can repeat the sequence several times on the same leg or switch sides before switching to the left. Try performing at least 5-7 iterations on each leg.

If you’re not ready to leap, try the opposite result. This is a similar move, but instead of moving forward, it moves backward on each leg.

If you want to challenge yourself, try rushing with dumbbells. Instead of moving forward and returning to the starting position, it keeps moving forward by changing sides in a walking pattern.

Finally, if you want to add high-intensity cardio to your workout, consider losing weight and making a few jumps to give your lower body explosive power.

dumbbell lunges lower body workout
dumbbell lunges lower body workout
  1. Dumbbell Shoulder Squat

Core squats are another basic lower body exercise you need to learn if you really want to train your hips, thighs, and gluttony. Once you have a good shape with squats, add resistance with dumbbells or, if possible, barbells.

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To perform a barbell shoulder squat, start with a weight of 2-5 lbs. If you feel that you can maintain a good figure, gain weight, and try.

Start with slightly wider legs than the distance between your hips—place dumbbells on each shoulder.

Sit down as if you were sitting down against the back seat. The knees bend, but the heels remain planted on the ground. The torso remains high and strong with the chest open and facing forward.

You have to keep sitting down until your thighs are parallel to the floor (or down).

Push down on the heel to bring the body back to the starting position.

Repeat 7-10 times. If you can perform 10-12 repetitions in good shape, consider adding more weight. Alternatively, you can choose a weighted squat variation, such as a kettlebell or barbell cup squat.

You can also use the barbell to perform squats. The most basic version of the Barbell Squat is the Trapezius muscle with a bar behind the neck. You can also make a Smith Machine squat where the bar is attached between the steel rails to prevent it from tipping back and forth. The front barbell squat is another challenging variation that emphasizes quads and gluts.

dumbbell shoulder squats
dumbbell shoulder squats


  1. Bulgarian split squat

Split squats allow you to focus your strength on one leg at a time. Stability is also tested when one leg is raised, and the working leg balances the weight. Learn how to do this movement without weights before adding resistance.

Do not be fooled by the name. Bulgarian split squats mimic rush movements more than squats. Joy says this move is perfect for conditioning the legs and damaging the heart.

How to do it: Stretch the brace and the straight legs at the hips and take a long step with the right foot. Lift the top of your right foot against a couch, coffee table, or bench. So with your body straight, bend your right knee and lower your body. Go back to the beginning and repeat. Once you are in shape, grab the dumbbell with both hands and move forward.

bulgarian split squats exercise
bulgarian split squats exercise
  1. Deadlift

Deadlifts are usually carried out using barbells. If the barbell is not available, you can do it with a dumbbell. As always, learn the movement in a proper, unweighted manner before adding resistance.

To prepare for lifting, take your feet off and stand straight with a barbell under your feet. Make sure that the weight plate is properly clamped.

Bend your knees and turn your hips forward. Grasp the rod with the handle. The hands should be shoulder-width apart.

Engage through the waist, glutton and wick, stand straight and lift the barbell when completely straight.

Then reverse the process, bend your knees, put your back, and lower the bar. Control your body and keep your back straight. When the beam reaches the ground, repeat the sequence and lift it again.

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Repeat 7-10 times. If you are not very ready to lift your weight, do this exercise on a weightless bar. You can also feel the movement using the bar.

deadlift lower body workout
deadlift lower body workout
  1. Hip Thruster

Hip propellers with dumbbells have become a reliable exercise for training gluttons. Some gyms have machines dedicated to this movement, but you can also do this using a weight bench or a walk. It is a good idea to master bridge exercises on the floor before using the bench or adding weights.

To prepare your hip propeller, carefully adjust your weight bench. Ensure that the bench you are using is not higher than your knees. The long end of the bench should be placed on a hard surface, such as a wall so that it does not move when lifted. Place the upper back (the blade at the base of the shoulder) on the center edge of the bench and the barbell at the waist.

Squeeze the glutton and push the bar up until your waist is in line with your shoulders and knees. The bench should support the central area of the shoulder blades. Hold the core firmly, focus on your body (a few inches above the bar), and bend your jaw slightly.

Slowly lower the beam until your waist is a few inches off the floor.

Squeeze your glutton and lift it again.

Repeat the hip helix 10 to 12 times. If you have mastered the bridge but are not ready for the raised version, add weights (barbells or barbells) to the floor bridge exercise. To stiffen the hip propellers, gain weight, or use a one-leg version.

hip thruster lower body workout
hip thruster lower body workout
  1. Side Lunge

Side Lunges are a smart addition to lower body strength training because they force you to work upfront, where your body moves sideways (left and right). Most lower body exercises use sagittal (forward and backward) or midline (up and down) movements. The lateral zone is involved in the adduction and abduction muscles, which help stabilize the hip joint.

To prepare for this exercise, bring your feet together and be tall. Make sure there are a few feet of space to the right and left.

Take a big step and hurry to the right with your right foot. The right knee bends deeply to accommodate the rush, and the waist goes up. Keep your left foot straight and tie it to the ground. The upper body is high, and the chest remains open.

Push your right foot up, lift your body, put your feet together, and return to the starting position. Place your left foot to the side and repeat on the left side.

Repeat the pages alternately 10 to 12 times. Hold the kettlebell or dumbbell in your hand and hold it at chest level as you hurry left and right. Take a small step, and don’t rush too deep to make your workout easier.

side lunges workout
side lunges workout
  1. Weighted Step-Up

Step-up (with or without weights) is an exercise that mimics everyday movements. Moving your legs, increasing your heart rate, and keeping your body strong is a good exercise to make everyday tasks like carrying groceries upstairs and walking hills easier.

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This exercise requires a solid walk or a box. Tall boxes are hard and short boxes are light. Stand in front of the box and hold a weight with both hands at shoulder height.

Enter the box with your right foot and make sure your entire foot fits inside the box.

Step on your right foot, hold your left foot and adjust it to the right.

Step out of the box with your right foot, then with your left foot.

By changing the foot to step forward first, you can step forward alternately. Alternatively, you can start with your right foot and go up 10 steps, then your left foot.

weighted step up workout
weighted step up workout


  1. Good Morning Exercise

Morning workouts not only work the hamstrings and core but also strengthen your lower back muscles. If you have back problems, contact your healthcare professional for advice and modifications. Perform this exercise without weights and get used to the right form before you set the bar.

To prepare for the good morning exercise, move your feet away from the waist and be high. Run over the mitral muscle and place the barbell over your shoulder. If you are adding weights to the bar, make sure the weight plate is secured with a collar.

Bend your knees slightly, push your hips up, and bring your torso forward and your hips back (like trying to close a car door with your ass). Maintains a straight back and a strong core.

When the hull is parallel to the ground, return to the starting position.

good morning workout
good morning workout

Repeat this exercise 10 to 12 times. To make it easier for you, train with a bar or bar without weights. To make things more difficult, add weights. 

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